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As Online email marketing solution to engage subscribers, target an audience, send beautiful, responsive emails and track results. You will get best content regarding How to, benefits, tips, strategies, tools and templates.

What Made us Switch to Mailerlite? Review From developer’s & Marketer’s point of view!


When “email marketing” strikes in our mind! We all know the first name that comes is “MailChimp”. Now, every beginner, entrepreneur, startup or an emerging blogger who wants to kick-start email marketing prefer to use free versions or free accounts at first. Free versions of email marketing? But Why? The answer is simple, having a fewer subscribers list and paying a huge amount to email marketing service without knowing how […]

20 Reasons Why MailerLite Is The Best Email Marketing Platform for Bloggers & Startups!


If you think email marketing is not required as you are just a beginner or startup! THINK AGAIN.. For every small business to grow, gaining a targeted audience is really important in order to grow subscribers and build stronger relationships. One major way to gain a targeted audience is by email marketing. Email marketing is not only one of the cheapest ways of marketing to target the right audience but […]

10 Cheapest Email Marketing Services 2018 [Free Trials]


Are you struggling to bring your audience back to your website? or Are you facing issues like less user engagement and reduced sales of your products and services? Then, it’s the right time to get indulge in email marketing! In a very little amount of time and efforts, you get high user engagement, sales, frequent communications with users, and nurturing your website audience about a new blog post, product, services, […]

Free Email Marketing Services For Every Startups To Keep Their Visitors Engaged!!


I am going to cover best and free email marketing services which are well suited for all startups, newbies, entrepreneur, beginners or small businesses. What made me to list out these services today? Well, when I started blogging next thing for me was to look into various methods of subscriptions that can help me to re-engage users with my website. If you are a regular visitor to TheMaverickSpirit, you might […]