5 Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress in 2021 [Free + Paid]

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Today, most of the bloggers are searching for solutions to – How to shoot up user engagement. 

Despite all essential amendments to collect leads like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest ads, generating unique content on the blog, and SEO, you still search for a magic wand, right?

Have you tried appending a quiz maker plugin to your WordPress site? Well, if you do! You will start noticing the reduced bounce rate and more engagement to your website.  


Let’s see how making quizzes with online form builder tools can hold users’ attention for a much longer time.

  • Best in lead generation – Gather leads for your email campaign (name, email, contact info) from user responses. You must be surprised to know that generating leads from online quizzes has a much higher conversion rate than using a basic contact form.
  • Scale up your ads business – Quizzes help you get more pageviews, and you know well, more page views would probably increase chances of more clicks to your ads. 
  • If your quiz stands out, the average duration of users to complete it would be at least 5-15 secs – This will make visitors stay longer to your website (reducing bounce rate). 
  • If people enjoyed your quiz, they would post and share it on their social media – Viral quizzes have the power to generate traffic, branding, and more clicks to your website. 

Over the web, you’ll find many WordPress plugins for quizzes, but here we’ve handpicked and tested the best list of quiz maker plugins for you.

Read all and select the one that fits your budget and requirement. 

Let’s Begin To Discover The Best Quiz Online Form Builder Plugin:

1. Formidable Forms – Most Popular Quiz Maker WordPress Plugin

Formidable Quiz Maker add-on is the best online form builder plugin for WordPress.

Using the Formidable quiz maker plugin, you can create interactive quizzes for your readers in no time.

Moreover, you can set a personal grading or use its default scoring scale while revealing the final result. 


Below are the best features of Formidable Online Quiz Builder

  • Creative and Intuitive User Interface – This form builder plugin allows logged in users to save and continue in the middle of the quiz anytime they need. And recheck or review the answers before final submission. 
  • Conduct Survey to collect data and analyze your response – To grab more attention and lead, you can quickly put a short survey after completing the quiz. Surveys are a great source to collect targeted leads and retargeting them through email campaigns. 
  • Display images or messages as the final result – The fun part about Formidable forms is that you can display an image, gif, or message instead of just scores while revealing the final score of the quiz. 
  • Track your audience type via Google Analytics – When a blogger experiments something new with his blog, the primary pain is to understand what your readers love while surfing to your website right? 

Here Formidable quiz online builder lets you track the geographical locations and people who finished the quiz at ease. This ensures you know the type of quizzes mostly loved by your readers on the platform. 

Formidable multi-page forms are user-friendly, as they split long forms up into easy step-by-step forms with a handy progress bar.


How To Download Online Formidable Quiz Builder Plugin?

These four simple steps would lead you to build a solution-focused quiz on your website:

  1. Open Formidableforms.com
  2. Click on the button, “Get Formidable Forms Now.”
  3. Purchase either Business or Elite plan to get Quiz Maker Add-on.
  4. Once you complete the purchase, download and install Quiz Maker Add-on to your dashboard.
  5. Start creating and publishing custom quizzes in no time. 

Formidable Forms Pricing Plans

This WordPress plugin for quiz comes with Elite, Business, and Basic pricing plan.

You can grab the most used Business plan at $100 OFF and enjoy all basic inbuilt features. 

Unlock the endless possibilities with Formidable form quiz builder now!

2. LearnDash Quiz Builder – Powerful LMS (Learning Management System) Plugin

LearnDash has all basic quiz add-on features but what makes this quiz builder different is its advanced functionalities.

With LearnDash quiz builder, you can create Questions and Assessments, Jumbled (images or sentences), Swipe, and Calculated Formula question quiz types.


Set the time limit and hint of each question, give options to resume and start the quiz to users. Moreover share video, audio, and images to any questions or answers choices.

When a user finishes a quiz, there are a handful of options to display the result in a fun way. 

Below mentioned are your customized options:

  • Share Certificate upon completion. 
  • Display Leaderboards to show which users have earned more points.
  • Category/Automatic Scoring puts questions in a specific category and displays category performance, whereas you can also give instant scores to users after the quiz is complete. 
  • Email Results lets you share the results with the admin, user, and group leader (if any). 
  • Dynamic Result Display helps you show up to 15 unique messages based on user performance. 

LearnDash Pricing Plans –

LearnDash Quiz Builder Plugin is offering $40 OFF on all its Basic, Plus, and Pro Pricing plans.

Where you get the Quiz addon feature on all the plans.

The basic yearly plan starts with $329 ($27 a month), and the tool does provide a 30-days Full Refund Policy.  

Begin with sharing interactive content and engage more users to your website today!

3. Gravity Forms With Quiz-Addon – Best Quiz Form WordPress Plugin 

Gravity forms is another advanced quiz form builder for your WordPress, which allows you to build amazing, interactive and beautiful quizzes.

The Gravity quiz online form builder is an Elite Addon and is accessible via Elite Licence. 


This Elite license grants you access to essential addons like:

  • PayPal Payment Pro
  • Stripe Payment Platform 
  • 2 Checkout Electronic Payment Service 
  • User Registration
  • The survey, Advanced Post Creation  
  • Polls, Coupons, etc. 

Gravity Quiz Addon Integrations –

When it comes to making an interactive quiz for your WordPress readers, Gravity form builder supports third-party tool integration.

These tools will allow you to get more control and personalized data, you can also track real-time quiz reports, block particular IPs from submitting your form, auto-login, etc. 

Make Your Quiz Stand Out With These Third-Party Apps

Automate Slack Invite:

Create a Slack group for your active quiz participants to discuss more quizzes ideas and solutions.

A user upon submission of form will automatically receive a Slack invitation via email. However, setting a custom field to your form will help you get only users you want and not all.  

Advanced File Uploader:

Lets users upload a file. This is an advanced file uploader that will help you get chunked uploads for large files, auto upload of media files to YouTube and Brightcove, etc.  

Agile CRM:

Sync your form entries to Agile CRM.

AutoExport Entries to CSV (Basic):

Get all form data to your email in CSV form. 

Gravity Forms Quiz Add-On Pricing Plans –

Now, Gravity Forms comes with Basic, Elite, and Pro Licence.

Wherein the Elite Licence billed $259/yr (i.e., Only $21 a month) comes with Elite+ Basic+ Pro add ons for unlimited sites.

You get 30-days Refund window on all purchase transactions whether it’s a new purchase, upgrade or renewal. 

4. Quiz Cat by Fatcat Apps – WordPress Quiz Plugin 

Build viral and engaging quizzes with Quiz Cat WordPress plugin developed by Fatcat Apps.

The existing users of Fatcat quiz manager plugin for WordPress love its Facebook integration feature, which helps users to attract new visitors to their website, increase social shares and generate more leads


Moreover, using any of these below-mentioned email marketing platforms, you can send quiz results to your email subscribers and ask them about the feedback or do cold pitching (which works well to convert new users).

Quiz Cat works with best email marketing tools like:

To follow up, Quiz Cat uses tag or merge fields that make follow-up tasks more manageable than before. 


Quiz Cat Premium Plans –

Fatcat quiz maker gives a 60-days Full return policy on all its premium plans and is one of the cheapest quiz builder plugins on the web.

Quiz Cat premium has three plans – Personal, Business, and Elite.

In $99/year (Elite Plan), make quizzes for unlimited websites along with one year of priority email support and product updates.

5. WordPress Viral Quiz Plugin (CodeCanyon) – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder 

Powered by CodeCanyon, this WordPress quiz maker plugin is an efficient, responsive, customizable, and user-friendly plugin.

WordPress Viral Quiz Plugin comes with two skins, i.e., BuzzFeed Theme and Modern Flat Theme.


Also, it’s multilingual feature supports other languages, so set your quiz to let your blog stand out in front of broad diversity audiences.

Quizzes grab more leads when shared! So, why to wait for your quiz to become viral?

Start sharing your quiz anywhere you want with the help of an iframe just like you share YouTubes videos to your blog by using iframe code.

Earn additional money by integrating ads around your quiz by enabling the ‘Refresh Browser.’ 


BuzzFeed Quiz Builder Pricing Plans –

When it comes to pricing, BuzzFeed Quiz Builder plugin by CodeCanyon provides a regular license of $36, where you get access to –

  • Six months of product support,
  • assistant to report bugs and issues if any,
  • and help integration to third-party tools.  

Quick Tip: At the time of purchase, if you tick Extended support to 12 months, you save up to $15 Flat, which later will be $27.13. 

Takeaway – Best Online Quiz Maker Tools for WordPress

I have listed out the best quiz online form builder plugins for WordPress that are trusted and mostly used by bloggers, marketers, and business.

Using these advanced online quiz maker tools you can create interactive, beautiful and viral quizzes in no time.

Hope this list will help you to pick the best quiz builder tool or WordPress plugin for your website.

Get ready to generate more traffic, segment your audience, understand your audience better and build a strong relationship.

Are there any more awesome quiz builder plugins left to build interactive content on your website?

If yes, do comment below and let us know about them.

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