Top 5 Domain Authority Checker Websites & Tools

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A website audit is a process of checking website performance. If there are areas which require improvement, they would be highlighted after it.

Site auditing is important so that you can keep a track of how your website is progressing.

One important parameter involved in this case is domain authority.

DA is measured through a score that is provided to a website on a scale of 100.

Experienced and well-settled links have high scores between 70 and 90. New ones, on the other hand, start from 10.

Getting the Right DA Score Means Grabbing the Right Tool

Do not expect an unreliable domain authority checker to produce the correct scores for you.

Hence, the key is being careful about the software you pick.

It is very much expected that people do not have the time to survey online and examine all possible tools available.

Therefore, if you are looking for an excellent alternative, consider one of the best four domain authority checker websites & tools listed below –

1. Domain Authority Checker By

When you talk about site audit, there are two things which users have to focus on.

  • One is getting the accurate domain authority so that misconceptions about the website are cleared.
  • The second is successfully picking an easy to use application.

This domain authority checker does not disappoint in either of the areas.

  • This tool allows users to check the status of one website at a time. You have to enter the URL of the website and then click the “check website metrics” button.
  • This will initiate the scanning process and details related to the website will be revealed to you including domain and page authority.
  • By reading these details, it would not be hard for you to rate a website for backlinking or any other purpose.

2. The PrePostSeo Domain Authority Checker Website

Some tools have a high popularity level due to the quality features they offer to the users.

PrepostSEO domain authority checker falls in that category.


Here are some key qualities it presents

  • A free tool that eradicates cost related restrictions.

How many dents will my bank account take if I use this top-rated tool?

People searching for high standard applications do not consider free options due to the lack of trust. It is a fact that most free tools do not meet quality expectations.

This domain authority checker is an exceptional option and anyone can pick it.

It is completely free so if you are a new website owner who cannot spend money on checking backlink options, go for this application.

  • Scan multiple URL’s and know their metrics at the same time

If you glance at most domain authority tools, they permit the user to check the status of one website at a time.

This means that if you want to scan through 10 URL addresses, it would be ten individual checks which would be quite stressful and time-consuming.

With this application, you can check a maximum of 50 URL addresses at the same time. Hence, there is no need to go through the process of each link at a time.

  • Surety about credible outputs 

Is the domain authority checker providing accurate results about the website?

You would definitely have this question in your mind. It is not about producing a DA score but the details need to be correct.

If a website has an actual DA score of 30 and the tool shows a value of 80, it would lead to the wrong selection.

This tool provides you with the correct and authentic values of domain authority.

3. DA Checker Tool

If you want to check the DA of several links at the same time instead of going for one at a time, this application will suit your requirements. 


It has a feature to check a maximum of 20 links at a time so if you have a tough work schedule and multiple websites have to checked together, this DA checker will come in handy for you.

  • It is a free tool with no conditions attached. There is no need to face monetary pressures if you are considering this application.
  • If you are using new software for the first time, you would most probably have to spend some time developing a good command.
  • However, this tool does not require any additional learning prior to usage. It is a simply built application and caters to users with different levels of technical expertise. In other words, there is no need to be an expert designer or software professional to understand the features.

4. The DA Checker Website

There are various free tools that you can make a selection from for checking the DA of a website.


This domain authority checker is surely a strong alternative to count on.

  • The application is online so the user does not have to drill through setup manuals, understand them, implement them and then initiate usage. Online tools have a much shorter process and network connectivity is the only requirement. It runs perfectly on smartphones, tablets and computers.
  • A maximum of 20 websites can be checked at the same time. To get metrics, write each URL in a separate line and then click the “Submit” button. Each of them will be read and the website details will be shown to the user. After that, he can decide whether a particular link is good enough or not.

5. DA Checker By

If you don’t have a need of checking the DA details of several websites at the same time, go for this application.

It is backed with a sound technical infrastructure which improves the response speed.


In less than 30 seconds, complete metrics of the entered URL are shown to the user. In addition to that, no complex or lengthy steps have to be completed by the user.

  • The overall process is very easy and can be completed by anyone. You need to enter the URL in the provided text box and then click the “check authority” button.
  • After that, the tool will run through the link and determine the DA score and other details to you. 

Final Verdict – How to Check Domain Authority With the Best Tools?

I have just listed out the basic and most commonly used websites that are best to check domain authority of any website.

I will add more bulk DA checker tools both free and premium.

Meanwhile, if you know some best services that gives insights on website authority, backlinks report, competitors and most popular content!

Drop them in the comments below.

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