Google AdSense Account Approval Process For A New Blog!


I never thought to write an article on Google Adsense approval as there are plenty of them already written on the Internet. But, what changed my decision to post an article on AdSense approval was the disapproval of my account! Before applying, I have read many articles shared by different bloggers and experts and noted all the points. But still, I got disapproved which really frustrated me! It was then, […]

11+ Best, Free & Pro LSI Keyword Research Tools to Rank Higher in Search Pages!


Today I’ll be sharing some best and free LSI keyword research tools to rank higher in Google searches. As I have discussed in my last article how long tail keywords help you to improve your web ranking and traffic. So, I am assuming that you are aware of the importance of using Latent Semantic Indexing keywords in your content! Without talking much about LSI again I am heading towards.. ..the […]

URL Shorteners – Best Link Shortener Tools


To be honest, I didn’t know anything about URL shortening services on my earlier blogging days!! I only realized the importance and benefits of using URL shortener tools at the time of promoting my brand on various social networks. Why Shorten URL? I can give you two advantages of using short URL here – makes Sharing easier. use Fewer Character Spaces when you are restricted to write for example – […]

Free NoFollow-DoFollow Link Checker Tools [Tested]


If you are thinking – What’s the need of NoFollow or DoFollow link checker-finder tool? Think again! I know, it is not hard to find the link relation for the particular website page. [UPDATE] – This post has been updated with new tools and the third tool named – NoDoFollow Link Finder Firefox Extension works no more. But, following the manual process which involves right-click on a page and hitting Inspect Element […]

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