WP Simple Pay Review – Accept Recurring Payments in WordPress

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Accepting payments in WordPress is a complex process especially when you – 

  1. Don’t have an eCommerce website and haven’t installed WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress website, or 
  2. Haven’t installed any WordPress Payments plugin.

There are three ways to solve this problem. They are –

  1. Accept online payments via WordPress forms,
  2. Install WooCommerce plugin and go through a long, complicated process of setup, or 
  3. Use WP Simple Pay to accept Stripe Payments on WordPress websites without installing –
    1. WooCommerce plugin, 
    2. Membership plugin, or 
    3. Contact form builder plugin.

The third option seems easy as it not only saves you from unnecessary hassle of complex setup but also powers your non-eCommerce website with Stripe payment solution. 

WP Simple Pay is an easy and simplest way to accept one-time payments and recurring payments using Stripe in WordPress if you have no plans to turn your website into an eCommerce store.

In this detailed WP Simple Pay review, I will walk you through – 

  1. What is WP Simple Pay WordPress Plugin, 
  2. Key Features that made WP Simple Pay the best stripe WordPress plugin, 
  3. How to accept recurring payments in WordPress using WP Simple Pay, and
  4. Difference between WP Simple Pay Lite vs WP Simple Pay Pro. 

Let’s get started. 

What is WP Simple Pay?

WP Simple Pay is a Stripe Payments Plugin for WordPress that allows you to accept recurring stripe payments and one-time payments. 


Stripe recommends WP Simple Pay recurring payments in WordPress via its official website. 


One of the best things about WP Simple Pay that makes it stand out from other WordPress payment plugins is that it eliminates the need of following – 

  1. Coding,
  2. Complex shopping carts,
  3. Membership plugins, and
  4. WordPress Form builders.

Key Features of WP Simple Pay Pro

1. No Coding or Shopping Cart Setup Required

One of the key features that make WP Simple Pay a beginner friendly plugin is that even a non-technical blogger can create Stripe payment forms without writing code or adding complex shopping carts. 

2. Drag-and-drop Payment Form Builder

It comes with user-friendly drag-and-drop form builder that allows you to create a Stripe payment form that will enable you to add various custom fields, including –  

  1. Text, 
  2. Radio buttons, 
  3. Checkbox, 
  4. Coupon code field, and 
  5. Many more. 

It easily allows you to customize payment forms according to your needs whether it’s – 

  1. To collect data, 
  2. Set initial setup fees, 
  3. Create installment plans, or
  4. To create trial periods. 

Overall, it provides a high conversion checkout experience for your website audience and customers. 

3. Unlimited Number of Payment Forms

WP Simple Pay lets you create an unlimited number of payment forms integrated with Stripe Checkout. 

Payment form types include – 

  1. Stripe checkout form, 
  2. Donation form, 
  3. Billing form,
  4. Subscription form, and 
  5. Any other customized payment forms. 

4. Form Display Types

WP Simple Pay offers three different form display types. First two types are fully customizable as you control them, and Stripe manages the third one. 

a.  Embedded form display

This form display type allows you to customize the form fields fully. Also, Stripe-style embedded payment form can be easily added to a WordPress page. 


b. Overlay form display

The only difference between overlay form display and embedded form display is that overlay form display appears in a popup after a checkout button clicked. 


Here’s the Stripe payments service form that appears in an overlay popup. 


c. Stripe Checkout

Unlike embedded and overlay display form types, Stripe checkout payment pages cannot be customized as Stripe completely controls them. 


Also, when you click on the Stripe checkout button, it will redirect you to Stripe’s official website to complete the payment process.

5. Add Apple Pay and Google Pay Buttons

WP Simple Pay Pro allows you to add Apple Pay, Microsoft Pay, and Google Pay buttons to WordPress payment forms. 

Out of the three form display types, Apple Pay and Google Pay are enabled by default in Stripe Checkout pages. 

If you wish to disable them, you can easily do that by visiting the “Stripe Checkout Settings” page in the Stripe dashboard. 

6. Allow Discounts with Coupon Codes

Stripe allows you to offer coupon codes to your customers. 

Customers can use these Stripe coupon codes in WP Simple Pay Pro payment forms and can avail discounts on both one-time payment forms and subscription forms. 

7. Setup Custom Amounts For One-time & Recurring Payments

WP Simple Pay allows your users to enter custom amounts of their choice. Custom amounts are generally useful in donation forms. 

You can easily set up the “Pay what you want” option while creating Stripe payment forms, whether it’s one-time or recurring payments. 

8. Setup Fee and Free Trials

Many small businesses or freelancers that require a setup fee feature as they charge one-time setup fees along with the subscription plans or recurring payment amount. 

WP Simple Pay allows you to charge a one-time setup fee along with the payment plan chosen by your customer. 

Also, you can offer a time-limited free trial to your customer along with the payment details via Wp Simple Pay forms. 

9. Easy Pricing Tables Integration


WP Simple Pay offers integration with third-party WordPress plugin such as Easy Pricing Tables Premium that allows you to integrate high conversion pricing tables with WP Simple Pay payment forms. 


10. Other Features

Apart from the above features, here are some other features that WP Simple Pay offers for payment forms, It allows you to set –  

  1. Locale (language), 
  2. Tax Rate Percentage,
  3. Preferred date format, 
  4. Customized payment confirmation details and
  5. Currency and Currency format. 

How to Accept Recurring Payments in WordPress Using WP Simple Pay?

So let’s move on to how you can set up payment forms using WP Simple Pay Pro Plugin. 

Very First Step – Open a Stripe Account and Get Stripe API Keys

Before setting up the WP Simple Pay to accept WordPress recurring payments, you need to get a Stripe account

After signing up, activate your Stripe account by clicking on “Activate your Stripe account” on the dashboard. 


You need to fill out your business details, including name, business industry, business type, tax ID, business address, PAN number, bank details, etc. 


Note – Once you submit the details, it will take about a week to verify bank details of your business. 

Once your account is activated, and bank details are verified, you can now access your Stripe API Keys (Testing and Live) from Stripe dashboard. 


Note – Testing API Keys are only for development purposes and will not work for live payments. For live payments, you need to use live API keys. 

1. Install and Activate the WP Simple Pay WordPress Plugin

Install and activate the WP Simple Pay plugin on your WordPress website. 

2. Connect WP Simple Pay with Stripe

SSL Required – Make sure you have SSL certificate installed on your WordPress website, else you won’t be able to process live Stripe transactions. 

Also, you will get this notice – 


After plugin activation, you need to connect Stripe account in WP Simple Pay plugin settings. 

For that, Go to Dashboard > Simple Pay Pro > Settings


There are two ways with which you can connect Stripe account with WP Simple Pay Pro plugin. 

  1. By authorizing access to Stripe Account
  2. By manually entering Stripe API Keys. 

3. Authorizing access to Stripe Account

(a) Click on Connect With Stripe


Once you click on the button, you will be redirected to the Stripe page where you need to sign in or sign up an account and authorize the access. 

(b) Authorize Access to Stripe Account

If you chose to sign in, then make sure your Stripe account is already activated. 


Scroll down to the bottom and click on “Authorize access to this account” button. 

Once you complete the authorization process, you will be redirected to your website’s Stripe settings page.

4. Manually Enter Stripe API Keys (Optional) 

If you have performed the third step, then you can skip this step. 

And if you haven’t, then you can enter Stripe API Keys manually in the plugin settings.  

(a) Copy API Keys from Stripe Account

To copy API keys, you need to open your Stripe account. 

Go to Stripe Dashboard > Developers > API Keys


Copy “Publishable Key” and “Secret Key”. 

(b) Paste API Keys in WP Simple Pay Settings

You need to paste these API keys in the Manage API Keys Manually section appearing right after the Connect with Stripe button. 


(c) Switch to the Live Version

If the testing API keys are working fine, then you need to add live version keys with the same process we used above. 

You can easily enable live mode in Stripe account by toggling “View Test Data” off. 

Also, you need to disable the test mode in the plugin settings as well. 

Back in your Stripe dashboard tab, switch to Live mode (toggle “View Test Data” off), and repeat the above for your live keys. When done, click Save Changes.

5. Create a New Form

Next, create a new form by navigating to Dashboard > Simple Pay Pro > Add New. 


On the “Add New Payment Form” page, you need to enter form title and then you need to navigate to Subscription Options to set up recurring payments.


Here you can create two types of subscription plans – 

  1. Set Single Plan
  2. User Selects Plan

(a) Set Single Plan


As the name suggests, a single set plan payment form displays only one plan with no choices. 


You can also create a custom recurring payment by enabling Custom Amount. It allows you to set a minimum and default amount along with the payment frequency. 


(b) User Selects Plan


In this plan, users can select a plan from multiple choices.


You can easily add and delete plans. Also, you can set any plan as the default plan. 

6.  Add Payment Form To WordPress Page/Post

First, copy the WP Simple Pay shortcode of the payment form you want to add in a WordPress page or post. 

Go to Dashboard > Simple Pay Pro > Payment Forms. 


Now add this shortcode by using the shortcode block in Gutenberg WordPress Editor and you are done.


WP Simple Pay Pricing Plans: Lite vs Pro

The free version of WP Simple Pay comes with decent but limited number of features including – 

  1. Unlimited payment forms, 
  2. Stripe checkout pages with brand image, 
  3. Collect customer’s shipping and billing address, 
  4. Locale and currency support, 
  5. Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) support, 
  6. Testing and live modes,  
  7. Zip/postal code verification, and
  8. Customize payment failure and success pages. 

On the other hand, WP Simple Pay Pro plugin for Stripe payments comes with all the advanced features listed above in the features section. 

Talking about WP Simple Pay Pro Pricing, it’s pricing plan starts from $99 (for one year + 1 site) and goes up to $499 (for lifetime + unlimited sites). 

WP Simple Pay FAQs

1. Is WP Simple Pay Free?

Yes. WP Simple Pay does offer a free version that can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin directory. 

2. Does WP Simple Pay support PayPal as well?

No. It only supports Stripe payments. 

3. Is WP Simple Pay an ideal payment solution for my WordPress website?

If you want to collect payments quickly with minimal Stripe setup, then WP Simple Pay Pro plugin is a perfect choice for you.

4. Does it work with WooCommerce?

I will not recommend you to use WP Simple Pay if you have an eCommerce store and installed WooCommerce on your WordPress website. Instead, WooCommerce subscriptions plugin is the right choice for you in this case. 

WP Simple Pay Coupon Code

No coupon code or WP Simple Pay discount is available at the moment. I will update this section once we have a coupon code. 

Final Thoughts – Should You Use WP Simple Pay For Stripe Payments?

WP Simple Pay is one of the best Stripe payment plugins for WordPress that comes with simple payment setup, credit card payments and subscriptions with Stripe. 

I will recommend you to go with WP Simple Pay pro as it comes with all the advanced features required in an ideal Stripe checkout plugin.

On the other hand, you can opt WP Simple Pay lite if you are looking for a free WordPress payment solution. 

WP Simple Pay lite for stripe enables Stripe payments on your WordPress website along with the basic features.

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