What Made us Switch to Mailerlite? Review From developer’s & Marketer’s point of view!


When “email marketing” strikes in our mind! We all know the first name that comes is “MailChimp”. Now, every beginner, entrepreneur, startup or an emerging blogger who wants to kick-start email marketing prefer to use free versions or free accounts at first. Free versions of email marketing? But Why? The answer is simple, having a fewer subscribers list and paying a huge amount to email marketing service without knowing how […]

What is a Pingback & Trackback in WordPress?

What is Pingback and Trackback in WordPress-the-maverick-spirit

What made me release this post is the confusion that people have related to the terms Trackbacks and Pingbacks in WordPress!! After researching a lot and using it myself on my website, I am going to explain everything today. In addition to this I would suggest you have a look on my next post stating the – Importance of pingback & trackback in SEO and How it can help you […]

LSI Keywords – How to Find & Implement Smartly for SEO


A few days back while I was updating my TMS Facebook page a query popped up in one of my recent post stating – what are LSI keywords? Are they important for on-page SEO?  How do searches relate to target keyword help in better search engine rankings? Though I cleared the query at that time but later on.. ..I felt people often get confused between the target keywords and semantic […]

DoFollow and NoFollow Links – What Are and How They Affect SEO?

What are Dofollow and Nofollow links in SEO

I am sure after reading the heading you might have gave a gesture “Ahh.. I know what are Dofollow and Nofollow links!” Well, being a very common topic of SEO and backlinking everyone is aware of its basics and benefits. However, for those who don’t know, I am going to cover the basics here and how they can affect SEO. Keep reading as I will be sharing my tip on […]

Google AdSense Account Approval Process For A New Blog!


I never thought to write an article on Google Adsense approval as there are plenty of them already written on the Internet. But, what changed my decision to post an article on AdSense approval was the disapproval of my account! Before applying, I read many articles shared by different bloggers and experts and noted all the points. But still, I got disapproved which really frustrated me! It was then, I […]