About TheMaverickSpirit (TMS)

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.   –   Eleanor Roosevelt

Hey Mavericks, Welcome to TheMaverickSpirit (TMS)!

One stop place for all passionate writers who love to write, find, explore and experiment new things to make money.

So, ultimately this blog site is for all the free thinkers who we address as “Mavericks.”

We bought the domain TheMaverickSpirit.com on August 6th, 2016.

Things you will get on TheMaverickSpirit –

  1. Tips and sources to earn money from the blog.
  2. New tools that will help you boost traffic on your site increase sales and brand awareness.
  3. This site has no boundaries and is appropriate for every user who could feature any blog or website content.
  4. Product Reviews
  5. Life hacks
  6. Latest news
  7. Deals and discounts for you.
  8. Product guides and tutorials.

We planned to launch this blog to get rid of the corporate world.

To be honest,

We were exhausted from our 10-6 job and wanted to use our skills to help other people do something for themselves rather than accomplishing others dream.

This blog aims to change the lives of every individual who is passionate to live boss life in this fast-changing online world.

As it’s the starting, there is so much to be added with time… 😉

About Ankita Arya –


The Marketing & Jolly Brain behind The Maverick Spirit. 😀

 My Story – 

Honestly, I’m just like you. 🙂

I went to college.

My academic background revolves around computer science and information technology.

I completed my post education at the University of Bedfordshire(UK) in 2014. Developed an eCommerce website as an internship project for a Vintage Shop.

My corporate background is in the digital marketing industry.

I did content marketing and social media marketing for an IT company based out in Bhopal (India). Products on which I have worked include email marketing service, form builder, and WordPress themes.

While every day was a stretch out of my comfort zone, I learned a ton about marketing! I made a vigorous growth in bringing up the sessions and revenue generation.

I wanted to try my hand at many things, but due to some limitations, I wasn’t able to accomplish it.

It was that time I decided to chase my passion rather than accomplishing others!

Blogging + Digital Marketing is my Life Passion. 🙂

I’ve always had a love for exploring various tools present online (and why wouldn’t I do that?.. after all, they all have cool functionalities!)

Fun Side of Me….

I am a religious girl who believes in Karma!

The eldest daughter to my parents, water baby who has a sweet tooth, big-time dog lover, and a hardcore Gadget lover.

Traveling and outing with the loved ones is a great motivation of mine to drag my lazy ass out of bed.

I love traveling, adventures, loud laughter, cooking, and looking at God’s beautiful creations!

I have completed my tours of UK and Dubai at the moment, enjoyed various water rides in Goa to name a few – Scuba diving, Parachuting, Banana ride, and much more.

In fact, at this time of writing, I am planning my next tour to Pachmarhi Udaipur very soon!

Update – I had an awesome trip to the Udaipur aka City of Lakes. Peep into my Insta to explore Land of Kings!!

Many of my friends have suggested me to start a travel blog too. So yeah guys I will be launching my travel and lifestyle blog once I am done with my preplans!

So… that’s pretty much finest short admittance to my life apart from blogging. 🙂

I believe –  If you can dream it, you can do it! 

About Mayank Majeji –

The Coding & Creative Brain behind The Maverick Spirit. 😀 😉

Mayank-Majeji-WordPress-Developer-The-Maverick-SpiritI am not just a full stack Web Developer but also a WordPress Expert with an excellent knowledge & understanding of Website Optimization Techniques & Website Designing.