MonsterInsights’ eCommerce Addon Integration with GiveWP and Restricted Content Pro

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What’s the first thing you do when you have to buy something? Check it online right? 

It’s no surprise that more than 33% of shoppers compare the products online before buying them. And the majority of them end up buying it from eCommerce websites rather than from an offline store. 

Today, online stores have made life so easy that overall e-commerce sites have more than 2 billion buyers. Yes, the number was 1.32 billion in 2014 and is estimated to grow beyond 2.5 billion in 2021-22.

So the best time to take your store online was a decade ago and the next best is today.


Fortunately, technology and the latest apps have made it way comfortable to set up an online store. You buy a domain, set up a website, put on all the necessary purchase options and you are good to go.

Wait. That’s not all.

You might spend a lot of time launching an e-commerce business, but it won’t perform well if you don’t track every potential lead.

Google Analytics is almost like the backbone of the websites, no matter what type of business you own.

Why is it Important to Track Analytics of E-Commerce Websites?

Having a store online is not enough. You need to know which products are making their way – 

  • through the cart to the buyer’s home 
  • Or, which eventually ended up unpurchased.

Keeping the track of the conversion rate, potential customers, lead sources that brought the customers to your website, is vital for your business.

Analytics can tell you a lot about your customer’s behavior, area of interest, and buying habits.

This knowledge will help you plan your promotional campaigns or boost particular products to increase revenue.

Now let’s talk about analytics reports and some useful tools for your e-commerce website, shall we?

How to Set Up Analytics Reports for Your Site?

The very primary requirement to track the reports is to have a Google Analytics account. You can easily create an account on Google Analytics and configure your website details.

However, Google Analytics could be tricky to use. The solution is to use something that can show you all the reports right on the website’s dashboard.

Monsterinsights is one of the best add-ons/plugins for analytics and lead tracking for your e-commerce business.

By connecting your Google Analytics account to Monsterinsights, you don’t have to worry about complex configurations. The tool shows you everything that you need, at the WordPress dashboard.

Simply download and activate the plugin to your website and select the option of an E-commerce website to configure analytics reports.

So, that’s sorted.

Now, if you own a subscription-based service or Non-profit organization, you’d still benefit from the tracking. Here are some useful tools that can ease your E-commerce Store.

Useful Tools for E-Commerce Businesses

1. GiveWP – Best WordPress Donation Plugin

GiveWP add-on is perfectly suitable for non-profit organizations to accept donations from people. Or integrating the donation form on any sort of website.

The tool lets you add multiple payment gateways to accept contributions. It’s easier to keep track of donors and the performance of the campaign.


Sending an invoice or a PDF receipt is just a matter of a few clicks.

Depending on the number of websites you own and the necessary features, GiveWP is available from $187/year to $375/year.

2. Restricted Content Pro – Best Membership Plugin for WordPress

Service-based websites and apps often come with subscription-based plans. To set up different levels of pricing plans, Restricted Content Pro is the perfect add-on for you.

You can set up different types of pricing plans, which a user can easily upgrade or downgrade. Users get their own dashboard to track current plans and renewal intervals.


To accept payments, the payment gateway add-on covers all the major payment modes, including card payments and Paypal. There’s an option to integrate woo-commerce, and you can also offer discount promo codes to the users.

Once you install and activate this tool, it’s easier to track every subscriber, the performance of every plan, and lead sources.

As far as the payment is concerned, you get the personal plan only at $99/year. And the multi-site professional plans start at $149/year to $749/year.

3. MonsterInsights eCommerce Tracking

Monsterinsights is the entire suite of tracking and analyzing your website. Be it the blogging website, e-commerce website, or business website, you can track every little detail from the dashboard.


For e-commerce, as mentioned above, you have to connect your Google Analytics account to the plugin. Monsterinsights will fetch all the necessary data and show the detailed report that you can use to plan marketing campaigns or updates on the website.

Now you can track product purchase history, customer’s behavior, website performance, lead sources, and revenue.

Based on the size of your business/website, Monsterinsights have plans starting from $99.50/year to $399.50/year.

Get All the Above features in One place: Project Delight

What if you get all the above plugins and the respective tracking in one place? That’d save a lot of time and effort.

Well, to your joy, the latest version of the Monsterinsights plugin and Project Delight features comes with the integration of GiveWp and Restricted Content Pro.

And, the whole dashboard to see detailed reports has been improved for your ease and comfort.

The tool has made it easy to fetch the most relevant data for your business. The design is user-friendly, and you can change the settings as you need.

To know the relevant audience and sources, Monsterinsights shows – 

  • the top 10 best-performing pages on your site, 
  • top 10 sources where users are coming from, 
  • percentage of users from different regions, and their age group.

One dashboard and you can track everything together, without switching apps or websites.

That’s indeed delightful.

Final Thoughts On MonsterInsights eCommerce Tracking Addon Integration

E-commerce is a booming industry, with more than 24 million online stores. The competition is massive, but so are opportunities.

To make users recognize your business online and build trust with your brand, you have to take steps towards optimization. And that’s possible if you are actively tracking your business and customers.

To tell you the truth, you might lose a large chunk of potential customers and leads if you don’t track google analytics.

How would you plan ad campaigns or new products without knowing what your customers want? Know your audience, learn their needs, and your business shall boost rapidly.

Well, Monsterinsights eCommerce tracking add-on can get you on the right path, hassle-free.

Turn your tracking mode on & Get ready to witness the growth of your new online business!

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