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To be honest, I did not know anything about URL shortening!! I only realized the importance and benefits of using URL shortener tools at the time of promoting my brand on various social networks.

Why shorten URL?

I can give you two advantages of using short URL here –

  • makes Sharing easier.
  • use Fewer Character Spaces when you are restricted to write for example – Twitter.
  • you can Track the Performance of your links. [Depends on service you use!]

Now, that you know the importance of using an URL shortener in Social Media Marketing your next question would be –

Which URL shortening service provider you should use?

Well, today I am incorporating the best URL shortening tools that has one or the other unique features.

So if you aren’t using shorten URLs, it is time to start now.

 1. Google URL Shortener Tool – 

One of my favorite and best link shortener that I use right now is Google URL shortener!!

Very quick to get things done and most amazing part is – you can track all your shorten links under one roof.

Steps on how to create short links – 

  • Head over to Google URL Shortener website page and Sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Enter your original URL under Simplify your links textbox and click the Shorten URL button.
  • That’s it! You got the short URL ready to share, tweet and emailed to your users.


Extra perks you get with this Google product are – 

  • Analytics data for short URL – under this field you can track Total Clicks, Referrers, Browsers, Countries, and Operating System Platforms.
  • QR code
  • Hide URL – this section will only hide short links from your dashboard table but remain public and accessible by anyone.

One thing that I would like to mention –

  • short URLs don’t work in Pinterest!! It is done in order to save their platform from getting spammed or linking inappropriate content.

 2. Bitly – Bitlink Management Platform – 

Yet another best URL shortener service that I like the most is Bitly!

A powerful tool that allows you to Shorten links, Measure individual link performance and Optimize them to fit your audience needs better.


 Another great feature of bit.ly custom link shortener is – 

  • You can Customize the Links with your favorable text but there is one drawback too..

..like there will be possibilities for the name which you are going to allow is already been taken by someone!!

  • So if you want the insights for all your social channels to build robust monthly reports..

..and optimize your social marketing then try your hand on this tool.

 3. Buffer Link Shortening Service Provider – 

Who hasn’t heard the name of Buffer tool!!

Buffer is a great tool used by over 3+ million peoples to schedule their blog post on various social platforms.

 Apart from scheduling, the tool has also extended its services by providing – 

  • Link shortening,
  • Pablo image creator,
  • Supported Video formats,
  • Browser extension,
  • Android and iOS app.


Buffer incorporates Bitly (bit.ly) account, Buffer (buff.ly) for URL shortening though the service mention j.mp too but this is same as bitly!!

The only difference is it uses 2 characters less than bit.ly. Ultimately, you can use either and can track down the results in buffer that comes from bitly platform.

So keep track of all your links under one roof and see how they travel across the web!!

 Point to note here – 

In the Free plan, you get schedule 10 posts and access to all social platforms except Pinterest.

 Conclusion – 

These are few URL shortening providers that are very convenient according to me!!

Let me know which URL shortener are you planning to go with? Also if I am missing any other tool in the list that you use to shorten links?

Drop your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂

25 comments on “URL Shorteners – Best Link Shortener Tools

  1. Although great list. my personally favorites are goo.gl and bit.ly.

    I have inspired by bit.ly website and developed my own URL shortener website.

    Anyways Thanks for the useful post

  2. Ok, so this is something pretty new for me. Thanks for this amazing post. I’ll try URL shorteners as soon as possible for my blog.

  3. TinyURL is what I prefer!
    Though I never thought Google also provides link shortening service, would going to try this.
    Thanks for information, Ankita 🙂

  4. I use Google and bitly, but of recent, I tried TinyURL too, thanks for the list all the same, glad I saw this and am learning more of its use.

  5. I never knew about all the link shortener options except for bit.ly.
    This was the only one I used, but now I might try the other choices you mentioned like Google. Btw, I thought Buffer had gone under?
    I was using their features, but then I received an email that they were closing or something similar??

  6. I definitely like the idea of shortening URLs! Especially when sharing my content through a medium like Instagram or Snapchat where people can’t necessarily click on the link and would have to type it in on a computer.

  7. I understand the convenience of link shortening but I always find it hard to spot the link, especially in tweets when people use hashtags next to the link .

    1. Well, I sometimes avoid clicking links that are way too long.. if they would have shortened who would not have clicked them.. 😉
      And space who can neglect this point!!

  8. This is definitely a neat trick to save on character space. I have a Tweet worded perfectly and won’t have enough space to add my URL. This will help.

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