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How To Optimize Your Website For Mobile SEO?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has completely ruled the last decades for websites. Till date, there are a lot of people who are still unaware, struggling, or trying several strategies of SEO for their websites.  And now it’s Mobile SEO to add more spices to the party. According to which you need to optimize your website for Mobile devices as your website rankings are going to depend on mobile too.   Well, […]

SEO Friendly URLs [Complete Guide for Beginners]


Ever heard that your website URLs should be SEO friendly! Or a Bad URL structure can hurt your search engine rankings? Well, the answer is YES! URLs are important, both for – Users, and Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. For users, URLs plays a vital role in user experience. As it helps them to understand what the webpage is all about and what type of content they are […]

How to Implement a Mobile Website That Ranks in Google?


One thing is pretty clear with Google’s mobile-first announcement that mobile version of websites is not an option anymore, but is a necessity now. If you don’t have a mobile version of your website and your website visitors are mainly mobile users, then you’re in serious trouble. Why? Coz, it is clearly stated by Google that a bad mobile searcher experience can degrade your search rankings as well as displays […]

5+ Impactful SEO Strategies & Techniques One Must Always Follow!


When it comes to your business and SEO, the Goal is EXPOSURE. However, more than that, the goal is to get your website ranking high in relevant search results! So that people looking for what you have to offer will purchase from you once they arrive on your web pages. The thing is, the internet is a competitive place! No matter what industry you operate in. And for small businesses, […]

What is Anchor Text, Its Types and How Important is it in SEO?


Before, hitting on directly with What is Anchor Text, types of Anchor Texts or How to Optimize Anchor Text for SEO. We all are aware that – Interlinkings are an important part in the process of SEO link building strategy. You might have come across the text present in an article which has a hyperlink that basically redirects you to a certain website or webpage. So what’s that text exactly […]