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Maneesh is a Cisco certified network associate and diploma holder in Computer hardware & Networking, Studied Digital Marketing and Master in Reiki practices. The writer's keen interest in internet and technology has encouraged him to write something which is use full for the mass public.

Pixels to Profits: Unleashing the Power of Image and Video Marketing


As the digital world quickly changes, attention spans are short, and competition fierce, communication is no longer limited to words and depends on images’ captivating power. Brands now have a dynamic platform to attract, inspire, and influence consumers thanks to image and video marketing, which has become a key force in reshaping the modern marketing landscape. In this context, the persuasive power of visual components surpasses traditional communication channels and […]

Top 5 Domain Authority Checker Websites & Tools


A website audit is a process of checking website performance. If there are areas which require improvement, they would be highlighted after it. Site auditing is important so that you can keep a track of how your website is progressing. One important parameter involved in this case is domain authority. DA is measured through a score that is provided to a website on a scale of 100. Experienced and well-settled […]

Infolinks Review – How to Make Money from Your Blog with In-Text Advertising?

Infolinks Review - How to Make Money from Your Blog with In-Text Advertising-themaverickspirit

If your blog is not making you enough money or you are getting disapproval from applying Google Adsense to your blog then this post could turn out to be a great help to you. All I am referring is to monetize your blog through In-text advertising using Infolinks! Update I would not recommend Infolinks Now! The pay scale has dropped way to low. You hardly make money out of it!! The […]