186+ List of High Domain Authority Sites To Get DoFollow Backlinks!

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In order to excel in higher rankings in Google & other search engines, a spot-on strategy is a must!

The major task is to build trusted high DA (Domain Authority) dofollow backlinks and have a high quality of engaging content on your website.

The days of running spammy and low-quality backlinks are long gone. Furthermore, Google has also stopped updating the public Toolbar PageRank.

Until 2018, there were some popular and easy ways to create free dofollow backlinks such as –

  1. Forum Posting
  2. Links From Forum Signatures
  3. Discussion Boards
  4. Question and Answer Websites like Yahoo, Stack Overflow, etc.
  5. Social bookmarking
  6. Blog Directories
  7. RSS directories
  8. CSS directories
  9. Commenting on other blog websites.

But now, they are not very effective! Especially after recent updates in –

  1. Google’s Core Algorithm, and
  2. Google’s Mobile-First Indexing.

So now, the question is: What do we do to get high-quality backlinks?

Well, there are a few great options open yet, among them is to improve a website’s ranking by improving its TrustRank.

As to improving the TrustRank, it wouldn’t be wrong if I will suggest you take the opportunity to fully utilize the social media platforms.

I bet that in the name of social media, most of you are absolutely relying on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

But guess what? There is more to it!

A massive list of high DA (Domain Authority) sites with a DA rank of about 30-90 are waiting for you to come and hang up your website links onto them.

Surprising, isn’t it?

Today, you are going to explore free dofollow backlinks sites that are open to accepting a guest post submission on their platform.

Target your niche that has Domain Authority of 30+ and more and increases your Domain’s Trust.

That said, you are free to contribute your guest post on TheMaverickSpirit. 🙂

But before that, you should understand – What are high-quality backlinks or high authority backlinks anyway?

What are High-Quality Backlinks or High Authority Backlinks Anyway?

A high-quality backlink or high authority backlink is comprised of several factors listed below –

1. Domain Authority or Trusted Source

If your website is getting a dofollow backlink from a website with high domain authority, then there is a good chance that Google will promote your website rankings in search results.

Link juice from a high DA website definitely affects and boosts your website’s Google ranking.

2. Uniqueness

One of the effective strategies to get a high-quality backlink from a source your competitor can’t.

Natural links from relevant and authoritative websites that only links to you and not your competitor can really make a huge difference.  

Examples of such kinds of links are the links obtained from conferences, events, and company websites.

3. Sends Traffic

One of the significant goals of searching and building backlinks is to drive more and more traffic to your website via relevant sources.

Therefore, always try/target to get backlinks from websites with higher traffic, active readership, and a decent amount of social following.  

4. Non-Commercial and Non-Sponsored Rich Anchor Text

The quality of a backlink increases if the anchor text of your link is your target keyword (a keyword you want to rank for).

Obviously, Google will penalize you, if it discovers plenty of links with the same anchor text during backlink analysis.

Therefore, always use synonyms or semantic words and phrases for your target keyword as anchor text.

5. From a Relevant Source

Google and other search engines consider relevancy as one of the significant factors while evaluating a backlink’s quality or authority.

Therefore, always try to find backlinks from websites in the same niche or same subject as your website.

Google considers the overall relevance of the linking website.

6. In-Content (from a blog or content page)

In-content links appearing in the main content area or at the beginning of the article or page (somewhere in the introduction) are considered to be more valuable than a link on the sidebar, footer, or down the page.

7. Next to Backlinks to Authority Websites

If your backlink is included in a web page that links to high-authority websites and shares the same niche as you!

Then, Google is also going to mark your website as a high authority website.

8. From a different source to your existing backlinks

A new link to your website from a website that hasn’t linked to you is more valuable than getting another link from a domain that has already linked to you.

9. Not Reciprocal

Link exchange is not considered a best practice for SEO backlinks.

However, if the link is relevant and natural, then it won’t be considered abuse.  

10. Not paid for (Non-Sponsored)

Paid links may increase your backlinks in total, but cannot be considered as a high-quality backlinks.

Never go for paid links, as you might end up getting penalized for violating Google’s guidelines for high PR backlinks.

Blogging / Marketing – High DA Blogs

#Website NameWebsite URL
1Content Marketing Institute Submission guidelines
2HubSpot Submission guidelines
3Outbrain Guest post guidelines
4Copyblogger Submit a guest post
5Smashing Magazine Guest post guidelines
6Inc42 Contact for a guest post
7YourStory Submit guest post
8Daily Blog Tips Submit Guest Post
9InBound Read guidelines before submitting
10Kissmetrics Submission guidelines
11The Huffington Post Submission guidelines
12The Sits Girls How to submit
13The Write Life Submit freelancing, marketing, publishing, and blogging post
14Inspiration2Feed Submit guest post
15Marketing Profs Submit guest post
16Small Biz Trends Submit guest post
17TheBloggingBuddha Write for us
18BloggingFromParadise Write for us
19ShermanSmithBlog Contact link
20YourPFPro Guest Blogging
21EnstineMuki Connect with Enstine
22AhaNow Write for AhaNow
23AllBloggingTips Guest post
24MostlyBlogging Write for MostlyBlogging
25Robert-Corrigan Send your pitch
26ElnaCain Contact Elna
27InternetMarketingBlog101 Contribute your best work
28MoneyGossips Contact for guest post submission
29GoBloggingTips Write for GBT
30BeAMoneyBlogger Contribute your guest post
31BloggingDen Write for BD
32MyQuickIdea Guest post contribution
33WordingWell Write for WW
34GrowMap Guest Post Guidelines
35IntenseBlog Write for us
36BloggingTips Contact for submissions
37Kikolani Guest blogging
38FamousBloggers Submit your article
39BloggingBasics101 Send your post pitch
40ProWritingAid Guest blogging

BlockChain/Bitcoin – High Domain Authority Blogs

#Website Name Website URL
1Cointelegraph Submit a Story Idea
2BitcoinChaser Write for us
3E27 Write for us
4Blockgeeks Apply to be a Content contributor
5Inc42 Submit your Guest post
6Unblock Submit post guidelines
7Buy Bitcoin Worldwide Sponsored post
8CCN Submit a Sponsored story
9Bitcoinist Submit sponsored articles
10CoinJournal Share your pitch
11CoinReport Pitch your tip
12CoinNoob Submit Press release
13CryptoCoinUpdates Submit Guest post
14CoinSpectator Pitch your tip
15LetsTalkBitcoin Content Submission Guidelines
16BraveNewCoin Submit your Event
17CoinSpeaker Writers and Guest Contributors
18BitcoinMagazine Contribute your post

Technology – High Domain Authority Blogs & Websites

#Website NameWebsite URL
1ReadWrite Submit Guest Post
2iAmWire Guest Contribution Guidelines
3TechWyse Submit guest post
4TGDaily Share your Story
5TechCrunch Share your Tip
6Engadget Send your Tip
7Gizmodo Content Guidelines
8AllTechTrix Guest Posting

SEO – High DA Blogging Websites

#Website NameWebsite URL
1SEO Review Tools Submit a Guest Post
2Mondovo Submit Guest Post on Mondovo
3MySiteAuditor Contribute for MySiteAuditor
4LocalSEOChecklist Guest post guidelines
5SEOMator Send SEO pitch
6ResultFirst Submit a sponsored post
7Coronationim Write for Coronationim
8Rankpay Guest posting guidelines
9SupremacySEO Content writers needed
10SEOPlus Guest post requirements
11SEOTechyWorld Send post titles
1299Signals Contact 99signals
13PageOnePower Submit your post


Social Media – High DA Blogs Sites

#Website NameWebsite URL
1Social Media Today Contribute Guest Post
2Social Media Examiner Submit Guest Post
3TheSitsGirls Guest post for TheSitsGirls

Designing – High DA Blogs

#Website NameWebsite URL
1Onextrapixel Pitch your designing idea
2WebDesignLedger Guest post submission guidelines
3WebAndDesigners Contribute your work
4Skyje Submit Guest Post

Parenting – High DA Blogs

#Website NameWebsite URL
1Scary Mommy Write for ScaryMommy
2BounceBackParenting Contact Us
3MamaSmiles Contact MaryAnne
4Momentsaday Connect with Chelsea

Food – High DA Blogs

#Website NameWebsite URL
1Greatist Send a Pitch
2FoodTank Submit guest post
3SustainableFoodTrust Be an author
4NewFoodEconomy Be a volunteer
5FoodSense Send a post-pitch
6FoodMatters Write for Foodmatters
7PasteMagazine Write for paste food
8NakedFoodMagazine Submit post for Food magazine
9G’Day Chef Write for G’day Chef
10BostonFoodTruckBlog Be a food truck guest blogger
11SeriousSeats Pitch a food article
12DinnerPlanner Write for dinner planner
13ToastTab Write for toasttab
14NYCfoodpolicy Submission guidelines
15OrganicDailyPost Contribute your post
16FoodnHealth Guest post guidelines
17FoodStuffMall Submit the guest post

Travel – High DA Blogs

#Website NameWebsite URL
1TimesOfIndia Submit travel stories
2TheTravelManuel Submit guest post
3FundMyTravel Guest post guidelines
4TravelFree Guest post requirements
5TravelsWithDarley Send travel pitch
6ShesWanderful Share travel stories
7365Tickets Publish a guest post
8Opodo Write for Opodo
9Travelista Publish your work
10WowTravel Become a featured contributor

Health and Fitness – High DA Blogs

#Website NameWebsite URL
1HealthFundaa Contribute
2FitnessMagazine Submit fitness tip
3FitnessAndPower Send a pitch
4GymVentures Write for gymventures
5WillPowerMethod Write for willpowermethod
6BreakingMuscle Submit guest post
7Twisted.Fitness Write about fitness
8FitnessMentors Submit fitness post
9OwnYourFitness Submit guest post
10ManVsWeight Fitness post guidelines
11DrWorkout.Fitness Submit health related post

Lifestyle – High DA Blogs

#Website NameWebsite URL
1LetsReachSuccess Write to us
299PercentLifestyle Guest post
3PracticalRadiology Submit guest post
4DashofWellness Be A Contributor
5ModernLifeBlogs Blog post guidelines
6HelloVancity Send blog pitch
7Soberistas Contribute your work
8Hbculifestyle Guest Blogging Guidelines
9Aha-Now Write guest post
10MindBodyGreen Submit a post
11Titanfx Be a guest author
12SweetSyleBlog Contribute your work
13EverythingMom Guest blogging opportunity
14EverydayFamily Write guest post
15Vkool Guest post contributor
16MenStyleFashion Guest post rules
17FearlessMen Blog post submission
18Aspirantsg Be a guest blogger
19SavorTheSuccess Get featured as an author
20TheWindySide Pitch an idea
21FlawlessMilano Submit your post
22Outlish Contribute your work
23TheMaleStrom Write a guest post
24WildishJess Submit travel or lifestyle stories
25YourJournee Submit health & lifestyle post
26ModernLifeBlogs Guest post submission
27TheSouthAfrican Submit a blog post
28WideOpenCountry Guest post guidelines
29WorldRadio Be a contributor
30LifeStyleTravelKit Contact to submit post
31TravelingLifestyle Guest post requirements
32Yuppee Contribute your work
33Celebricious Send a pitch

News & Media – High DA Blogs

#Website NameWebsite URL
1TheHansIndia Advertise with us
2NewsWire Write an Article | List Your Business
3The Pioneer Advertise here
4RocketNews News Posting Service

WordPress Themes and Plugins – High DA Blogs

#Website NameWebsite URL
1Colorlib Creative Article Requirement
2ThemeIsle Write for us
3WPKube Write for us
487studios Guest post guidelines
5WPWarfare Freelance writers needed
6TemplateMonster Become an author
7MyThemeShop Guest posting
8Themient Contribute
9WParena Write for us
10WPbeginner Send a pitch
11Freakify Send your WordPress pitch

APP/Product/Service Review – High DA Blogs

#Website NameWebsite URL
1NeuroGadget Sponsored post
2Appticles Guest post guidelines
3Apps400 Contribute
4AppStoreApps Write for us
5iPadAppsReviewer Become a guest author
6Androidb Guest contributer
7TechieApps Guest blog submission
8Android-Apps Submit guest post
9Top5Reviewed Write for us
10ReviewGeek Freelance Product Review Writer
11Pagoda SSubmit a product review

FAQs Related to High Domain Authority Websites

1. How Do You Determine High-Quality Backlinks?

A high-quality backlink is a link that comes from a website –

  1. That has a high domain authority (DA) score, and
  2. Trusted by both search engines (robots) and users (actual people).

2. What is a Good Domain Authority Score?

DA score of more than 30+ is considered a good domain authority score.

3. Does Google Use Domain Authority?

Not exactly.

There are multiple factors that Google’s Core Ranking Algorithm and Domain Authority share!

But, Domain authority is not one of the ranking factors in Google’s Algorithm.

Domain Authority is a metric evaluated by Moz.

4. What Matters More: Backlink Quality or Quantity?

Well, I am gonna choose quality over quantity.

Getting a backlink from a high-authority website is far better than multiple links from low-authority websites.

5. Why Backlinks Are Important For SEO? Do Backlinks Still Work in 2019?

Backlinks are important for SEO for a very simple reason. It is still one of the significant Google ranking factors from the last few years.

But Google’s algorithm is always changing and it has not started to differentiate between bad links and good links.

6. What Makes a Page Relevant?

You might see a website ranking higher on Google with no links and lower domain authority.

The reason behind this is Google is now looking for user satisfaction.

It looks for parameters like CTR, average stay time, and bounce rate to determine what websites are satisfying users the most.

Google also considers spam-free and other similar metrics apart from the above metrics to evaluate page relevancy.  

7. Does Domain Authority Affect SEO?

Not exactly. As most of the domain authority metric factors are the same as Google’s algorithm, so it’s natural to say that it does, but in reality, Domain authority has no role in Google Rankings.

In fact, you might see a website ranking with low domain authority and the reason is it might have been earning points for fulfilling other Google ranking factors.

8. How Can I Check the Quality of Backlinks?

The quality of a dofollow backlink can be determined by several factors. Below are some significant ones –

  1. Domain Authority.
  2. Optimized Anchor Text.
  3. The link must be natural and non-sponsored.
  4. Social signs of the website (Reputation).


Do you run a blog based on any niche covered in this article? Want your website to be featured here?

If you think your site deserves to be covered in this list, please send us an email.

PS – I’ll keep updating this list based on the websites I discovered with time. Bookmark the post to track them. 🙂

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