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Having a good product is of no use if it is not getting marketed and advertised in the right way and not getting enough visibility. So if you have a product or brand, do you think you are getting enough exposure?

Well, that’s where TheMaverickSpirit kicks in. We offer a wide range of advertising options, especially for your product, service, and brand.

An Introduction To TheMaverickSpirit –

We started TheMaverickSpirit back in December 2016 and since then we are working our asses off to get the product, services, and brand the visibility they deserve.

You can read more about us on our TheMaverickSpirit introduction page.

But before moving on the advertising options directly, check out about the niches we cover and our website’s traffic stats.

What We Write About

Topics that we cover on our website




Email Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

WordPress Themes

WordPress Plugins

Social Media Marketing

Traffic & Social Stats

We have successfully completed 2 years. Traffic stats of TheMaverickSpirit is growing day by day.

Our major source of traffic is Organic. Other traffic stats rely on Direct, Referral, Email and other sources.

Note – We update the above stats every 3 months.



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Advertisement Opportunities

Below are the advertisement opportunities that we offer at TheMaverickSpirit. You can choose any of them that suits your requirements and marketing strategy well.

Banner Ad Size & Location Specifications

Header Section – 728×90 $350/month

An ability to create a poll or vote for the questions or answers that you liked or similar things that you’re interested in to be shown to you in future.

Sidebar First Widget (Above the Fold) – 300×250 $300/month

300×250 ad appears on the first widget, i.e., above the fold of our website’s sidebar which means it will appear on all the blog post, pages with generic template, category page, tag page, author page, search page and 404 page.

Sidebar Last Second Widget (Below the Fold) – 300×250$150/month

300×250 ad appears on the last second widget, i.e., below the fold of our website’s sidebar which means it will appear on all the blog post, pages with generic template, category page, tag page, author page, search page and 404 page.

Terms & Conditions For A Review Post

Sponsored Review will be Unbiased

We believe in maintaining our audience trust, so our sponsored review post remains unbiased in nature and we clearly covers positives and negatives of a product or service in the post.

Premium Copy of your Product or Service for the Review

We need a premium copy of your product or service in order to evaluate the working of your product. In short, to write a informative and well-detailed review.

No Do-Follow Link will be Provided

No do-follow link in the sponsored review will be provided.

  • If you have an affiliate program, we will link your website with the cloaked affiliate URL
  • and if you don’t have an affiliate program, then the link to your site will have the ‘rel=nofollow’ also a fee would be charged for writing a review.

Charges solely depend for the review and not for a do-follow link. If you wish to receive a do-follow link, then you need to pay for it separately.

How We Run A Giveaway Contest On Our Website?

Dedicated Landing Page 

We will create a dedicated landing page to run a giveaway for your service or product in which we will write about the product features and giveaway process.

Promotion on Social Media Channels/Platforms

We will promote the contest on our social media channels which include social accounts of TheMaverickSpirit & our personal profiles.  Social platforms that we will target are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest. 

Promotion on Email Marketing Campaigns

We will also promote the giveaway contest via newsletter campaigns. The number of email campaigns depends on the number of days a giveaway is running. 

Dedicated Header Banner/Section on Homepage

We create a dedicated section for the giveaway contest to increase the visibility of the contest. 

Coverage on Top Bar

We maximize the visibility of the contest by adding info and link to the giveaway landing page on our website’s top bar. 

Website Ad

We will try to redirect our website visitors to the contest page by placing an image of the content in our website’s sidebar. We can’t guarantee you the first position on our sidebar. 

Details of the Combo Plan Booster

Sidebar Banner Ad – 300×250

A dedicated space on top of the sidebar widget will be reserved.

Newsletter Promotion

Email campaign will be sent twice within a month.

Twitter & Facebook Promotion

We will promote and pin the product or service post on our Facebook & Twitter accounts.

Sponsored Review Article

An article about the purpose of your product, features, pros, cons and pricing plans will be released.

The post will be unbiased and no-follow or cloaked affiliate link would be attached.

Partnership Opportunities

If you are looking for a partnership opportunity and wanted to build a long-term relationship!

We would be happy to collaborate with your proposal.

Mode of Payment We Accept


Payments should be paid up-front and via one of the below payment methods –

  • PayPal
  • TransferWise
  • Wire Transfer
  • ACH Bank Deposit

Refund Policy

No refunds will be initiated once the payment has been made.

We handle each task professionally and care about your brand & ours too.

We are here to build strong and long-term relationship with other services, product and bloggers.

We are sure that no situation will arrive where you won’t be satisfied with our services.

In case, if you’re still not happy with our services!

We would definitely like to know the reason so that we both can work out to resolve the issues.

Advertisement Page Updates

We will update this page time to time.

Updates on this page includes – edits on terms and conditions of existing advertising opportunities, new advertising options, pricing plan updates.

As our website will make growth in visibility, popularity and traffic. We will update and reflect the stats here.

We strongly believe that, by doing so, it will maximize your chances of getting benefit from advertising on TheMaverickSpirit. 🙂


What Are You Waiting For?

Have you chosen your desired advertisement option?

Then, send us your requirements and the advertisement opportunity you would like to opt through the contact form.

Incomplete requests won’t be entertained!

Kindly, make sure that you have mentioned enough details about your plans and thoughts.

So that we can review and respond to your query appropriately.