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Many people wonder what G Suite or Google Apps actually is! How getting a free and custom email for their domain could profit their business?

Well, there are several substantial reasons and ways of how G suite could possibly change the business game for your company.

Generating leads and conversions for the company is one thing but managing –

  • the in-house team,
  • making healthy connections with clients over emails,
  • accessing files securely,
  • managing users easily,
  • and conference calls is another important aspect

..which determines how successful your business will become in the long run.

So, today, let’s explore everything about what is G suite or Google Apps for your domain and how it can benefit your business.

What is G Suite?

G Suite is a Google product that provides cloud computing for data storage with enhanced 2-factor authorization security.

It offers productivity and collaboration tools to enhance your business experience.

G Suite provides efficient and collaborative tools like Google Drive, Docs, Hangouts, Gmail for businesses to manage their company more effectively and increase their productivity.

Why G Suite is Necessary for Your New or Small Business?

The benefit of using Google Apps for work is –

  • You get to access all the Google services from your domain based email address..

..Like you can share all your worksheets, docs, presentations, and have chat conversations with people using abc@company.com.

  • You can create and manage the roles of your business team or employees using G-Suite..

..Create specific and professional emails for teams for building trust among the audience.

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Services that G Suite Offers to Startups, Entrepreneurs and Businesses

G Suite offers various useful tools that help businesses manage their workflow and store data safely.

You can reach your colleagues and potential clients by using G Suite tools. The most basic service that it offers is that it allows you to create a business email (you@yourcompany.com).

These are the services via which you can connect to other people using G suite –

  • Gmail
  • Google +
  • Hangouts Chat – have chats replace the monotonous emailing with Google Hangouts.
  • Hangouts Meet
  • Calendar – You can book a plan in the calendar for your next conference video call with your clients.

Apart from working together as a team efficiently, you can create amazing documents and structure your data just the way you wish too!

And for this purpose the G Suite creation tools which you get includes –

  • Docs
  • Sheets – Creating an online form or a spreadsheet is easier than ever with G-Suite.
  • Forms
  • Slides
  • Sites
  • App maker
  • Keep – it is not exactly a creation tool, rather an online workbook where you can store your ideas, manage your to-do lists and prioritize work.

G Suite also provides its users with an admin panel through which you can manage your data on the platform without any hassle.

  • Google Drive – stores all your data, from your encrypted files to product blueprints, all of it is securely updated on the drive..

..It can be accessed from anywhere and this is exactly why business leaders prefer using G Suite.

G Suite Pricing

It offers a 14-day free trial which you can use to its fullest potential and explore the platform thoroughly to see how things work out for your business.

Tools that are available from the most basic to the most expensive plan equally are – 

  • Shared calendars
  • Business email through Gmail
  • Video and voice conferencing
  • Secure team messaging
  • Documents, Spreadsheets, and presentations
  • 24/7 support by phone, email and online
  • Security and admin controls

The benefit that you will get if you go on to buy a paid plan is the better storage and enhanced features.

The 3 G Suite Pricing Plans include –

1. Basic

Cost: $5 (INR – 150/-) per month (exclusive of taxes)

It gives only limited cloud storage of 30 GB apart from the commonly shared services. This plan is best suited for individual contributors like freelancers, bloggers, and even students.

2. Business

Cost: $10 (INR – 600/-) per month (exclusive of taxes)

A business plan is the best when it comes to small start-ups and companies.

You get unlimited cloud storage (or 1TB per user if fewer than 5 users). The business plan also comes with enhanced security and a better control panel including audit reports that track user activity.

3. Enterprise

Cost: $25 (INR – 1650/-) per month (exclusive of taxes)

The enterprise plan focuses more on the security of your G suite data by entailing services like data loss prevention for Gmail which will block any data from being transferred if any sensitive information is found, you can customize policies according to your business protocol and set a limit on which data can be shared.

G Suite Product Details

G suite comprises of some great products in its business and enterprise plans.

Where the basic would be the best option to stick with if you are an individual.

A business or enterprise people are highly recommended to access greater cloud storage, enhanced security, and better control.

  • Create apps for your business with – the in-built templates
  • Search for your company’s content in G suite from – sheets, docs, slides, calendars, etc.
  • Admins can use a – security key to unlock the G suite.
  • You can do a ton lot of customizations including the dashboard, search queries for Gmail logs.
  • Specify policies for your business domain based on organizational units, data ranges, and specific terms.
  • Get analytics and insights into your G suite.
  • Control how other employers can access this G suite and limit their accessibility.

What’s new in G Suite?

G Suite keeps on updating the platform and its usability by adding new and better versions of the existing tools and provide even more tools to increase flexibility.

Some of the latest updates in G suite are – 

  • G Suite is turning down the email settings API and encouraging its users to use Gmail API.
  • Add images and charts from other files to Google Docs and Sliders.
  • Keep a track of any security threats that might cause damage to your G suite with a single and comprehensive view of the overall security of your G suite.
  • Identify phishing emails and links with the new G suite feature even if they are listed in your trusted list.
  • To enhance security, a prompt is now active on all your phones which means a more secure authentication for your G suite.

Difference between Free services offered by Google and Paid G Suite for Businesses

Google products are the best, there are absolutely no doubts about that!

  • Most of the Google tools or platforms are free to use which makes them useful for the larger audience..

..But G suite is a paid and premium brand of Google which focuses on both individual users needs and business management tools.

  • It makes workflow easier for businesses including freelancers, business leaders, and enterprises.

Even if you are an individual, G Suite is the best option to store your data securely, manage your dates with the Calendar tool, and connect with various people over the platform.

It literally makes your life easier. 🙂

Why You Should Prefer GSuite Over Free Services Offers By Google?

  • Ownership of your business domain which increases your authenticity among your industry and helps you gain the trust of your clients.
  • You can share documents easily within the organization and give access or restrict specific users.
  • Google provides Google Apps sync for Microsoft outlook which you can use within your organization.
  • Send emails to a larger group of people falling under the same department, for example, Human resources, development, analysts, designers, etc.
  • Create specific email addresses using your business domain for different positions, for example, contact@yourbusiness.com, editors@yourbusiness.com, admin@yourbusiness.com.
  • 24/7 support team via email, phone, and live chat.
  • Gmail has an inbuilt storage capacity of 15GB, whereas for even a Basic plan for G Suite the allowed storage capacity is 30 GB.

Takeaways from The Blog

  • G Suite is a product which can boost your client relationships, manage data online, store it securely..

..and maintain a proper cohesive workflow between different individual contributors to your company.

  • G Suite – Google Apps for work – not only enhances your business management model and make things easier..

..but also creates a work balance in life where you can selectively prioritize work, gain more clarity on your end goals and schedule things in a better way.

It is indeed a handy product which you can use anywhere and everywhere.

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