ONE by TemplateMonster Review – An Ultimate Subscription Service

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Recently, TemplateMonster has launched a brand new subscription service called ONE. Some people say that this membership can be called a revolutionary one.

ONE subscription service offers everything you need to build your website in one place.

Using One membership you can access tons of themes and templates, graphic elements, plugins, and so on and so forth.

It seems that everyone can find a ready-made solution for his or her taste. Despite these visible advantages, I think that we should sort things out.

Today, in this detailed One by TemplateMonster subscription service review! You will find out whether ONE web-design toolbox is worth your attention or not.

Everything You Need to Know About ONE License and Conditions

The first thing that I want to speak about is a license.

When you work with files, you should always pay attention to the type of license that comes together.

It is something that can be called a guarantee of high-quality.

To cut a long story short, ONE membership will provide you with an unlimited yearly license.

What Does ONE Unlimited Yearly License Mean?

  • From the day of your purchase, you are free to download and install as many digital products as your soul wants.
  • There are no limitations in terms of the number of online-projects you can create both for yourself and your clients.
  • Every single item included in the subscription will be supported for one year.
  • When your yearly subscription is over, your end-products are not going to stop working.
  • It is always possible to renew your subscription and get access to all the items that you have downloaded before.

To my mind, everything is fine when it comes to the question of the license. Anyway, it is only the first aspect that we have looked through.

Is TemplateMonster ONE Subscription Service – Affordable or Not?

Now, let me speak a little bit about the One by TemplateMonster pricing details. 

I am pretty sure that you are interested in getting the answer too!

After purchasing ONE web-development kit, one gets access to a wide selection that includes

  • 1000+ WordPress themes
  • 2120+ eCommerce templates (PrestaShop, Shopify, Magento, and others)
  • 40+ plugins
  • HTML templates
  • Joomla themes
  • Elementor templates
  • presentation templates
  • and graphics.

This collection of ready-made solutions will cost you $19 per month. 

In other words, the price of the yearly use is $229. In addition to this, the database is going to be updated on a regular basis.

The offer displayed in the above image is for a short time! Grab it before its gone.

I should also draw your attention to one amazing advantage of this subscription service. Have you purchased a subscription but have not found something to your liking? 

Well, you have 14 days since the beginning of your purchase to get your money back. This works in the case if you download nothing from the system.

By the way, your purchase can be done using such widely-used and secure payment methods as:

  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Visa.

If I managed to assure you of choosing this web-development kit, you can Join ONE Web Development Kit Membership here and now. 

A Few Words About TemplateMonster Support

Yet, there are even more details that I cannot keep silent about.

Without a doubt, you want to be sure that there is someone that you can rely on if you have some issues.

The thing that I really like about ONE membership is its efficient and professional support.

Unlike other subscription services who do not provide their clients with proper support. If they do, it works for a specified period of time and in terms of certain items.

For this reason, I dare say that it is one of the greatest benefits that you can come across. 

TemplateMonster provides 24/7 support to ONE service users. You can either –

  • open a ticket system,
  • connect with the team via Facebook community,
  • or get in touch with the pre-sales operators.

Get in touch with operators and get the answers to all the questions that you are interested in.

To Sum Up – Why Choose ONE by TemplateMonster?

What can I say in order, to sum up, all the things that were marked about ONE membership by TemplateMonster? 

Actually, it is quite a worthwhile way to not take the knock when it comes to getting your online-projects ready.

ONE subscription service can be offered to both web-developers and ordinary people who do not want to throw their money away. 

Each of them will be able to start creating something special, experimenting, and downloading as many items as they wish. 

What can be better than collecting more and more themes, templates, plugins, and other ready-made solutions for a reasonable price?

ONE is also something that was crafted for those who want to get everything at once. 

In general, let me focus your attention on the pros of ONE subscription service again

  • includes best-selling themes, templates, plugins, and graphics;
  • friendly and skilled support;
  • unlimited yearly license;
  • unlimited downloads and projects.

ONE membership is useful, progressive, and revolutionary. Try it in order to find out everything by yourself. 

I hope that the ONE by TemplateMonster review is helpful for you to choose the best subscription service where there are endless possibilities to access premium themes and plugins.

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