Advertise on TheMaverickSpirit

Welcome to TheMaverickSpirit’s Advertise page.

Before thinking of advertising here we would like you to have a quick look on TheMaverickSpirit’s introduction to know the main motive and what best it can offer.

Below you will find all the details to advertise on TheMaverickSpirit.

1. Display Banner Advertising –

Enquire and pre-book ad slots at TheMaverickSpirit. Depending upon the layout of TMS, we’re providing 5 advertising sections on our website.

Sizes for banner ads are –

  • Above the fold –
  1. Top of Blog Section – 750 X 96 pixels rectangle width (without rotation)
  2. Sidebar – 360 X 380 pixels square (without rotation)
  • Below the fold –
  1. Sidebar – 360 X 380 pixels square (without rotation)
  2. After the blog post – 750 X 96 pixels rectangle width (without rotation)
  3. Footer – 848 X 109 pixels rectangle (With rotation)

Note: Standard sized banner ads are also acceptable –

  1. 728 x 90 rectangle width (without rotation)
  2. 336 x 280 pixels square (without rotation)
  3. 300 x 250 pixels square (without rotation)

To get the pricing quotes –

Choose the preferred ad banner space and the duration you want to run it on our TMS.

2. Product Review –

Want us to review your product or service?

As product reviews are one of our best line of work on TMS! We not only cover your product review but also release out a tutorial series among users to guide your tool well.

Now, depending upon the product, we will conclude a custom price quote for the review. As said, “One Price Doesn’t Fit All!!”.

If you agree to this clause then specify the following points clearly in your email so that we can make our mind to approach you quickly –

  • Who are you with respect to the product/service?
  • Link to your website.
  • Will you provide free access to your service(with all features unlocked) so that we can review it without any constraint?
  • Let us know if you have any specific requirements.
  • Compensation fee for our work with or without an advance payment (Depends on the service).
  • Do you have any issue if we opt for your affiliate program which in no case will relate to the compensation fee offered to our work?

Drop us an email at admin[at]themaverickspirit[dot]com to discuss the rates.

Note – Incomplete request won’t be entertained.