Domain Name – How to Search, Choose & Register

Domain Name Registration-How to Search Choose Buy the maverick spirit

+1 Tweet Share8 Share1 Pin2 Stumble1Shares 12Today I am going to share my earlier experience about getting a domain name. I believe everyone who is reading this post knows what is domain? It’s the name that people address you and your business online. So, a good Domain name is really important! Back in the time when I decided to launch a website for my college project(a website for furniture store), I […]

Bluehost India Review: Great Web Hosting [Discount & Offers]


+1 Tweet Share10 Share Pin1 Stumble1Shares 12Today I am going to introduce Bluehost India review which is considered as one of the most favorable and popular web hosting company. But before we start our discussion on this let’s quickly cover this – What is a web host?  A question that always strikes to a newbie’s head as to why hosting is required! So, if you want to start a business in […] V/s


+1 Tweet Share3 Share Pin3 Stumble1Shares 7If you are thinking of creating a website with WordPress? You are likely noticing two very similarly looking options and You may not realize it now but these two things are actually very different despite both being called WordPress! And knowing the difference between them will allow you to make the right decision when setting up your new website. Take a look […]