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We all know the importance of having a contact form in a website. If you still have a doubt on why one should have one?

Then, before reading the WPForms review which is most popular and commonly used drag and drop WordPress form plugin!

You must know that every WordPress website needs at least one basic contact form, regardless of –

  • The niche of the website!
  • And How much traffic a website is receiving?

Contact forms helps your website visitors to –

  • reach you easily,
  • get a fast and better reply by using a proper form-builder plugin,
  • have an instant two-way communication to grab leads and increase conversions,

…and there are plenty more reasons to have a contact form.

That’s the reason, there are so many contact form and form builder WordPress plugins are available in the market.

If you are thinking which Contact Form WordPress Plugin you should choose?

Then go for WPForms! You heard right! Why so?

Read this complete WPForms review to understand why you should prefer WPForms over all the other options available in the market.

Things you will get after reading this review includes –

What is WPForms?

WPForms is a Drag & Drop WordPress Form Builder to create easy and powerful contact forms for your website in minutes, instead of hours. It is considered as one of the most beginner friendly contact form plugin.


WPForms is more than just a contact form plugin!

With the help of WPForms, you don’t just create contact forms, but also build powerful and advanced subscription forms, payment forms, and other types of forms for your WordPress website.

Why WPForms is So Popular & Trusted WordPress Forms Plugin?

Have a quick read why bloggers and digital marketers trust WPForms -Drag & Drop WordPress Forms Plugin for their website over other plugins.

Saves Money and Time by doing a Developer’s Work –

Hiring a developer for common tasks not only waste your money but also time.

Instead without even writing a single line of code, you can use WPForm’s drag and drop builder to easily create powerful forms for your website in no time.

Less Complexity, More Power –

WPForms lets you create even complex forms (like registration and payment forms) very easily.

Forms created using WPForms are not only 100% mobile responsive, but are also optimized for web & server performance as well.

Build Online Forms in Minutes, not Hours –

With the drag and drop feature of WPForms, it’s easy to create even complex forms in a few minutes.

You neither need to hire a developer, nor have to write any code.

Stats Says It All –

  1. WPForms is listed in the top 25 most popular WordPress plugins of all time.
  2. 2000+ honest WPForms reviews with 5-star customer rating.
  3. Trusted & getting used by 1,000,000+ Websites.

WPForms Features & Addons – Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin 

Let’s explore all the features and addons that made WPForms the best, powerful and user-friendly WordPress contact form builder plugin –

1. Drag & Drop Contact Form Builder –

Without even touching a single line of code, you can easily add and remove text fields to your contact forms with inbuilt drag and drop builder.

Create a responsive WordPress form with WPForms within 5 minutes or less.

All forms built by WPForms are 100% responsive,  mobile-friendly or viewing device friendly, SEO friendly and optimized for speed.


2. Pre-built Contact Form Templates –

Don’t have time to build a contact form with scratch! No worries, you can choose from pre-built form templates to save your time.


Edit, add, re-arrange or remove the fields as per your requirement.

No matter which forms you want to create whether it’s a simple contact form, webinar registration, donation, payment order form, or a subscription form, you can unlock more forms with Form Templates Pack Addon bundle provided by WPForms.

3. Form Pages by WPForms –

It is the latest feature introduced by WPForms. Form Pages is a great alternative to Google Forms.

You can create distraction-free dedicated landing pages. Choose from multiple styles, pick premade & custom color schemes, insert a custom logo.

You can do this all with no coding involved.

Create custom landing pages for – Lead generation, Surveys, Membership sites, and Events.

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4. Multi-page Forms –

Use the power of WPForms – Multi-page WordPress form builder plugin.

Using multi-page feature you can split your long forms into small forms or multi forms to increase better user engagement.


Multipage form feature is best used by creating forms for –

  • Registration
  • Job Applications
  • Filling Patient Data
  • Payment Orders

5. Smart Conditional Logic –

Smart conditional logic helps you control how your form works. Building forms in WordPress can be hard but with WPForms it is easy!

With the conditional logic feature, you can create high-performance forms in minutes, Collect relevant information based on user’s requirement.

Using conditional logic, you can show or hide various form fields based on the user’s interaction.

The best feature for –

  • Publishers,
  • Agencies,
  • Consultants,
  • Surveys, and
  • Digital Marketers.

6. Spam Protection –

Keeping spammers to submit forms on your website can be hard!  

Well, WPForms uses smart reCAPTCHA project by Google and honeypot technique to prevent spam submissions through forms.

You just need to add or setup reCaptcha from Google to your form where you need to insert your API key. Enable or tick the reCaptcha box on your form and you’re done!

7. File Uploads –

WPForms File upload feature helps your users to upload files and media.

WPForms WordPress form plugin restrict file types to safe files. It also offers a maximum upload size to save your storage space.


8. Advanced Fields –

Form fields are divided into 3 sections –


1. Standard Fields

Using standard fields you can manage –

  • Single line text,
  • Paragraph text,
  • Dropdown,
  • Checkboxes,
  • Numbers,
  • Multiple choices,
  • Name, and
  • Email.

2. Advanced Fields

Things you can manage in Fancy fields include –

  • Website/URL,
  • Address,
  • Phone,
  • Password,
  • Date/Time,
  • Hidden field,
  • File Upload,
  • HTML,
  • Page break,
  • Divider, and
  • Rating.

3. Payment Fields

Using Payment fields you can add a –

  • Single item,
  • Multiple items,
  • Dropdown items, and
  • Total.

9. Entry Management –

WPForms entry management process all the data collected through leads in one place to streamline your workflow.


You can select a particular form from your dashboard to see all the details collected through it.

View the data, Mark it important, or delete specific data based on your requirement all at one place!

10. Custom Captchas –

Custom Captcha addon allows you to add custom captcha question and answer or math captcha questions to your WordPress form.

By making use of this feature you protect your form by spam submissions.

11. Email Marketing Integration –

WPForms support 6 email marketing services integrations to be used with forms.

These email marketing integrations with WPForms helps you to create signup forms in WordPress in order to grow your email list.

12. Payment Integration –

To collect payments, donations, and online orders easily WPForms contact form WordPress plugin supports two payment add-ons.

They are – PayPal and Stripe.


13. Create Advanced Forms –

You can create advanced forms with WPForms like –

  • Surveys and Polls Form,
  • User Registration Form,
  • Login Form, and
  • Post Submission Form.

14. Zapier Integration –

Zapier integration with WPForms lets you connect with 1300+ web apps.

You can now easily pass your form information to other applications like –

  • Email service providers,
  • CRMs,
  • Payment methods, and
  • much more.

15. Signatures –

Using Signature addon by WPForms, your users can add their signature to a form on your website easily.

They can either use mouse or touchscreen for signatures.

A powerful and necessary add-on to be used for –

  • Contracts,
  • Service agreements,
  • Terms of service,
  • Non-disclosure agreements, and
  • Petitions.

16. Offline Forms –

Sometimes while filling the form certain situations occur like internet disconnectivity or power loss. All the data filled by users get lost!

To avoid the loss of data filled by a user, you can use Offline forms feature. Just enable it from your WPForms dashboard.

Doing so, a user can retrieve his data when their device gets reconnected with the internet.  

17. Form Locker –

Lock your forms with permissions or access control rules by Form Locker addon.

Things you can do with this feature include –

  • protect your forms with a password,
  • close forms on specific date/time,
  • limit the number of total form submissions,
  • limit one entry per person,
  • or restrict forms to some members only.

Other Advanced Features That WPForms Offers –

  • Form Layouts,
  • Form Confirmation,
  • Form Notification,
  • Custom CSS,
  • Form Abandonment,
  • Bonus Form Templates,
  • Geolocation,
  • Instant Notifications, and
  • much more.

WPForms Pricing Plans

WPForms offers 4 premium and flexible pricing plans suitable for the website of all sizes and budgets.

WPForms pricing plans are specially designed to suit the website of all sizes and budgets. Any website, whether it’s a blog, business or ecommerce website, can use WPForms.

Let’s move on to the WPForms pro pricing plans –

1. Basic Plan

The basic plan is $79/year for 1 site and has all the basic features like –

  • Access to form templates,
  • multi-page forms,
  • spam protection,
  • conditional logic,
  • entry management,
  • advanced fields etc.  

It also offers integration with the constant contact email marketing service.

2. Plus Plan

Plus plan is $199/year for 3 sites and have all the features of the basic plan. It also offers integration with other email marketing services like

  • Aweber,
  • Drip,
  • Campaign Monitor,
  • MailChimp, and
  • GetResponse.

3. Pro & Elite Plans

Pro plan is $399/year for 20 sites & Elite plan is $599/year for unlimited sites and have all the features of basic and plus plans.

Elite plan is best suitable for developers, companies and agencies. WPForms offer priority support only on pro and elite plans. Plus & basic plans have standard support.

Both the plans offer all the features that WPForms has to offer which includes features of basic plan and plus plan. Apart from that, they also include –

  1. Payment integration with PayPal & Stripe,
  2. Survey and polls forms,
  3. User registration and login forms,
  4. Guest post submission forms,
  5. Zapier integration,
  6. Signature field,
  7. Offline forms
  8. Form locker.

My Recommendation for WPForms

I will definitely recommend WPForms Contact Form WordPress Plugin because as a developer I completely understand that building a contact form with the code is messy and time taking task.

And, WPForms offers a great user experience both from the front-end and back-end.


With the WPForms drag and drop editor, you can create beautiful contact forms, payment forms, post submission forms, email subscription forms, and much more in minutes instead of spending hours or hiring a developer.

On the other hand, features like post submissions, payment integration, integrations with more than 5 email marketing services, spam protection and many more make it a powerful tool that your website must need.

I will recommend you to Try one of the WPForms Pro Plan as they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

You can get your money back just in case WPForms won’t meet your expectations.

Let us know your thoughts on using WPForms in the comment section. What you love and hate about this contact form WordPress plugin. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for this post. It saved me some time instead of having to add a bunch of plugins and testing out each one.

  2. Thank you for this detailed review! I had been looking at WP forms, and now I know all about it! I appreciate it!

  3. What a very though list to learn from. Having an email list and getting the right form can be quite daunting. Thanks for sharing.

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