Free NoFollow-DoFollow Link Checker Tools [Tested]

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If you are thinking – What’s the need of NoFollow or DoFollow link checker-finder tool? Think again! I know, it is not hard to find the link relation for the particular website page.

But, following the manual process which involves right-click on a page and hitting Inspect Element is not worth if there are more than 5 pages. Is it?

I don’t think so!


Rather than, Why not you just add up a browser extension and automate the entire process?

Better isn’t it!

Now, as you are already aware of the power of DoFollow and NoFollow links and how they can affect SEO. Here, I am going to cover some well-known and popular external link checker or finder tools.

1. NoFollow Link Checker Chrome Extension –

NoFollow is one of the popular browser extension which is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

The application outlines no follow links which are marked as –

  • rel=”nofollow”
  • <noindex> HTML tags
  • pages with a nofollow robots meta tag.

Easy to use tool which gives you the freedom to differentiate the results by styling CSS. Disable or enable the tool according to your preferences.

I have attached the developer page where you can find links for all supporting web browsers.

2. MozBar Chrome Browser Extension –

Mozbar chrome browser tool by Moz specifies External Followed Links in total that means you won’t be shown any links but just a number instead.

MozBar - how to check dofollow and nofollow links

Before using the tool you have to sign up.

But the best side what I like about this extension is –

  • It gives an awesome insight of any websites.
  • Provides all in one SEO on the go. (Premium Version)
  • Instant metrics like Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA), Page Analysis, Highlight links, and Spam Score.
  • Dock to the bottom of the browser option allows you to place the toolbar on header or footer.
  •  Theme color selection between light and dark version.
  • Easily toggle the MozBar between modes. OSX – Cmd+Option+Ctrl+M / Windows – Shift+Ctrl+Alt+M

In pro version,

You get Page optimization, details up to 10,000 links, ability to run unlimited reports,  link tracking over time, along with social media access.

Try the free trial of premium version –


[Image picked from MozBar webpage]

Point to remember while applying –

  • You need to provide billing details.
  • Charges $149 per month after 30 days.

3. NoDoFollow Link Finder Firefox Extension –

NoDoFollow firefox browser add-on is developed by Zachary Fox. Most robust extension 9,670 users and rated 4/5.

The add-on highlights the links based on NoFollow and DoFollow. Works with Firefox 2.0 – 52.*


It is said by many bloggers that NoFollow links on the page are highlighted with Red ink and DoFollow links with Green ink.


According to me, only the DoFollow links get highlighted. No different colors are set!

NoFollow Simple Link Finder Chrome Extension

Note –

You need to restart Firefox in order to install the extension.

Moreover, to know the relation of links in particular blog post you need to right-click on the links and select NoDoFollow from the message box.

Conclusion –

If you found these free and best NoFollow & DoFollow link checker-finder tools helpful, do share it!

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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10 comments on “Free NoFollow-DoFollow Link Checker Tools [Tested]

  1. Great article, Ankita. I’m totally agree with you as you said about the Moz Pro SEO tool, Moz contains great tool to easily analyze any blog or website.

    I’ve been using the pro plan from one month and it helped me a lot with my blog. They even offer easy guides with video tutorials to easily understand everything about search engine optimization.

  2. Great Article with Great information regarding how to check do-follow and no follow.

    Currently, I’m using only Moz toolbar. And I will add firefox extension also now.

  3. Great article, Ankita. I fully agree with you as you said about the Moz Pro SEO tool, Moz contains a great tool to easily analyze blogs or websites.

    I used the plan for a month and it helped me with my blog. They even offer simple manuals with video games to understand everything about search optimization.

  4. Hy Ankita,
    The way you explain is very good, your writing skills are amazing.
    Thanks for sharing this amazing post.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

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