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Here you will get everything you need to know to get started using WordPress. Post like – How-to, Customization, Security, Add multiple functionalities and much more. Everything that a developer and a beginner can do with WordPress CMS.

How to Edit wp-config.php File in WordPress?


Have you read a blog post across the internet asking you to edit wp-config.php file of your WordPress website? Well, you must have! Because wp-config.php is one of the most important files you encounter while WordPress installation. You need to edit it for many reasons which include security, database settings, and other configuration details. This article will give you an exact idea of “How to properly edit the wp-config.php file in […]

How to Change Your WordPress Database Prefix to Improve Security?


If you’re running your WordPress website with default settings, then your website might end up being hacked. And reason might be a vulnerable plugin, vulnerable theme, database with default settings, weak server etc. Here, we’re going to focus on WordPress database. WordPress database is just like the central hub for any website. All the information, data, settings get stored in WordPress database. So if someone gets access to your database, […]

How to Safely Add Code Snippets to Functions.Php File in WordPress?


If you have a WordPress website, then I am sure you might have come across a situation where you need to add a custom code snippet to the functions.php file. Well, this is the WordPress Tutorial post that will guide you on – How to Safely Add Code to functions.php in WordPress website? Table of contents – What is functions.php? But Functions.php Is Also Dangerous! How To Add Custom Code? Use […]

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