OptinMonster Review – How it Helps to Build your Email List? [Features & Pricing]

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Before reading out the complete OptinMonster review, you would agree on the fact that – Creating an amazing product is one thing!

But, marketing it the right way to get leads and conversions is another ball game, that, you need to master for a successful business.

Lead generation and Email marketing are the two major game changers that work magnificently well when used with proper implementation and the right tools.

Wondering how exactly you can use them to gain benefits for your business?

Here are a few cases – How businesses used OptinMonster to grow and generate millions of revenues using their marketing campaigns –

  • Lifter LMS boosted revenue by $23,700 in just 5 months. 
  • Wholesale Suite gets 6500 new leads with OptinMonster marketing campaigns.

Interesting, Right? 

Let us have a deeper look into – How OptinMonster actually works and can give you amazing results within a short span of time without putting in much of your time and efforts.

How OptinMonster Helps You Build Your List?

Building an email list can be a tiring and back-breaking process which requires you to constantly have –

  • a strong social presence,
  • maintain consistency,
  • and create some amazing products/services for your customers,

..all at the same time!

How to build email list using OptinMonster lead generation wordpress plugin

Here, OptinMonster allows you to –

  • create an email list from scratch (and boost if you already have one) for targeting customers,
  • help you generate leads and market your products or services among a wider range of targeted audience.

OptinMonster Email Campaigns –

  • It helps you to create campaigns and run them with a full throttle which in turn..

..increases the email list that lets you reach out to your customers.

  • By running particular campaigns with set filters such as time, display size, location, and format..

..OptinMonster gives immense flexibility to run your campaign at your own terms.

  • You get access to full customizations of the campaign and can plan out your marketing strategy..

..keeping in line with your target market and end-goal.

  • Your goal can be to get more subscribers, sell a product, enhance your client base or even just create brand awareness.

It also renders in increasing social media shares and creates a brand awareness which further assists in gaining leads and building a strong customer base.

By displaying compelling content, you can encourage people to –

  • sign up for your newsletters, blog post updates, latest products/services, important dates, invites to webinars and contests/giveaways.


Always remember the 80/20 rule,

  • Create a substantial campaign and give it your best shot with OptinMonster..

..put in more efforts in making great products and content in the back end.

  • While OptinMonster does the front-end work for you getting regular clients and increasing sales for your business.

7 Specific Features That I Like About OptinMonster

OptinMonster has a huge catalogue for its offerings, it has some power packed features that are my personal favourites.

The 7 specific features that I like the most and would advise you to use too – 

Real-time Behaviour Insights – 

Observe insights about the real-time behaviour of your audience,

  • identify the pages they are spending less time on,
  • the blog posts that make them stick the longer

..and create a strategic plan to increase engagement.

Features like – Smart Success, A/B Testing and conversion analytics plays an important role in OptinMonster which we will discuss later in the post.

Instant 2nd offer – 

OptinMonster allows you to show another offer as soon as your new subscriber opts in.

This helps you to engage your subscriber with various content on your site so that you get traffic on one or the other post lately!

Page-Level Targeting – 

Page-level targeting can be implemented to create campaigns based on traffic and interest of your audience on particular pages.

Supposedly, if you have a page about “Affiliate marketing” which gets the most traction, create a campaign for “Best e-book for Affiliate marketing” on the same page to increase chances of your sales.

Floating Bars – 

Floating header and footer bars can be really impactful for promoting content the right way.

  • Excite people with some exclusive giveaways, ask them to share it more with their dear ones and go on with this loop of marketing..

.. which will not only get you more visibility but also generate a strong traction in terms of money and readership.

Mobile Friendly – 

One of the biggest advantages of using OptinMonster is that it is mobile friendly!

  • You don’t have to worry about a distorted UI version of your campaign for mobile users..

..OptinMonster automatically adjusts and creates responsive campaigns that suit all device categories including mobile and tablets.

Amazing Integrations – 

OptinMonster can be easily integrated with –

List segmentation for small business – Zapier integration, Hubspot, InfusionSoft, Marketo, other CRM and email marketing software.

Lead sharing & Management – Aweber, MailChimp etc.

Dynamic text replacement for eCommerce – Exit-Intent Technology, Page-Level Targeting, and Geo-Location to convert abandoning visitors into customers.

Success tracking & Retargeting scripts – Facebook ad pixel or AdWords pixel.

Inline Forms – 

Increase your email list by engaging customers that are already on your website and have been following it since some time.

You can use the OptinMonster’s Content Lock technology and urge your readers to subscribe to read the locked information that has a super-idea for their business.

OptinMonster Pricing – How Much Does OptinMonster Cost?

OptinMonster offers 4 packages which you can upgrade/cancel at any point in time, they are super-affordable and work effectively for a range of businesses.

  • Basic ($9/month) – 

All basic functionalities like Integrations, targeting, simple reporting with 5,000 page views and many others are included in the Basic package.

You also get access to the basic design effects, templates and 3 SMART control options.

  • Plus ($19/month) – 

This is an extended version of the Basic packages which can give a boost to your business by providing essential tools such as A/B Testing, Split Tests, Analytics Reporting, with access to all design effects and form types.

  • Pro ($29/month) – 

Pro packages is a faster and a bigger form of the Plus package with Pro-integrations, unlimited sub-accounts, priority support, and access to all the SMART controls in addition to the Plus Package offerings.

It has a capability to support 5 websites, best suited for mid-large scale business to grow.

  • Growth ($49/month) – 

Curated for smart marketers and businesses, the Growth package can cater to 10 websites at a time with an immensely powerful support, custom branding, activity logging, client login and advanced analytics reporting.

Choose a package that fits your budget and is suitable for your business, picking the wrong plan can affect your business growth strategy drastically.

Other OptinMonster Features –

There are some other features of OptinMonster which can enhance your business and grow your conversion rates tremendously.

  • Yes/No Forums – Show relevant discounts/offers/promotions to targeted customers..

..increase affiliate earnings or direct your readers to a particular blog post with a Yes/No forum.

  • OnSite Retargeting – Target your repeating customers with new and catchy promotions/offers and information that is brand new to them..

..Optimize your campaigns based on their previous activities on your website and also grow your email list.

  • Monster Effects – Use attention-grabbing animations and sound effects in your campaigns to attract more customers.
  • Exit-Intent Technology – Reduce the bounce rate of your website by offering your customers with a relevant campaign based on their interests.
  • Monster Links – Give out great content to your customers before turning them into subscribers with the Monster links 2-step optin.

Pros of OptinMonster –

Here is a list of the Pros of OptinMonster which gives it an edge over other tools – 

  • A wide range of templates to choose from for different campaigns.
  • A free version is enough for beginners..

..and for the advanced version, you have to pay a quite reasonable amount that comes out to be totally worth.

  • Few CTA options for your website which could generate leads and revenue, both.
  • Easy and simple to use, absolutely no hassles with creating or managing campaigns.
  • Highly professional and skilled Support Team.
  • Smart forms with really impressive functionality.
  • It is cross-platform compatible.
  • Gives deep insights into how your campaign is performing to help you modify it to increase sales/conversions.

Cons of OptinMonster –

It would be a biased review if I said there are no cons of using OptinMonster!

So read on to know the downsides of OptinMonster – 

  • It can often get confusing and to handle the system because of the multiple API codes and campaigns running simultaneously at a time.
  • Too much design and development changes in your website using OptinMonster can cause technical issues that could break down your page or cause broken links.

As such, no major cons or disadvantages exist for OptinMonster, therefore, it is considered as the best tool to implement marketing strategies for your website.

Final Words –

Before jumping in the technicalities of OptinMonster campaigns, get to know the workflow and functionalities of the tool and then devise a marketing strategy for your campaign.

Starting things right off the bat without understanding how it actually works will not give any boost to your business.

Hope this OptinMonster review, would help you to take a good decision in terms of choosing a package and running effective campaigns for your business to drive in more sales and traffic. 😊

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