How to Use PromoRepublic to Create and Schedule Engaging Social Media Post?

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If you reading this post, it means you are very well aware of PromoRepublic – a best social media management platform.

But if you have heard it for the first time! Have a quick look at my previous article on – PromoRepublic Review [Features + Integrations + Pricing Plans]

PromoRepublic is a terrific social media content marketing tool or you can say the only social media scheduling tool you will ever need.

I have been using PromoRepublic for more than 2 years now. Signed up for 14-Day Free Trial of PromoRepublic and ended up as a paid customer.

What I really loved about Promorepublic is the power of keeping your social profiles engaged and handling multiple profiles under one roof.


This social media marketing tool has offered so many demanding features with time! And as they continue to do so! You will always get a notification about it within the service dashboard.

Well, today in this post I will only talk about –

  • How to create and schedule your first post on PromoRepublic?
  • and How to track statistics, reporting and manage Workspaces?

PromoRepublic Free Trial or Demo Plan

PromoRepublic offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required.

The free plan is applicable only for Solo plan where you get access to – 

  • 100,000+ Post Ideas Library 
  • Graphics Editor
  • Smart Posting 
  • Basic Post Statistics 
  • Chat & Email Support 

In 14 days free plan you can check the entire Promorepublic dashboard and ease to create, schedule, publish, and track post content statistics for different social media profiles.

You don’t need any – 

  • contracts to be signed 
  • Credit card or billing details to be filled in your free trial. 

How to Create and Schedule your First Post on Promorepublic?

There are two ways to login into PromoRepublic account, either fill in email ID or password or you can connect your Facebook account. 

When you log in using Facebook, the app ask you to grant permission to access your business page and profile to post content across them. [Which is totally SAFE]

In the next step, you need to fill in some more details about your business to help Promorepublic serve you better. 

These details include – 

  • Website name
  • Phone number
  • Business role (Marketing agency, marketing freelancer, In-house marketer or Business owner)
  • and Team size.

PromoRepublic Dashboard

Once you have completed your account setup your PromoRepublic dashboard look as shown in the image below –

Connect your Social Profiles and Pages

PromoRepublic marketing tool allows you to add 5 different social profiles. These are – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and GMB (Google My Business).

While connecting Facebook you can only add your Pages and Groups and not your personal profile. 

Follow these steps to post your first post on social accounts – 

Step 1 – 

Pick a social profile from the left-hand panel then select the date column from the right-hand side. Click on Create and then to New Post

Note – You have to do this step for each page and profile you have connected. 

Step 2 – 

When it comes to creating content.

You can either create it from scratch or pick the post ideas offered by the app which include posts on – upcoming events, animated, contest, articles, quotes, Did you know, polls, motivation, promotion, tips, ads, fun and much more. 

For this, you can explore thousands of Post Ideas from the tab present in the header, pick the one you like and choose the social profile where you want to publish it!

You can choose your niche and filter more ideas. There are various categories offered by this social media marketing tool. 

Some of them are – Business & Finance, Technology, Media, Marketing, Sports & Fitness, Medical, Home & Interior, Health & Beauty, Real Estate and many more.

Step 3 – 

Once you have picked a post idea or draft the content yourself. It’s time to insert an image to the post. 

You can either create an image using Promorepublic’s Graphics Editor or upload an image, GIF or video.


Using PromoRepublic Graphic Editor you can – change fonts, size, color, adjust brightness, add filters, crop, flip images vertically or horizontally, place objects and frames, and much more.


You can further download these images or use them in your content later.

Step 4 – 

Now when the content and image is ready. It’s time to publish or schedule the post. 

  • Publishing instantly is not hard! Click the Publish Now button and you are done. 
  • While scheduling you need to fill in the desired date and time.

Note – While scheduling or posting the content instantly on Instagram, you need to give permission to post via PromoRepublic app through your mobile. 

While scheduling the post, you can enable the Repeat This Post option to publish your post repeatedly – 

  • DAILY (Choose the number of days)
  • or WEEKLY (Choose the days of the week)

How to Track Statistics, Reporting and Manage Workspaces?

Now that you have created and published the post. It’s time to track how they performed on social media platforms.

You can track the post statistics of each platform individually.

Click on the Statistics tab from the header and then select the social page from the left-hand side.

The reporting parameters that you can track of each post for a specific account are – Reach, Reach for Organic & Advertising, Clicks, Visits, Likes, Shares, and Comments.

At last, you can see the post efficiency which is calculated by summing all the above parameters and by dividing the result by their total reach.

Track the effectiveness of your social post for a specific time range and sort the results on the basis of reporting parameters.

PromoRepublic WorkSpaces – Connect Pages and Assign Teammates

PromoRepublic offers workspaces for digital marketing agencies, marketers, virtual assistants (VA), and freelancers. 

Using workspaces you can create individual space for different clients and allot team members to it. 

3 Steps to Create WorkSpaces and Connect Teammates 

Step 1 – Create WorkSpace

Click the Icon on the top right-hand corner of Promorepublic dashboard. Then select the Workspaces tab to Create Workspace. 

Give a name to your Workspace and assign an industry or niche to it. 

Once you are done, you can upload a logo for your workspace. By doing so, it will be easy for you to pick an identify the project for quick access.

The logo should be in PNG or JPEG format and size should be 260 * 260 pixels.

Step 2 – Connect Pages to a WorkSpace

It’s time to connect the social accounts to the newly created workspace. 
To do so, select the workspace and then click on Connect More Pages.

Next, you can either select the social media pages that you have previously connected or you can add new. 

You can add N number of social profiles in a workspace.


Step 3 – Assign Teammates to WorkSpaces

Click on the Plus icon present on the side of your workspace icon.


Add teammates role like admin or member and next their email addresses to send an invite. 

Once they confirm the invitation you will see all your team members in the workspace dashboard.

Final Thoughts On Promorepublic Review

Hope this article helped you to publish your first post using Promorepublic social media management tool.

Talking about the PromoRepublic discount the app offers 20% OFF on annual plans.

Above I have talked about how to manually create and schedule your post using PromoRepublic.

Well, you can automate the entire process using Promorepublic Smart Posting and Autopilot which lets you schedule content easily in few clicks.

As managing business pages on social media is time-consuming and without automation tools you spend so much time setting up your social accounts.

Promorepublic autopilot is a smart AI system that helps you efficiently fill your social media posting schedule.

It suggests an optimal content plan and the best time for publishing based on your location, timezone and targeted audience which will in return brings maximum engagement to all your publications.

All it needs from you is to schedule your post.

Try Promorepublic social media marketing app for Free!

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