14 comments on “3+ Best Social Media Sharing Plugins For WordPress [2021]

  1. Hi,

    Great list Ankita, I am in love with the Social Welfare Plugin because it makes me work like PRO. Simply amazing!

  2. Thank you for this! I was having a hard time figuring out which one was best as there are so many out there!

  3. I use Social Warfare for one of my sites, and Monarch for the other. Love them both and this is an excellent write-up and comparison of all the features.

  4. I use Social Warfare for my share buttons on my website. I also have a retweet program that I love.

  5. I’ve heard of a few of these before! I will keep them in mind if ever I make the switch to WordPress.

  6. Very interesting. As I blogger I find this so useful. Have any tips for those of us using Blogger?

  7. It’s a lot of information to digest but, it is also invaluable to have. I learned a lot about options and know this will come in handy when I need it.

  8. I’ve been researching Social Warfare lately. I’m really considering the switch. Thanks for this informative post.

  9. Love your detailed list! I think I will give Social Warfare a try. I do agree with you, that we need not have all the social sharing plug-ins for all networks. For me, the most important ones are Facebook and Twitter.

  10. It’s a great list. i didn’t know any of these designs. Ours are super simple. All blach & white xx corinne

  11. Do ANY of these plugins also contain SOCIAL FOLLOWING links so as not to have to get another plugin on your site? ( Most themes contain both, NO???

    1. I am not sure about Social Warfare but Monarch and Easy Social Share Buttons do provide social following options.
      I will update the post once I get an answer from the warfare team.

  12. Hey Ankita, Thanks for mentioning the best WordPress social network plugins! This will definitely provide the audience a deep knowledge about Top Social media plugins for WordPress.

  13. Hello Ankita,

    Thank you very much for this list and sharing all the information about the different tools.

    Another important aspect in my eyes is, not only to wait for your users to share your posts but to actively cross-promote your posts across multiple networks and sites. For automatically cross-posting your blog posts on social media take a look at the Blog2Social plugin.

    It has powerful options for easily sharing your posts across all popular social media networks in one easy step. You can optionally customize your posts for each network and automatically schedule your posts for the best times to share. The plugin is a big time saver for cross-promoting your posts.

    I’d love to hear what you think about it.

    Kind regards and happy sharing,

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