Google AdSense Account Approval Process For A New Blog!

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I never thought to write an article on Google Adsense approval as there are plenty of them already written on the Internet.

But, what changed my decision to post an article on AdSense approval was the disapproval of my account!

Before applying, I have read many articles shared by different bloggers and experts and noted all the points. But still, I got disapproved which really frustrated me!

It was then, I decided to read and make a note of all the guidelines of Google Adsense along with the points shared by other authors too.

And after implementing all the basic rules on my blogging website I got the AdSense approval within 24 hours!! 🙂

So, today I am sharing my strategy which will help to get your AdSense account approved and start monetization on your blog!!

All bloggers, business owners, and entrepreneurs who have suffered from disapproval or looking to apply for Google AdSense!

Make sure you read and cover every point featured below before applying to AdSense.

How to Get Google AdSense Approval?

Let’s track all the parameters we need to take care of before applying.

To your, tracking convenience I have divided the points into two categories –

  • Things to Do
  • and Things to Avoid.

Things To Do

1. Get Your Website Indexed By Google

This should be your first step when thinking off to apply for AdSense.

Before moving on to other parameters AdSense makes sure that your website is indexed in Google.

Checking your website whether it is indexed by Google or not is really easy! All you need is to type – in Google and look at whether the pages from your site are shown up.

Well, if your content of the website is not shown up in Google results! You can manually submit your website for indexing to Google through the Webmaster.

2. Top-Level Domains –

I have included this point as top-level domains like .com .net .org etc. looks authentic and causes no problem for Google to approve your AdSense quickly.

Domains which are .tk, .pa, .sdk looks spammy or related to black hat world. Even free domains like or get delayed approval or no approval at all.

3. Domain Email Address –

The domain email address represents authenticity to Google. Like I have for my blog.

You can also get a customized email or domain-based email address with Gmail for work.

Use these codes to get 20% off in the first year! Codes – 47FGKYTWH9Q3HQQ / L7PQMRCPVUQDRFJ

Make sure you write this address on the contact form clearly (you can refer my Contact Form to check out the details to feature in)!!

Try to make it less confusing for Google and your website visitor to contact you.

4. Unique and High-Quality content –

This point is mentioned by every blogger in their blog posts and Google too!

  • Unique and high-quality content is something that you should always maintain not only for AdSense approval but to rank your blog post on Google too.
  • You can only get visitors to your site if you provide values to their problems ultimately a large audience visiting your site will result in generating high revenue from AdSense!!

5. Important Pages like Contact, About, Privacy, Sitemap, and Disclaimer –

Linking important pages to your website at the correct location is very important from Google’s perspective.

Google makes sure that audiences are easily able to contact you if they have any trouble with your website or want to discuss any deal with you!

So, you have to make sure that you link – 

1. Privacy Policy

Every business site must have a privacy statement featured. Bloggers belonging to any niche can have comment policy instead like I have mine.

2. About

Describe your website content as to what the user is going to get from it and then do mention about yourself.

About page according to me is one of the strongest pages which can build a strong connection between you and people around the world.

3. Contact

Make it as simple as possible. Don’t stuff your services and promoting stuff on the Contact page. Place your email domain address clearly to get easily get spotted by the user and Google!

4. Sitemap

Google treats this page to understand the flow of your website. Check whether all your posts, pages, and categories are well linked in sitemap.xml.

5. Disclaimer

to get an idea you can see my Disclaimer page.

Pages in the Header or Footer section of your business website.

Things To Avoid

1. Focusing On Number Of Blog Posts Or Content –

The most common discussion topic for applying for AdSense is – How much blog posts or content you should have before applying for AdSense?

No need to wait for 25-30 post as mentioned by many writers!!
Trust me you will be simply wasting time doing so.

Well, I say at least 5-10 with a good length of around 500 words.

Why am I saying 5-10? Well, 5-10 articles on your blog will help readers engage and if they are ranking on Google SERPs! This is an awesome catch for you to grab organic leads.

More the organic visitors more revenue you will be generating from Adsense.

2. Waiting To Get Your Blog Older!!

Thinking of, How old your blog should be?

You definitely might have heard a lot about that your blogging website should be 6 months or 2 months old and some even say a year!

Well, your head is going to spin now as I am going to reveal out the truth which state –

Even if your blog has not even completed a month you will get the AdSense approval!!

Get AdSense Approved In One Day Social Proof

Here, is the proof of one blogger who has got her account approval for less than an old month blog.

3. Placing  3rd Party Ads and Banners – 

Google AdSense doesn’t prefer any other advertising on your platforms. Though there are certain Advertisement services which are Google AdSense friendly like, AdSterra, Amazon affiliates, etc.

I have specifically mentioned Banners here! Now, banners here refers to both the advertisement service and the affiliate networks.

I have placed affiliate banners on my sidebar, this was the time I got denied by the Google AdSense!!

..I guess you not take the risk and remove all the banners down from your website for quick approval!!

4. Displaying Make Money Online Category Or Having Restricted Content – 

Google hates categories and topics like Making money online, gambling, adult, violent and hateful posts!

Remove those categories, restricted content and related post!

In case you want to keep the category like Make Money Online! Just wait until AdSense approval, after which you can feature your category on your website.

5. Building Up Traffic –

Traffic is not required!

I said so, as Google is not going to calculate your traffic for the approval!

People mention this point on their blog to convey the importance of traffic with monetizing with Google AdSense.

My personal experience with traffic on TheMaverickSpirit (TMS) clearly state that –

I was making a few cents when the daily traffic to TMS was in hundreds but I started making $$$ when my traffic boosts to thousands of visits per day!!

So, YES! Traffic is directly proportional to Google AdSense Earnings.

6. Maintaining Alexa Rank – 

Google has nothing to do with Alexa!

Don’t wait by making efforts to bring your Alexa down and to get busy building the backlinks. No Need!!

Enjoy making money on the table right from the starting.

Final Verdict on Google AdSense Account Approval Process [2019]

If you will follow all the 12 rules mentioned above and follow every basic rule that Google features! Then, you will get the AdSense approval in your first attempt.

Let me know if you have any query related to AdSense approval, I would love to answer them.

Was this article helpful?

Then, don’t forget to share it with your fellow bloggers and friends who are still struggling to get their AdSense account approved.

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33 comments on “Google AdSense Account Approval Process For A New Blog!

  1. This is a really interesting post, I see a lot of people asking about how the process works and I have to admit I did it so many years ago I don’t remember these days so I’ll have to pass people to this post.

  2. We thought about getting an adsense account but it sounds so difficult. So we decided not too. These will be quite useful though when we do decide to open one! xx corinne

  3. I never applied for google ad sense, so I didn’t realize the procrss was so long! I bet it is super useful though

  4. Ankita, thanks for this post that’s provided me with so much guidance. I started the process and never continued due to confusion. I appreciate your “do’s” and “dont’s”. I intend to use this as a guideline and I’m sharing!

  5. This is a really helpful post for new bloggers like me! Thankfully I got mine approved just after 2 or 3 months of blogging 🙂

  6. I think I had AdSense approval once upon a time. I recently removed third party ads from my website because I was not making any money.

  7. This is helpful information. The process seems daunting but you have explained it really well.

  8. I bookmarked this one because I get way too often asked about AdSense and frankly I am not very good at explaining things. Will use it as lazy “read it here” link which is lucky for you! You’ll be getting referrals. =)

  9. I had one, but it got too complicated so I stopped using it. Plus it started messing up my blog, making it look cluttered. So not for me!

  10. Thanks for the posting this Ankita. The points you’ve mentioned are all true. I was approved when I got my blog in order and after cleaning up my menu and adding a disclaimer page. At that time my traffic was really low, so I agree, one does not need to have massive traffic to get approved.

  11. I definitely think I need to create a privacy policy so thank you for that reminder. I would like to apply for Google Adsense so lets see what happens! x

  12. Thank for your post, Ankita Arya! It is really helpful for me because I am trying to increasing the amount of traffic on my social media. Though something makes me confused but I can study much more from your blog. Hope to see your next posts.

  13. This does make me understand a bit about the approval proccess for Google. Although some of the approval beliefs do come from things that Google has put out there about applying for their program.

  14. I haven’t seen a post on this in ages as many people turned to affiliates for similar set ups. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to get the approval as it has some cachet. I’ve had it for years and it was an easy and seamless process. People have to follow the application process carefully.

  15. It’s nice to see the myths around Google AsSense busted. I agree that the website should be indexed in Google to begin with. I’m bookmarking this post for reference. Cheers!!

  16. I love that you’ve covered this important topic for bloggers and websites. So many bloggers that can benefit by applying to Google for AdSense approval might otherwise be hesitant because they don’t understand the process. But now there is no excuse not to follow your guidelines and suggestions and begin their AdSense journey. It’s so worth it!

  17. Very informative post. I wish this post was available when I first started my blog. I kind of had to figure it all out myself. I’m sure many new bloggers will find this information useful.

  18. This is great information. I was approved many years ago, and I didn’t realize it was such a big process for so many people.

  19. This is a very useful post. I made sure I did all this before I applied for adsense and I got approved within a week after I just bought a domain. 🙂

  20. This is a must-read for any new bloggers! Learning how to set this all up for the first time can be very confusing, but you shared a lot of great tips.

  21. This is so helpful !! I am new in the blogging world and I didn’t realize that there was more I could be doing to help with adsense !! thank you SOOO much

  22. I was disapproved when I applied as a new blogger. I was sure then that they were trying to silence rape and trauma survivors, but I was probably just being reactive. My blog was probably too new. Anyway, I’ve since decided I don’t want their ads on my blog so it’s all good! It’s great that you put these cohesive tips together though, I’m sure they will help many a persons!

  23. I loved the article, I’m with my blog less than 1 month, already indexed by Google, after reading your wonderful article, I’ll make the attempt to send, to see if they approve.

  24. Hi,

    I applied for Google Adsense two weeks ago and I still didn’t get any approval or rejection email. But my Adsense dashboard is showing the option of ad units etc. Is my account approved and activated?

    I create ad unit and paste the code in the sidebar but still, it’s not showing an ad.

    What should I do? Should I wait for activation email or write to them?

    1. Your account is approved, Bilal.

      Further, Google displays blank ads at first to examine your website audience preferences in order to show relevant ads. There is nothing to worry about.

  25. Thanks a lot. I was planning to give my website for the Adsense approval thinking it was performing well.

    I followed your article and got approval from Adsense without any problem. Thanks a ton. 🙂

  26. But I keep getting my applications declined because I “violate their policy” or “do not respond to their requirements”.
    My blog is positiveimprints.
    Can you tell me what I do wrong?

    1. Darina!

      You hardly have any post on your site! How much user interactivity do you get with just three blog posts?

      Get more content and user engagement to your site and then try for AdSense.

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