17 comments on “Steps to add MailChimp Pop-Up Signup Form to Your WordPress Website!!

  1. I don’t remember Mailchimp having this option when I first started using it a few years ago. Nevertheless, this is a good explanation of how to use the pop-up option.

  2. Is that two thousand coming from people who actually fill out the form or does it include your followers who are already reading your blog?

    1. Subscribers are those who allow receiving updates from your site and… …that’s only possible through a signup form.
      It has no relation with the followers of my website!!

  3. I just pinned this for reference later as it is great that you can create a pop up form for free. Mailchimp is meant to be great as well x

  4. This is a great overview of how to set up a form. Looks easy…may have to reconsider MailChimp in favor of my Get Response

  5. I need to look more into MailChimp. I really don’t have anything in place at the moment and I really need to work on my list.

  6. Who wouldn’t want to put a sign up form on their blog or website? A lot of people, especially the ones new to blogging have no idea how to have it on their sites.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  7. No pop ups for me on my site, but I do have mail chimp FRONT AND CENTER so everyone can subscribe if they’d like to!

  8. Mailchimp sounds like a great plugin to use for our business. I’ve never tried it before but will look into it.

  9. Great post. Wish I had seen this before adding my pop up as I had to scour through endless YouTube tutorials!

  10. Hey Ankita, as I am currently transitioning to a new website will definitely going to incorporate it in my new URL.
    Thank you!

  11. A very informative post this. I read somewhere recently that Google was going to start penalizing websites with pop-ups, though?

    1. Yes, Elizabeth, it is true that Google is starting to penalize sites using pop-ups but only in case of mobiles.
      Well, Mailchimp takes care of it and to save from being penalized it sticks the popup in the header section.

  12. Hi Ankita,

    Thank you for this information. Where should I paste the code once within the functions.php section? Thanks!

  13. There’s no view code button on my end, just a publish button. Do you know why? Do I need a paid account? I’ve been searching for hours on how to solve this. Please help!

    1. Hi Kristen,

      You don’t need a paid account to add signup popup forms. You can locate the “View Code” button in the right bottom corner of the dashboard i.e. aside of the “Publish” button.

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