About TheMaverickSpirit (TMS)

What is TMS?

When we started TMS, everyone had a common question even people still ask – What is TMS?

If I have to describe it in words, then it’s OUR DREAM!!

A dream

A dream for all Wanna be Bosses, Solopreneurs, Passionate Content Creators, WordPress Enthusiasts, and Entrepreneurs!!


We're on a mission to rescue you

TheMaverickSpirit is launched with a rescue mission for all those people who are trying to get out of 9-6 jail, but didn’t even getting a bail.

Note : Well here, Bail refers Holidays.

Holidays to escape out –

  • with friends and family,
  • to celebrate moments,
  • to relax when you don’t feel like to work,
  • to watch first-day first show of your most awaited movie,
  • to work while relaxing on your comfy couch.

Which everyone struggles to get in the corporate!! Isn’t it?


Working in the corporate made us realize the myths behind

Slow Growth, Less Salary, Less Hike

  • Slow career growth
  • Fake promises to share profit of the sale
  • Less salary compared to skills and performance
  • Less hike even after showing good performance

Stare Your Computer All The Time

  • Politics
  • Can’t just do what you like even in spare time
  • Less visibility to actual business, If you're a developer, you are just a D-E-V-E-L-O-P-E-R.

No Time For Yourself

  • The trap of becoming Team Lead
  • Life becomes monotonous. You’re only running behind money.You don’t have time for your family, friends and most importantly- YOURSELF!!
  • Somewhere in trying to be TOO PROFESSIONAL, we forgot what empathy is …

Hierarchy Dominates !!

  • Neither Hard-work nor Smart work will help. Fresher? ..No, the Experienced ones or it is best to say the Older Employees gets the Best Rating & Salary Hikes!!
  • Hierarchy dominates, Freshers are always considered stupid.
  • Work is Worship Worshipping [bosses] is work!

No Job Security

  • You can NOT have an opinion/perspective, Just do it the way they say!
  • You have no contribution towards the growth of company, so for a company, you’re not valuable or maybe little valuable.
  • No job security Anytime you may get fired, Not only performance is the reason, it may be due to company’s cost cutting plan, Projects were less, etc.

"Falling down is a part of Life, Getting back up is a Living"

Story Behind The Name

We have the word “Maverick” in mind from the beginning.

Maverick is used for an unorthodox or independent-minded person.
Spirit was added to give it a proper meaning, i.e., Independent soul
But where “THE” comes into the picture. That’s where the coincidence happened.

Secret Behind "The"

We searched for the domain MAVERICKSPIRIT.COM. Unfortunately, it was taken. :/

As Ankita made a trip to Dubai she noticed a trend to use – The which was applied as – Al in front of every place of Dubai like Al Jumeirah, Al Qasr, Al Arab, etc.

Finally, we decided to follow it for our domain and simply added “THE” to the name

Being a marketer, I know the cons of using long domain name but considering the fact that – People do remember TheHuffingtonPost, TheHindu, and TheNextWeb domains because of their popularity with time. Finally, we decided to follow it for our domain and simply added “THE” to the name.

Things were clear to us and we decided to move on with the name TMS for our website and to make it popular with time to make people recognize us too!


As days were spent working in a Software Company TheMaverickSpirit was truly born during late nights.

We officially opened our doors on December 12, 2016 and that's where Ankita and Mayank graduated to the cabins of TheMaverickSpirit.

Brains Behind TMS

Ankita Arya - Cofounder of TheMaverickSpirit

Ankita Arya

Co-founder / Digital Marketing Expert

An expert digital marketer who has built and managed 6+ successful blogs, few of them having 900k+ monthly visitors. She keeps herself busy by experimenting different tools and strategies for building up successful online business.

Read More About Ankita
Mayank Majeji - Cofounder of TheMaverickSpirit

Mayank Majeji

Co-founder / Web Expert

He is a full stack Web Developer but also a WordPress Expert with an excellent knowledge & understanding of Website Optimization Techniques & Website Designing.

Read More About Mayank

About Ankita Arya - The Marketing & Jolly Brain

Early Life

Honestly, I’m just like you. 🙂 I went to college.My academic background revolves around computer science and information technology.I completed my post education at the University of Bedfordshire(UK) in 2014. Developed an eCommerce website as an internship project for a Vintage Shop. My corporate background is in the digital marketing industry.

Honey Trap Of Job

I did content marketing and social media marketing for an IT company based out in Bhopal (India). Products on which I have worked include email marketing service, form builder, and WordPress themes.

While every day was a stretch out of my comfort zone, I learned a ton about marketing! I made a vigorous growth in bringing up the sessions and revenue generation.

I wanted to try my hand on many things, but due to some limitations, I wasn’t able to accomplish it. It was that time I decided to chase my passion rather than accomplishing others!

Blogging + Digital Marketing is my Life Passion. 🙂

I’ve always had a love for exploring various tools present online (and why wouldn’t I do that?.. after all, they all have cool functionalities!)

Fun Side Of Me...

I am a religious girl who believes in Karma! The eldest daughter to my parents, water baby who has a sweet tooth, big-time dog lover, and a hardcore Gadget lover. Traveling and outing with the loved ones is a great motivation of mine to drag my lazy ass out of bed.

Tours Around The Globe

I love traveling, adventures, loud laughter, cooking, and looking at God’s beautiful creations! I have completed my tours of UK and Dubai at the moment, enjoyed various water rides in Goa to name a few – Scuba diving, Parachuting, Banana ride, and much more.

In fact, at this time of writing, I am planning my next tour to Pachmarhi Udaipur very soon! Update – I had an awesome trip to the Udaipur aka City of Lakes. Peep into my Instagram to explore Land of Kings!!

"I believe – If you can dream it, you can do it!"

About Mayank Majeji - The Coding & Creative Brain

Early Life

I’m self-motivated, optimistic and a dream catcher person with a not giving up superpower. I belong from a small town, Vidisha where I completed my study.

I completed my graduation in Computer Science Engineering from Bhopal as I always had a natural affinity for computers and gadgets.

With time, I infused my intense analyzing and researching power with my creativity and learning skills. Which made me a deadly combo of a Full Stack Web Developer, Graphic Designer, and a Digital Marketer!! 🙂

Academic Life

My academic life was just like any ordinary student – Until graduation, I had goals to get placed in a good company and earn a decent amount of bucks, onsite dreams, exponential growth, lavish lifestyle and much more.

Though, I didn't try to get into any company due to some personal issues which always strikes in each of our lives at the wrong time!

A Series Of Failures

I borrowed some money from 2 of my close friends and started an institute with some of my school friends in Bhopal where I use to teach C, C++, and Linux.

But unfortunately, it didn’t work out as my partners left me to grab MNC’s job offers.

I hunted for the job after the failure of Institue with the hope of not getting late. Still got rejected by IBM, Tech Mahindra, Siemens and some more.

I was completely lost and helpless. Tried different things, different ideas, different plans, but none of them worked out.

Finally The Taste Of Corporate

Finally, I tasted the corporate life after waited for almost 3 years.

Enjoyed learning various stuffs and coding, working environment, building friends, happiness to receive salary on starting of each month and much more! I was extremely happy and Why not? After all I got this job after 11yrs of struggle.

TMS Started Getting Shape

As months passed on, I started to realize the corporate tales that my friends used to tell me.

They all used to quote there is no personal life left to live, enjoying the party with friends as one or the other always get stuck to complete tasks, deadlines to name a few.

Ankita was the only person with whom my friendship synced well with time compared to other colleagues. The reason of the sync was having same past experiences and the thinking to become an entrepreneur and to built a strong Internet identity.

It was strange that we both had the same dream, i.e., to start something on our own but none of us was reaching to any solutions. Until, one day ankita's dad asked her to start a website to earn something as side income.

I agreed to her dad's thought and decided to design and develop a website project - TheMaverickSpirit.

Full Time Entrepreneurs

Finally the time came when we have to leave our jobs for TMS.

TRUST ME!! You need much courage to take the risk of leaving the job and start something on your own at the age of 27. Your relatives and other people will criticize you for leaving your job.

You will be followed by questions like – What will you do now? How you're going to earn money? And like 1000 more questions will follow you with time.

Rather than convincing them with words we decided to keep working to take TheMaverickSpirit to new heights. Why not Let Progress answer the people then words!!

"I Just Don't Know How To Give Up. No Matter What"

"Falling down is a part of #Life, Getting back up is a #Living."

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