Pixels to Profits: Unleashing the Power of Image and Video Marketing


As the digital world quickly changes, attention spans are short, and competition fierce, communication is no longer limited to words and depends on images’ captivating power. Brands now have a dynamic platform to attract, inspire, and influence consumers thanks to image and video marketing, which has become a key force in reshaping the modern marketing landscape. In this context, the persuasive power of visual components surpasses traditional communication channels and […]

Unlocking the Power of QuillBot AI [A Paraphrasing Powerhouse]


Are you a content writer or anyone who deals with content and struggles to convey the message clearly? If it’s a YES, we have a solution! Online paraphrasing tools helps you to write plagiarism-free content with easy-to-understand sentences. Instead of manually coming up with clear content/sentences, you can use a paraphrase tool to do the work for you. Which will not only help you to save the time needed to […]

WP Mail SMTP – How to Track Email Opens and Link Clicks?


How many times have you sent an email and wondered what happened next! Whether the recipient opened it? Or is it ended in the spam folder? Whether the email attachment is opened or the link is clicked? Sometimes you even wish to have the blue ticks on emails like WhatsApp, don’t you?  Well, fortunately, you can track the open rates and link click rates of a sent email. With the […]

Liquid Web vs Nexcess Hosting Services Compared


Confused between Liquid Web and Nexcess web hosting?  As they both are the products of the same company, there are chances where customers find it hard to choose which hosting over another! Well, in this article, I am going to discuss the core differences between the two services, the list of products they offer, pricing, and much more.  Also, I will help you in choosing which type of hosting is […]

5+ Best WordPress Poll Plugins For Your Blog [Compared]


We all want to improve user engagement on our website, right? The more time the user spends on the website, the better the performance.  But how to keep someone on the site for a longer time? Keeping a visitor hooked on your site is possible using creative polls and quizzes. The best example is Buzzfeed. Fun activities including polls where users can engage without revealing their information/identity are a powerful […]

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