17+ Best & Free Landing Page Builders To Boost Conversions [2020]


Building beautiful landing pages is generally counted as one of the major reasons to attract visitors’ attention. Well, technically I would say, that landing page is one web page that a visitor can literally ‘land on’. Putting your visitors or customers to act upon your services and products is a difficult task! But to do this job easy, website landing pages are created with CTA or Call to action feature. […]

5 Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress in 2020 [Free + Paid]


Today, most of the bloggers are searching for solutions to – How to shoot up user engagement.  Despite all essential amendments to collect leads like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest ads, generating unique content on the blog, and SEO, you still search for a magic wand, right? Have you tried appending a quiz maker plugin to your WordPress site? Well, if you do! You will start noticing the reduced bounce rate and […]

3+ Best SEO Plugins & Tools for WordPress 2020 [Most Preferred by Experts]


Are you looking for the best WordPress SEO Plugin for your website?  As search engines are the significant sources of website traffic, you can harness its power by optimizing your WordPress website’s on-page SEO and rank higher in Google search results.  That’s where the role of WordPress SEO plugins came in. SEO plugins help you to improve your website’s content and technical SEO by handling everything in the backend.  Whether […]

Best WordPress and Blogging On-going Sales & Offers [2020]


Hey Bloggers,  Hope you are progressive in your blogging journey.  And to make it professional and bring in more traffic & sales with time! We do require premium WordPress tools and services at some stage of our blogging.  Now, here we completely understand that commercial blogging services and WordPress tools cost a lot of money, especially for beginners, startups and small business owners.  To avoid paying huge amount of money […]

How to Create a Multi-Step Page Form in WordPress? [6 Steps]


Do you want to know how to create a multi-step form in WordPress? Long forms with a lot of form fields are frustrating at the first impression and may scare your website visitors and customers.  Chances are they might end up leaving your website without filling the form and increase form abandonments.  That’s where multi-page forms came in as it eliminates this problem by displaying only a part of the […]

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