A2 Hosting Discount Coupon Code – 51% OFF! [Exclusive]

We have got another exciting exclusive A2 Hosting discount coupon code for TheMaverickSpirit audience using where you get to SAVE  51% Off on all A2 hosting plans.

But, before you go ahead and make your first hosting purchase, here are the two important things which you should be checking with your hosting provider –

  • The first important one is apparently the up time because of one single downtime you can lose around 40% of your traffic which is huge.
  • And, second includes customer support, no matter how good the hosting is you will always be needing a good support team who are ready to help you out in solving all your hosting related problems.

A2 Hosting According to Many Users is –

  • A blazing fast hosting service provider with fantastic uptime.
  • And round the clock customer support.

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It’s been over 16 years since A2 hosting has started its journey, all began back then in the year 2001! 16 years of industry experience is quite a lot.

So no more bragging, let us start it straight away with the Pros and Con’s.

Benefits of A2 Hosting –

1. Quite Stable –

The downtime of your website can cost you a lump sum. Let’s be brutally honest, there is nothing called as 100% uptime, but there are only a couple of sites which can guarantee you 99% uptime, in fact, a lot more than that.

On average, A2 hosting has been maintaining 99.97/98% uptime which seems to be quite promising!

2. A2 Hosting is also considered as Best Shared Hosting –

In our study, we’ve found that A2 hosting is 20X comparatively faster when compared to other shared hosting services!

Next, you might be wondering what is the loading time of A2 Hosting?

Well, the websites which are hosted on A2 hosting take an average of 392ms where compared to the industry average which is 1059ms.

3. Customer Support –

We believe that no matter how good the service is, it’s the customer support which takes it to the next level.

Here, A2 hosting team works round the clock 365 days to help and strive hard to solve all your problems.

Try out their Live chat for faster solutions to all your problems.

4. Protection from Hackers –

Not every hosting provider does this instead many services leave it on customers to handle it all by themselves.

Here A2 hosting comes with a free HackScan tool which makes sure that your website has a dual web hosting firewall, and scans your site 24/7.

A powerful add-on that helps you in protecting yourself from brute force attacks.

Let us Discuss Con’s!

There is only one thing which I’ve noticed, RESTRICTIONS on the cheapest plan.

Let’s say the lite plan is the primary plan which restricts the number of websites you can host. But the good thing is compared to all the other hosting providers it is comparatively faster.

A Quick Walkthrough of All the A2 Hosting Pricing Plans Offered to You –

Shared hosting alone has three different pricing plans –

1.  Lite – $3.92/month 

  • You can host 1 main domain, 5 sub-domains, 5 databases, and 25 email accounts.

2.  Swift – $4.90/month

  • The swift plan offers you unlimited domains, databases, and even email accounts.

3.  Turbo – $9.31/month

  • As the Swift plan, the turbo plan offers you unlimited domains, databases and email accounts, and moreover, it also comes with HTTP/2 SPDY which are helpful in increasing the overall speed of your website.

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