SendPulse Review – Send Bulk Emails, SMS and Web Push Notifications!

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SendPulse is now the best and most preferred email marketing platform with an overall rating of 4.5.

It has gained its popularity by providing tons of pro features, support, and competitive prices when compared to other affordable email marketing services.

In this detailed SendPulse review, I will cover –

  • all the aspects this email automation tool has to offer,
  • and the features people fall for! [Data collected from user reviews from social platforms and review websites.]

Update Alert! Web Push is a Paid Feature Now! You can use it free up to 10,000 subscribers. Once you exceed this number the first plan will charge you $19.85. Well, you can individually opt for SendPulse’s Web Push Notification service by purchasing the White Label that will cost you $9.85/month with an unlimited list of subscribers.


Let’s proceed with the overview of SendPulse email sending service for small businesses along with the pros and cons of the service.

What is SendPulse?

SendPulse provides multiple marketing services on one platform which harness the power of conversion rates by combining service.

An all-in-one multi-channel email marketing automation app, that allows you to –

1. Combine Multiple Marketing Channels in One!

SendPulse Marketing Channels

Reach your audience via multiple channels like email marketing, SMS, Web Push Notification, Viber and Facebook Chatbot messenger through a single platform.

2. Autoresponders

Send different types of messages separately or by combining them into autoresponders.

3. Automation 360

Send trigger emails based on your customer’s actions by Automation 360.

SendPulse Automation 360

4. Lead Generation via Subscription Forms

Create Subscription forms to gather or collect leads for your business.

SendPulse Subscription Form Types For Lead Generation

5. Integrations with 40+ Different Apps & Services Providers

Power your email marketing campaign by providing 40+integrations like – PayPal, Amazon, HubSpot, Shopify, WooCommerce, Zapier, Salesforce, etc.

6. Statistics Graphs & Analytics Reports

View statistics graphs or analytics reports of your email newsletter and track email open rate, click-throughs, bounce, geographic stats, device stats, and much more.

SendPulse Email Analytics (Opens, Clicks, Location, Devices, and More)

SendPulse Forever Free Plan

SendPulse offers a forever free plan up to 2,500 subscribers. But the limit of sending emails is 15,000. 

No feature in the free plan is locked! You can access all the basic and pro features of SendPulse email marketing service right from the dashboard. 

Things You Don’t Get in the Free Plan of SendPulse –

  • An unlimited number of sender’s addresses. In the free plan, you only get 3 email addresses.
  • Up to 200 Mb storage volume for files. Rather you get only 20Mb storage.
  • Extended segmentation.
  • Removal of “Sent via SendPulse” link.
  • User Access Levels
  • Mailing lists export to Excel and Managing of email addresses – move all/copy all

Note – You can only send 10 free SMS through your free plan.

In case if you want to remove the limit of emails and make use of all the professional feature of SendPulse! You can pay $9.85 billed monthly to send unlimited emails.

SendPulse Pricing Plans

SendPulse an affordable email marketing service has multiple pricing plans based on your list of subscribers. This email marketing tool lets you pick the perfect plan according to your needs!

SendPulse Discount Offers you 20% on yearly billing. Where the cost of a basic plan reduces from $9.85/month to $7.88/month. This saves your $23.64 yearly!

SendPulse also offers – Pay as You Go plans based on the number of messages you want to send. The basic pay as you go plan starts from $32 for 10,000 emails which will cost you $0.0032 per email.

How Does SendPulse Pricing Compare With Its Competitors?

SendPulse monthly plans are way cheaper than other popular email marketing services.

For example, if you want to send unlimited emails with all the pro features in hand to an email list which contains 2,500 subscribers!

Then, you will find that hosting your email list with SendPulse will cost you $9.85/month.

Email MarketingStarting PricingNumber of EmailsSubscribers

This price is –

  • $7/month cheaper than GetResponse,
  • $11/month cheaper than Aweber,
  • $21/month cheaper than ConvertKit,
  • $17/month cheaper than SendInBlue, and
  • $41/month cheaper than Wishpond.

There are more email marketing platforms that are competitive in terms of pricing to SendPulse! But they put a limit on sending out emails and lock premium features.

Best SendPulse Features That People Highly Appreciate!

Now that you know, SendPulse offers multiple marketing channels all in one place. This email marketing platform provides amazing features like – email list management, free newsletter templates, autoresponder, email personalization and much more.

In addition to these features, all the existing users of SendPulse have left their valuable feedbacks on review platforms by highlighting the best thing they love about SendPulse!

Let’s explore them out –

1. Price –

Cost half the amount in relation to other email marketing software while providing similar services.

Reasonable price tags based on subscribers list and freedom to send unlimited emails along with all the features unlocked.

2. SendPulse Support –

Customers loved their polite staff who dealt with their issues promptly. SendPulse provides 24/7 Responsive support including Sunday!

You can connect to SendPulse Support team via –

  • Filling out a contact form,
  • Making a call available for only paid customers (supports 6 languages – English, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Ukrainian).
  • Live chat for support and sales inquiry.

3. High Open Rates & Great Email Deliverability –

SendPulse is a best email marketing tool which provides simple and easy to use user interface with great email delivery reports.

According to customers, SendPulse provides great email open rates by allowing users to personalize their subject titles.

The service offers great email deliverability as emails rarely go into spam. SendPulse has excellent spam filters, SPF, DKIM records and protection which saves themselves and yourself.

4. Better Response Rate & Improved CTR –

Many users stated in the reviews that combining email service and web push notification services have given them the best customer response rate.

In comparison to other email marketing services, people have increased CTR of 45%.

5. SendPulse REST API –

Under one roof, you can send email newsletters, web push messages, and SMS using SendPulse email marketing REST API.

6. Instant Connection With Web Push & Chat Bot –

When you sign up for SendPulse! Along with activating your email marketing campaigns you can set web push notifications, add subscription form and Facebook Chatbot.

Doing so, users have increased their interaction with their website audience and have collected more leads and sales with time.

Is SendPulse the Right Email Newsletter Service For You?


1. You want to Capture & Manage Customer Leads in One Place –

There are multiple and effective ways to capture leads from your website and social media.

To do so, one always end up purchasing different services from various platforms! But here, using SendPulse bulk email marketing service you can send out web push, SMS, and automate your responses on Facebook via chatbot under one roof.

2. You have an eCommerce Website –

If you have an eCommerce business! Then, SendPulse offers extensive integrations like –

  • OptinMonster – to collect email subscribers through opt-in forms on your website and send the mailing list to SendPulse.
  • WooCommerce – Collect users and segment them in various stages of their purchase and nurture them further by sending emails through SendPulse.
  • Opencart – SendPulse integration with Opencart encourages visitors to sign-in for web push notifications.
  • PrestaShop – It is a free and open-source eCommerce software and its integration with SendPulse helps you to import and export mailing list via both the services to send email campaigns to a subscribed audience.
  • There are other e-Commerce integrations like – WebAsyt, x-Cart, PayPal, Zapier, and cs.Cart.


1. You are Looking for Inbuilt Image Editing –

You cannot edit images using the drag and drop email builder of SendPulse.

So, if you ever need to edit certain images in your custom email template like cropping it a bit or resizing it or correcting the contrast!

You won’t be able to do so.

SendPulse Features – A Multi-Channel Marketing Automation Platform!

Like any other email marketing tool SendPulse bulk emailing service provides all the necessary list of features.

But unlike any other automated email marketing software, SendPulse gives you a complete power of collecting and engaging your website leads along with nurturing them via email marketing campaigns!

How? By combining the email tool, web-push, chatbot, and SMS services all in one dashboard.

Below is the list of SendPulse features divided on the basis of availability on FREE and PAID pricing plans.

SendPulse Features Available for Both FREE and PAID Users

1. Email Templates –

SendPulse provides 40+ free email templates divided into 7 categories like – Business, eCommerce, Education, Marketing, Holiday, Restaurant and Travel.

SendPulse Email Template Library

You can pick a template of your choice and edit it according to your emailing purpose.

2. Drag and Drop Email Builder and HTML Editor –

SendPulse’s drag and drop email builder is simple to use. Just drag and drop the elements from the left-hand side of the dashboard and edit each element from the right-hand side.

Drag & Drop Email Builder, HTML Editor & Template Import Module

Templates build using this editor are 100% responsive on all viewing devices.

HTML editor also helps you to develop a GIF image from a video.

3. Email Campaign Statistic Report –

Unlike other email marketing services, statistic report is not shown by default.

To see the detailed stats of a particular email campaign, you have to enable tracking stats on the last step of creating emails.

Further, you have to tick the required fields that you want to track. Like – Open, Clicks, Bounce, etc.

SendPulse Email Analytics (Opens, Clicks, Location, Devices, and More)

Under the reports section, you will see the following email stats –

  • Number of Emails Opens
  • Number of Clicks
  • Marked as Spam
  • Number of UnSubscribes
  • Stats on geographic location and mobile devices
  • Sent, delivered and error percentage report.

4. Resend Email Newsletter to UnOpened –

Nobody would like to know that their send emails are never opened. You will never get the conversions that you were hoping for!

Well, SendPulse takes good care of unopened emails. Once this email service detects that your subscribers have not opened your email!


Using the feature – Resend to UnOpened, you can edit the subject line and set date and time to resent the email.

This feature helps you to achieve your conversion goals!

5. Email Autoresponders –

Using SendPulse Autoresponder, you can send out three types of emails –

  • create an automated series of emails to send when someone subscribes your mailing list.
  • send out email campaigns on a specific date. It can be a marketing holiday event, or your blog anniversary date, etc.
  • send out a triggered email based on user’s action on your website.
How SendPulse Automation Works?

Don’t worry on – How to create an autoresponder email? SendPulse knowledge base documentation explains all the three methods mentioned above in brief.

6. A/B Testing –

A/B testing is yet another important feature of an email marketing campaign.

To send more effective emails to your subscribers you need to know the best elements of your email!


To find out those, you can design and send two email campaigns with different – subject lines, headings, email content images, fonts, and buttons.

Track down the statistics report by knowing which converted well!

7. Subscription Forms –

You can now easily add email subscription web forms on your website or blog.

Types of web forms that SendPulse provides to its users include – Embedded, Popup, Floating, and Fixed.

SendPulse Subscription Form Types For Lead Generation

You can either create a custom form using Form builder or choose a free Form template from the library and customize it according to your needs.

Elements of SendPulse Subscription form you can add or remove are –

  • Input box, Checkbox (GDPR compliance), Radio buttons, Dropdown list, Text, Image, Spacer.
  • Design-wise you can edit fields like – Width, Background, Border, Round Corners, Fonts, Color and much more.

In addition to the creation of subscription form via SendPulse bulk email marketing tool. You can also add a notification message about the confirm subscription or send an email to validate your subscriber via reCaptcha.

8. Email Scheduling System –

You can schedule your email newsletters on a particular date and time using the email scheduling system of SendPulse.


Now send emails when there are more chances of email opens and clicks.

Additional SendPulse Features Available Only for PAID Users!

1. Automation 360 –

In the free plan of SendPulse, you are only allowed to create the automation flow!

But Automation 360 allows you to add 50 blocks of emails based on user’s actions, certain conditions, filters, and goals.

SendPulse Automation 360

2. Additional Email Analytics Reports –

Unlike the normal email stats that you receive in Free plan!

Additional email analytics reports give you specific actions of each email.

As shown in the image below – You can track down which email ID has opened, clicked or unsubscribed from your mailing list.


3. More Storage Space –

20 Mb is the storage space that you get in free plan of SendPulse.

But in the paid plan, you get 200 Mb space to store files which can further extend to 5Mb.

4. SendPulse Footer Link Removal –

You have the right to remove the footer link of “Sent via SendPulse” from email footer and subscription forms in the paid plan.

5. Multiple User Access Levels –

Don’t have time to manage everything! No worries, You can now allot different roles to multiple users using Access Levels to reach your goals.

To avoid any data leak from SendPulse dashboard you can assign different access levels to your team based on their requirements.


Like –

  • A designer can have access to template builder only.
  • A marketing person can have access to email reports only.

6. Export Email Lists to Excel –

For list management, SendPulse gives you the freedom to download the email list in CSV, XLS and XLSX format.

Email List Export in 3 Formats (CSV, XLS, and XLSX)

SendPulse Discount Coupon Code – $10 OFF

Get $10 OFF discount on any pricing plans of SendPulse. Sign up to activate the SendPulse coupon code.

SendPulse Review – My Verdict

For me, SendPulse is a perfect multipurpose marketing tool for small businesses, affiliates, startups, and bloggers.

A tool that charges 50% less than its competitors and provides all the basic features in its Free plan with unlimited contact lists.

The best part for any newbie is a –

  • A neat and clean dashboard which is easy to operate.
  • In addition to this, SendPulse’s knowledge base is filled with documentation steps to help you set up anything within the dashboard.

Take it for a spin and see if it’s the best and affordable email marketing tool for your website too.

Try SendPulse now, forever free plan up to 2,500 subscribers with 15k email sends.

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