What are Backlinks in SEO? & What are the Benefits of Backlinks?

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I am sure that all of us have heard the term “backlink” in SEO quite a number of times by now.

Well, do you really know what it means?

Coz many of us and the beginners on the first hand ignores the power of building backlinks which could possibly increase traffic to their blog. 

Who wants to bear the loss? No one!

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So, let’s start with the very first question,

What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a link that is referred from another website to your website.

Supposedly, I write about a certain topic here and then include a link to some other website in my content, I am creating a backlink for that particular website.

Backlinks are also – 

  • known as referring domains
  • and commonly called hyperlinks, incoming links or inbound links.

Apart from gaining visibility to a larger audience, backlinking is considered as one of the strongest nodes in a website’s backbone. 

More the number of backlinks means you will attract more traffic, affiliate clients and money for your website.

Benefits of Having Backlinks!

Well, there are several factors which backlinks contribute to majorly from improving organic search engine rankings to bringing in more referral traffic to a website.

Well, let’s explore the advantages of backlinks in SEO more deeply – 

1. Increased Credibility or Website Trust –

Increasing wesbite trust or credebility is important for everyone as it helps you –

  • build a stronger connection with people,
  • increase readership,
  • PageRank,
  • faster indexing,
  • higher opt-ins,
  • referral traffic and sales.

Well, if you have been in the blogging or online business industry then you might have heard about – How a better Domain Authority and Page Authority of a website is ranked higher than other websites.

PA/DA are basically authority determining factors which check the number of backlinks on your website, guest posts, SEO optimization, views, and traffic, literally everything! They even consider how old your website is.

Therefore, higher the PA/DA of your website is more will be its value. Which shows how credible your website is! I have personally seen people selling the websites with high DA in good amount. 

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A good website credibility score increases with good post and referrals. This is where Backlinks comes into action! As it gives you credit for your good words and knowledge over something.

Imagine that you have written the best content in the world and you want every single person to read it.  

What do you do now? 

You get other people to share your article. 

What kind of people?

Bloggers! People who have immense traffic and can get you backlinks.

More the number of backlinks more will be the chances of your content to go viral more will be the trust ratio.

2. Better Google Crawling

Google spiders are intelligent and smart, they know their work and crawl all day and night long while you sleep on your mushy bed.

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Google spiders are just automated bots, they don’t know that you have written a masterpiece content or you are an amazing blogger or your business products just rock!

It is you who should be able to direct these little spiders to each and every corner of your website.

How do backlinks help to get better Google crawling?

Well, Backlinks create a map for the spiders. These spiders can follow it like Google Maps and come along reading your content.

Considering that they are now on your amazing article, you must have linked some more articles within that one blog. 

This will create multiple pathways for the spiders and each of your linked blog posts will get recognized.

3. Gaining Traffic

Let us calculate how much views you get per user on an average in a single day, given that you are a new blogger or is in a blog crisis.

Suppose –  that 100 people visit your blog every day, and you generate around 500 views in a day taking an average of 5 views per person. Now take an example of some other blog which is well established from past 8 years with a traffic of over 5 million users every month.

You can reach those 5 million people through a backlink published on that blog. This is exactly how your content will get more exposure and views.

Importance of Backlinks for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Backlinking plays a crucial role in SEO Optimization of a website!

Search Engine Optimization is done so as to render your website to various search engines and get it to the right audience.

Search engines like Google and Bing have their own bots (crawlers) who crawl up your website. You need to specify how you want the crawling to happen by writing amazing posts that are in line with SEO. 

Points to Remember for Getting your Website better Crawled by Search Engines!

1. Use Target Keyword

Use your target keywords well enough, do not try to go for keyword stuffing else your website might lose its credibility and Google might throw it somewhere on the 10th-20th page.

2. Use LSI Keywords

Use Latent Semantic Keywords (LSI) instead to boost search engine (SERPs) rankings

3. Follow the Word Length

Follow the word length of your blog post to be more than 800 words or more.

4. Use Proper On-page Optimization

Write proper meta tags, post descriptions, ALT image tag, proper image optimization.

5. Internal Linking & Backlinks

Internal linking and backlinking should be done properly – for better user engagement. 

By now I am sure you might have known – How backlinking can get tons of traffic to your website?

Google wants the best for its readers, it doesn’t care about how old your website is or how many posts you exactly have! Google judges you by your content 77% of the time.

Final Words!

Well, there are many advantages of backlinking if you literally keep a count of them but the aforementioned are the ones which majorly impact your website. 

Make sure you have a good network with the fellow bloggers, without connections and good work, blogging isn’t going to be an easy road. 

Connect with other bloggers submit a guest post and increase your brand visibility on the internet.

Backlinks show a direct result on your website, you can observe changes in your google analytics console as soon as 5 other bloggers backlink to your website.

Speaking of which you are free to submit a guest post on TheMaverickSpirit. 🙂

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  1. Backlinks are links from other websites to your site. They help improve your site’s credibility and authority in search engine rankings, leading to increased traffic and visibility.

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