10 Best CDN Service Providers to Speed Up Your Website [2021]

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Content Delivery Networks are globally connected servers arranged between origin server of any web content and the client who demands it. 

A research conducted by Strangeloop indicates that interruption in website speed can be a reason for 11% fewer page views and 7% less communication. 

These interruptions can be resolved with CDNs as they aim to transfer the brisk content by lowering latency.


There are ample of CDNs available in the market, the main question is which one to choose. 

Here I have listed a few of the best CDN service providers to boost up your website performance and speed.

CDN ServiceFree Trial?Starting Pricing
RackSpace14-day$0.10/GB per month
CloudflareFree Version$20/month
KeyCDN30-day$4/month (min)
Amazon CloudfrontFree VersionPay-as-you-go
Google Cloud CDNFree upto $300Based on location
Microsoft Azure CDN30-dayUpto $0.233/GB per month

1. Sucuri – Best CDN for Website Performance & Speed Optimization

Sucuri is a famous data security firm which endeavours strong WordPress firewall and CDN for websites along with providing a shield against malware and DDOS outbreaks among other threats.

Some of the central services provided by Sucuri CDN are –

  • Incident response,
  • performance boost,
  • monitoring for site infections,
  • WAF protection,
  • and essentially smooth integration with other software not excluding MaxCDN.

Various caching preferences along with exemplary support for all forms of inquiries are available with Sucuri. 

Pricing Plans of Sucuri –

There are four different payment plans among which the cheapest ones cost $199.99.

A custom payment plan is available for those who go for a bespoke feature set.

2. Rackspace Content Delivery Network – Reduce Load on Your Servers

Rackspace is a sturdy CDN provider with the capacity to hold extensive files such as videos, HD movies, and backup files. 

It ensures a 99.9% uptime with a cache memory in 3 different locations, the dual power supply is provided to hardware systems, and data centres are located in many cities of the world.

Rackspace CDN will definitely meet the business requirements of its customers.

It has been identified as a Leader in Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Professional and Managed Service Providers, Worldwide. 

The price range of Rackspace ranges at $0.10/GB per month.

3. Cloudflare CDN – Improve Your Site Speed‎

Cloudflare has an array of services which it provides to the customers. This makes it one of the most prominent Content Delivery Network in the world.

It has been loaded with many interesting features like –

  • perfectly arranged control panel,
  • DDoS protection can be effortlessly assembled with WordPress,
  • automated accumulation of static content,
  • and the speed is taken care of by the extensive network of servers.

A free variant of Cloudflare with limited features is available in the market for the clients to explore the benefits. 

The paid subscription of Cloudflare starts at $20/month for professional blogging websites, small business websites and portfolios. Comes with web application firewall and is best for basic security and performance.

Purchase a subscription plan and have the benefits of advanced features of CDN.

4. KeyCDN – Affordable Content Delivery Service Provider

KeyCDN is a high-performance delivery network which provides the fiery fast speed to your website. 

Along with features like –

  • custom expire headers,
  • the live tail on logs,
  • GZip compression,
  • OCSP stapling,
  • cache query strings,
  • FTP sub-users, strip cookies, etc.

It has the benefit of its 34 data centres and provides access to cutting edge technology with 94% hit ratio to the consumers.

It conveniently combines with assorted WordPress plugins like W3 Total Cache plugin, WP Rocket, and Super Cache.

A 30-day free trial version is available without providing credit card details.

Instant account activation is done along with 5 free zones with $1 for each extra zone and 256GB worth of traffic in free credits is offered when you go for a paid version. 

5. StackPath – Simple, Fast & Powerful CDN

StackPath servers are the one-stop solution as it bundles several features such as planned caching which can be customised as per user needs.

Other services are EdgeEngine serverless scripting, free personal EdgeSSL certificate, instant purge, real-time analysis of data, categorised download etc. 

These all features are taken care of by 45 PoPs spread around the world and high-speed solid-state drives.

It has a user-friendly interface which works flawlessly with widely used caching plugins, for instance, WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache and many more. 

These all benefits are available at a budget price of $10 a month and provide one-month free trial as well.

6. Imperva – Global Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Imperva is a prominent WordPress CDN provider and its servers are stationed in distinct locations around the world. 

It provides exemplary integration support to different WordPress plugins along with powerful security and privacy policy rules.

DDoS mitigation, WordPress caching, SSL, 24/7 support, and an appealing control panel are the services which Imperva provides to the customer. 

It can be easily installed and the free version with limited services is available.

The paid version starts from $59/month.

7. CDN77 – A CDN Used by Space Agencies

CDN77 is equipped with features like – Brotil compression, DDoS protection, the latest HTTP/2 optimization, CDN storage and logs, SmartWAF, hotlink protection, CMS integration, data centre control.

It comes with a policy of transparency, commendable customer service and pays special attention to improving the page loading time and complete website performance. 

Real-time technical support is available over 14 Tbps worldwide network.

A 14-day free trial variant of CDN77 is available in the market.

Two types of paid versions are available ie a pay-as-you-go plan and a monthly plan which starts at $199 for 6TB.

8. Amazon CloudFront – Fast, Highly Secure and Programmable CDN

Amazon Web Services uses the services of Amazon Cloudfront CDN. Numerous websites are boosted through this cloud platform. 

Many prominent companies like – Rovio, PBS, Canon, Musical.ly, and Hulu shows confidence in this CDN and also it makes an excellent choice for customers who deal with numerous video content.

Clients can build their own CDN package containing the required features to match their business requirements as it employs a pay-as-you-go payment plan with no hidden charges.

9. Google Cloud CDN – Fast, Reliable Web and Video Content Delivery

Google Cloud CDN is an economical and trustworthy Content Delivery Network backed by Google global network to its clients.

The main features include –

  • compact integration with Google Cloud,
  • media CDN base acceptable till 5TB,
  • Stackdriver logging,
  • cache cancellation and SSL/TLS without additional charge.

More than 90 cache points are located all over the world.

You get free services from Google Cloud CDN till $300 and then the services are chargeable as per usage.

10. Microsoft Azure CDN – Secure and Reliable Global Content Delivery & Acceleration

Microsoft Azure CDN is a budget content delivery network built and provided by Microsoft. 

It has a widespread network of data centre’s around the world and is user-friendly.

This CDN is preferred by customers as Microsoft provides exceptional customer service and service guarantee to its clients. 

It is available for a 30 day free trial along with credits worth $200.

Wrapping Up – Top CDN Providers to Speed up Your WordPress Website

Every CDN services have their pros and cons which would make you think twice before using them, but the advantages of configuring them can outweigh the disadvantages. 

CDN services cater your website with plenty of advantages. So considering these advantages you can choose the best CDN service provider to boost your website’s performance and provide the best experience to your clients.

Hopefully, this article will help you figure out the significance of CDNs and to assess the best CDN service for your website. 

Take advantage and choose the top CDN (content delivery network) service provider for your website according to your needs and budget.

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