3 Best Live Chat Services – To Increase Conversion Rates For Your Website!!

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If you have a lot of products and services that users have questions about!

Then installing a live chat support software can help you to get sales conversion and provides online customer support service too.

Gone are those days when people use to send emails and wait for several hours to get back a reply.


Now the customer wants instant solutions to their problems!

  • Apart from that, companies that are staying ahead of the curve realize that the best way to communicate with their customer is to have one on one conversations..

..which helps them retain their users, engage website visitors in real-time and maintain high conversion rates throughout.

  • Whether you’re selling an e-book, marketing tool, providing courses, webinars, etc..

..Live Chat Services helps you to boost your product sales easily by converting browsing users to buyers via live chat!

Live Chat ServiceFree Version?Starting Pricing
Olark14-day Trial$19
LiveChat14-day Trial$19

Today, I am listing out 3 best Live Chat Service providers for small businesses with different pros and cons.

1. Olark – Live Chat Software for Sales and Customer Support

Another best live chat software for sales and customer support is Olark which has satisfied more than 12,000 businesses all over the world.

Olark is integrated with popular brands which give you additional powers like attaching chats to CRM tickets, add customers to the mailing list, analyzing chatbox events, etc.


Olark comes with tons of customization options, you can easily add up your text, choose the exact colors and also change the preferred language.

In case you are away from your work desk and could not reply to the customer!

You can make use of the automated messages feature provided by Olark based on the visitor’s behavior.

Awesome Features of Olark Live Chat Service

  • Integrations with popular sales, marketing, and support platforms.
  • Team management tools – monitor agent performance easily.
  • Uncover more leads and close more sales – Real-time Chat.
  • Searchable transcripts – filter conversations and keywords that are important to you.
  • Track your Agents’ handling & Customers rating – Real-time reporting.

One cool thing which Olark provides to its users is the unlimited conversations offer where you can pay less or more based on the number of agents you add.

2. LiveAgent – Help Desk Software and Live Chat Software

Things you get with Live agent help desk software are – Ticketing, Live chat, Phone, Support portal, and Social.

Live chat is a decent chat support service with lots of functionalities and has been also rewarded with 8.8 ratings by Trustpilot.

The service has been packed with 170+ features to support your business workflow!


Be More Effective and Sell More Using A Plethora of LiveChat’s Features

  • Real-time Chat
  • Proactive chat invitations
  • Chat button gallery &animations
  • Contact form gallery – Generate tickets by letting visitors send email messages.
  • Chat window docking
  • Chats overview & history – See online visitors on the map and filter the chats by tags, departments, date, name, etc.
  • Track your Online visitors and gather pieces of information like –

Current page viewing, time spent on a particular page, visitor referral, country and manually invite them to chat!

  • Distribute chat in various ways like – Round robin, Ring to all, or Max utilization
  • Real-time typing helps you to prepare your answers prehand.
  • Present your status as offline when there are too many customers to handle!
  • Track chat sessions in Google Analytics.

3. LiveChat – Live Chat Software and Chat Support Software

LiveChat is another best and most preferred live chat app that provides a powerpack solution to turn your website visitors into satisfied customers.

The Star feature of this service is the integration of its own ChatBot which gives a perfect balance of artificial intelligence and human touch.

The tool gives you a 14-day free trial plan to test all its features and work. [with no credit card details to be filled]

This live chat support for the website incorporates tons of essential and advanced features.

You get multiple chat tool options, customer engagement elements, chat customization, reports and analytics, security, APIs, ticketing system, sales and eCommerce tools, team management, and multiple messaging channels.

LiveChat gives you more power by connecting your live chat support software with 170+ tools and services.

LiveChat Features and Integrations

Apart from only chatting with your customers, you can now –

  • send the complete user details to CRM,
  • manage and edit orders,
  • accept payments online,
  • add GIFs to bring more personality to your conversations,
  • add quick notes about your customers,
  • track the progress and impact of your website chats,
  • follow up with your chatting customers via email marketing services.
  • access visitor’s screen via join.me integration
  • online translator to serve different country audiences.

The best part of this live chat software is its 24/7 fast and smart support team which is available whenever you need them.


If you want to grow your business and bring in more sales then you really need to –

Not only do you reach out to customers fast but also handle them wisely with the help of Live Chat Support Services!

Do you run a business or looking to sell out a product on your platform?

Share the best support software mentioned above with me that suits your requirement well! 🙂

11 comments on “3 Best Live Chat Services – To Increase Conversion Rates For Your Website!!

  1. This is really interesting, I tried a chat room once on my one of my websites and it went down really well and then the service I used stopped and I never replaced it so I’ll have to look into these ideas.

  2. I really like when website offer live chat options. I’ve had order issues that were more complex than could easily be explained and resolved with an email.

  3. I always love when there’s live customer support on sites. I like my issues to be dealt with as quickly as possible!

  4. I don’t utilize a live chat option on my own blog but I really appreciate it when small businesses have live chat to answer questions right away. It makes me give them my business over having to fill out an email form and wait for an answer.

  5. This is really good informaqtion I never thought of gettin live chat i just thought getting a contact section will do the trick but i guess will take long

  6. I definitely don’t utilize it but I think it’s awesome when other business do. It’s makes me feel like they take customer service seriously

  7. Unfortunately my site doesn’t really use chat or plans to use it in the future, but I definitely know from chat support on other sites that it’s amazing. So practical and easy to use. Great list!

  8. Hii Ankita, Thanks for sharing the article
    I had a curiosity to know about it and it really sounds beneficial.
    Will surely try Comm100 once. Thanks!

  9. Nice Article written on live chat service and you try to cover good companies in this article. I am using LiveAdmins live chat solution, in my opinion, it’s probably best because they give live chat software and real-time live chat service at the very reasonable price.

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