10+ Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins to Make More Revenue!

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You would not deny the fact that Amazon is everyone’s favorite shopping destination. A trusted and reliable brand that sells out diverse variety of products to its customers.

Earlier I have discussed the benefits of being a part of Amazon affiliate program.

Moreover, listed out some best selling and popular Amazon affiliate WordPress themes.


Thinking of –

How can you make money from Amazon affiliate program?

Well, it’s simple! You promote a specific Amazon product on your blog, and the visitors will reach out to your post visit the recommended product on merchant’s website.

Once the visitor confirms his purchase, you will be receiving the commission.

  • The best thing is, various plugins support Amazon affiliate program..

..which help you to easily place a promotional link, widget, and banners in your blog post to maximize the sale commission.

Have a look at the best Amazon affiliate associate plugins used by other affiliate marketers and us to make more revenue.

1. Thirsty Affiliates –

Thirsty Affiliates plugin is an amazing plugin, using which you can easily add and manage all your affiliate links in your posts.

You can easily – 

  • Replace all the old affiliate links with the new ones, in a single click.
  • Show slugs in the link URL and can also customize all your links.
  • Sort your links in separate categories, which is excellent if you want to organize all your affiliate networks.
  • Track all affiliate links and check their performance on your site.

Thirsty Affiliate Addons –

  • Autolinker – An automatic linking addon which will link all your affiliate products automatically. Get this plugin for $49.
  • Stats – With the help of this feature, you can quickly check how your affiliate links are performing.  This add-on is available for $49.
  • Split Testing – Have different affiliate programs running? Then, by using the split testing plugin, you can check which program is performing well! Grab this addon for a mere amount of $29.

2. Easy Azon –

If you are Amazon Affiliate marketer, then Easy Azon is your perfect companion. In simple terms, it is the all-in-one Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin which you would ever come across.

One of those fastest tool using which you can create simple and clean Amazon links directly from the WordPress dashboard.


So whenever you create affiliate links all of them will be nofollow, moreover you can choose to open the links in new window, which will help you to maintain the bounce rate.

You can even provide Localized links – for example, if a user visits your website from the UK, then they will directly be redirected to the Amazon UK website.

Users can easily add their desired product to the cart right from your website.

Pros of using EasyAzon –

  • Pretty affordable
  • Simple setup and easy configuration
  • All-in-one solution for all your Amazon Niche sites
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Localized Links

Cons of EasyAzon–

  • Customer support is not that great!

3. Pretty Link Pro –

Pretty Link Pro is for someone who wants to make their website look the best!

Now before you think that Pretty Link Lite is also available, let me tell you Pretty Link Pro has got way better features when compared to the Lite one!


There’s a reason why they have named this product as Pretty Link, it’s because this plugin makes all your link pretty and eye catchy.

Goodbye to the shorten URL’s, now you can create all the outgoing links with your domain name.

4. SkimLinks –

SkimLinks allows you to add affiliate links to your post quickly. SkimLinks is capable of automatically linking all those keywords which can be monetized using the affiliate links.


The procedure is pretty simple, SkimLinks converts all those keywords into affiliate links, so whenever a buyer makes a purchase, you will be immediately getting your payment.

Yes, you’ve heard it right. You will also be paid whenever a visitor clicks on your link.

Earn money from your RSS feed, and it will eventually increase the traffic to your website with click-through rates. Easy to install, even a beginner WordPress user can easily integrate this plugin with your website.

Pros of using SkimLinks –

  • Best way to generate additional revenue.
  • CTR is pretty amazing.
  • Both the Amazon and eBay links are automatically targeted to the correct region of the visitor.

Cons –

  • Personally, I didn’t find any cons while using the product

Summing Up –

Amazon affiliate is rated for high paying affiliate programs. To know it’s worth, you need to try it out. From my point of view, bloggers with strong product focus can monetize well.

From my point of view, bloggers with strong product focus can monetize well. Post a helpful review of Amazon product on your blog and place relevant links to the product for better conversions!!

How well are you making monetization using Amazon affiliate program? Have I missed to list any excellent affiliate WordPress plugins or tools!! Share it in the comments below. 🙂

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