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Today, I am going to share my review on Viral Content Bee – a free social media sharing tool for bloggers and social media marketers that helps to boost blog post virally over popular social networks!

But before that, you would not deny the fact that –

We all work hard to create a quality rich content that helps a user to get their problem solved, insert helpful images, videos and reference links.

Our very next step after that is to promote the post on our social media accounts. Most of us limit ourselves here by doing so!

While few of them approaches to Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest groups even social bookmarking websites to promote a blog post.

To put my blog content in front of real social influencers. 

I have been using a free social media marketing platform – Viral Content Bee for quite long and noticed many things in return.

I started getting more shares, traffic, sessions to my content that stayed long, new connections on my website’s social accounts. Moreover, people started contacting me to discuss their product promotion!!

I don’t say that Viral Content Bee is completely responsible for it but Yes, somewhere it is!

Let’s head over to an important question that is running on your mind for sure-

What is Viral Content Bee and How does it work?

Earlier, Viral Content Bee was also known as Viral Content Buzz!

The service has recently changed its name. It is a completely Free social media sharing platform that helps you promote your post on 5 networks –

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • and Stumbleupon.

You can share your content on the basis of credits. You can earn credits by sharing other influencers blog posts on your social networks and earn credits accordingly!


How to Get Started and Drive Traffic using VCB – A Free Social Media Promotion Platform?

Follow these quick and easy steps to get started with Viral Content Bee –

  • Log in through your Facebook or Twitter accounts or fill out the Registration form to login via user id and password.
  • Head over to the Settings Tab and add all your social accounts.. can add up to 5 Twitter accounts. VCB allows only active social accounts with a good number of followers. Read out their complete – Quality Requirements to VCB Social Media Accounts.

  • Next, complete your profile information where you need to fill out your –, email address, group of interest (choose this field wisely as your post will be shown and shared on these niche bloggers.)

  • Before adding your project you need to earn some credits which you will spend on your post to get shared.. is something like credits = number of times your post gets shared!!

A video that will guide you to setup your blog post with VCB.

  • To do so click the Dashboard tab, pick a relevant category to choose a post from and start sharing them.. will notice that Stumbleupon and Pinterest have 4 credits whereas Facebook has 2 and Twitter has 1 credit. To earn credits quickly you need to share the content on Stumbleupon and Pinterest more. 🙂 

  • Once you earn enough credits, click on Add Project tab and add the post you want to share virally!

..Details required here includes URL, Title a short description of 200 words and group of interest to choose from (you are allowed to choose 3 niches in the Free version.) Now the social networks where you want your post to be shared.

  • Add the project budget. Minimum is 10. Add 30 to bring your blog post to the first page and get more shares!
  • You can attach your image too! Click on Attach Image button and upload the image.

Your task is done here submit the post to review. Review normally takes 24 hrs to make your project Live.

Ending Note –

I know the post went so long but I have to share Viral Content Bee review as it is awesome to get discovered by people and to reach out vast audience at the same time.

So, boost your social media and content marketing with Viral Content Bee.

Get real shares from authentic social influencers!

If you found this post helpful why not give it a share! 🙂 

PS – Subscribe to our blog as I’ll release out a video real soon explaining the complete working of Viral Content Bee.

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  1. As a blogger I am always looking for ways to expand my content. Viral Content Bee looks like a great tool to do that I will look more into it.

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