000Webhost Review – A Cost Effective Hosting Solution for Business Website!

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For every newbie choosing a web hosting service is the first challenge to launch their business website! Due to a starter, everyone faces budget issues with hosting services.

As there are so many hosting providers over the web, picking the best and affordable always result to be a tiring task.

Today in this article, I have come up with a free web hosting service known as 000webhost.com, a revolutionary hosting service provider with web-hosting on PHP, MySQL, Cpanel.

000webhost gives you the advantage to go online without any cost incurred!

As a new business with very little technical insight, you might be skeptical to proceed with the hosting. Well, this article will help you deal with all the obstacles in the best possible way.

000Webhost Web Hosting Service – Is ideal for Newbies to start their Website at ZERO cost!

Start-ups face funding challenges. During such times, to have a hosting platform where you get a dedicated disk space and bandwidth will undoubtedly ease your hassles.

Well, 000Webhost.com does that for you!

Specific promotional offers are given to use the hosting for free initially, but upon expiration of the free tenure, you can upgrade to premium version with attractive discounts and deals.

The primary objective of 000webhost.com is to keep your business rolling and the ROI broadening.

Technical requirements of hosting are handled by service providers, as a business, you just have to figure out the best domain name.

All the technical specifications including system, software, security, speed, and bandwidth are taken care by the service providers which is why it is essential to have functional configuration and internet connection.

Types Of Web Hosting Services That 000webhost.com Offers

The scope of web hosting services is very simple, so small-scale &  large-scale service providers need it at any cost.

1. Small-Scale Services

It is the most basic version of hosting services displaying web interface called File transfer protocol. A web page which requires minimum amount if processing can opt for this service.

2. Large-scale Services

Any individual or business which need a significant amount of processing uses large scale services. Some of the standard web hosting services are:

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Collocated Hosting
  • Virtual Dedicated Server
  • Managed hosting service
  • Clustered hosting

1. Shared hosting

Shared hosting service is pretty standard service for the business groups. A web hosting service including its resources like server and applications shared among several clients.

Many companies prefer this hosting service as it very cost effective and another reason is it is preconfigured with all popular options, so it is easy to use.

However, the speed of the server will get affected if one of the sites has enormous traffic. Also, you will not be able to block a particular port.

2. Dedicated Hosting

It is one of the standard web hosting services in which the client owns one whole web server for his site.

Large businesses which require multiple processing, high security and handles a vast amount of data needs one entire server as it increases the processing speed.

Also, you should be able to afford the cost of one whole web server. Also, it requires a specific amount of technical skill or knowledge.

3. Collocated Hosting

Collocated Hosting service is a combination of dedicated and shared hosting.

Here dedicated resources and the control of the web server is under the client’s power, but the physical server stands shared.

You can install any applications or run scripts as per your wish; only the physical hardware split up.

Many companies prefer using this service for its flexibility and dedicated resources like bandwidth, memory, and CPU.

4. Virtual Dedicated Server

In Virtual Dedicated Server the server is virtually split up and shared among many clients.

The requirements predefine the physical resources demand. The resources allocated to this server is usually based on the server to several virtual private servers.

5. Managed Hosting

In Managed hosting service, the client will get a dedicated web server, but the complete control of the server will not be provided.

The client will not be able to alter all the contents or settings of the administrator.

You can still manage the company information through file transfer protocol. The restriction of access is to ensure quality.

6. Clustered Hosting

Unlike other hosting services, grouped hosting facility will have more than one server to organize the same content.

By this way, the resource can be utilized to its best. This is a perfect choice for clients who prefer a dedicated server with high scalability.

Apart from it, 000Webhost also provides a website builder. It primarily works as a pre-designed template which can be customized based on the user requirement.

Important Services Offered by 000webhost WordPress Website Hosting Provider

1. Security

Your website contains information and some sites even handle transactions, so the level of protection of the site is quite essential to gain customers trust. Safety is the parameter to analyze and assess your choice.

2. Policies 

You should get clear insights about the company policy such as refund and trial version, because some providers offer a trial version for a certain number of days, so knowing all the details will help you in selecting the best provider. You should also see whether they have cancellation charges.

3. Reliability of server

Your site will have visitors at any time from any part of the world, so the provider should offer excellent performance round the clock.

Final Words

There are several service providers offer excellent service with efficient data centers, but choosing a right one for your company based on its requirement and financial condition is more critical.

000webhost solves all your hurdles, and you can quickly start your business website with this pocket-friendly hosting service.

What’s your thought on 000webhost?

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