WordCamp Pune 2019 – Review & Takeaways

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WordCamp Pune 2019 took place on 16th Feb 2019 at CV Raman Auditorium of IISER college.

After attending our very first blogger meetup – BlogX. This was our first WordPress community meetup.

We participated as an attendee in both the events in order to experience the difference between a private and a WordPress community meetup.


I know certain questions might be running on your mind right now like-

  • What was the difference between them?
  • Which one should you attend to get more exposure and benefit?

Well, that’s what I will be covering at the end of this post!

But first, let’s explore the entire day scenario at Pune WordCamp 2019.

Mayank & Ankita infront of WordCamp Wall at WCPune2019.

WordCamp Pune 2019 – Registration, Welcome, and Goodies

The starting of every event starts with registration!

As soon as we reached to our venue we saw many vehicles parked outside of the campus gate. Though we reached with our personal vehicle and asked whether to park outside!

The guard immedietely said that those parked vehicles are those who were not wearing a helmet.

Now, wondering why I shared this!

I shared it because there was an email update by the WordCamp Pune team to all the people who were attending the event about the helmet rule! Even the news was shared on their official website.

The campus was very big and you have to walk a lot..!!

Tip / Suggestion Do check your registered email provided at the time of booking WordCamp Ticket or check the official Pune WordCamp website to know the latest news and announcements.


At last, you get your ID card and goodies bag at the registration desk.

What do You Get from Service Stalls at WordCamp?

Once you collect your IDs and goodies bag you head towards the crowd gathered around various stalls.

These stalls are set up by different service providers like –

  • WooCommerce,
  • JetPack,
  • WPAstra etc

..who are also the Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsors of WordCamp.


Things you can do and utilize from these stalls are –

  • You get to interact with the team of particular service.
  • If there are recruitment for a particular post! You get to know and discuss things about it with the team.
  • Benefits you or your business could get from that service.
  • If there is any mutual collaboration between you and the service! You can share your thoughts with the team members.

At last, you also get goodies from them too.. 🙂

Lectures and Speakers at Pune WordCamp

Before giving you the details of the lectures and speakers of Pune WordCamp 2019!

I would like to share a very good strategy applied by organizers of the WordCamp to make the audience engaged with every lecture sessions.

And that was The lectures or speaking sessions were divided into Technical and Non-Technical sections which were taking place at the same time in different places.

If one technical session was conducted in Lecture Hall 1, the other Non-techy session was conducted in the CV Raman Auditorium.

Best thing was – I and Mayank attended all the lectures separately and in this way we managed to get the most out of every lecture.

There were total of 18 Lectures held. You can view all the titles of them here – WordCamp Pune 2019 – Schedule.

I will quickly wrap up some lectures by covering the best points of each.

1. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) on WordPress eCommerce Sites by Karthikraj Magapu.

This lecture was pretty good and interactive. Karthikraj who works for CyberChimps gave many productive tips for people who have an eCommerce websites.


He emphasized on –

  • What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for WordPress eCommerce websites?
  • Best practices for CRO.
  • Non-functional aspects of CRO
  • Tools and Resources for CRO

2. Backups, Restores & Migration by Vikram Kulkarni.

Vikram put light on the fact –

  • Why backup and requirement of having backups of the website is a serious business?
  • How it is important to manage them for easy use while restoring the site effectively.
  • Shared some steps on taking a backup, without logging into WordPress.
  • Plugins to take backups. You can view the most popular plugins used by most of the people here – 5 Best WordPress Backup and Restore Plugins to Secure Your Website!
  • The importance of on-site and off-site backups.
  • Automation in the backup process.

3. Tips for Marketing Your Products by Sujay Pawar.

Sujay Pawar from WPAstra shared tips for marketing commercial WordPress plugins & themes online.


He shared various tips to do before launching a product and after launching a product.

4. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of SEO by Ionut Neagu.

Ionut Neagu of Themeisle showed tricks or hacks one should follow in the long term for SEO.


He also showed some screenshots of his blogs on – How he grew his site traffic from search engines?

5. A Fast(er) Website Without a PhD by Tripad Mishra.

Tripad shared multiple ways for benginners and non-developers to follow in order to optimize a self-hosted WordPress website without moving your site to a VPS.

Most of the ways included – Image Optimization for SEO.

Apart from it, he introduces multiple reasons on –

  • Why your website gets slow?
  • The correct format of images to be used.
  • Image optimization (comparison between plugin vs offline tools)
  • Font optimization

Benefits on using caching plugin like WPRocket.

6. 3 Step Process of Creating Magic with Content by Jitesh Patil.

Whether you’re running a business or a blog – relevant, timely and remarkable content can create a magical experience for your audience.


Creating content that creates magic is a 3 step process –

  1. Understanding your audience’s problems
  2. Creating unique content that solves your audience’s problems
  3. Putting content in front of your audience

During this talk, I’ll discuss these 3 steps with real-life examples.

7. Introduction to Gutenberg by Imran Sayed.

The Gutenberg editor introduced in WordPress 5.0 is a real game‐changer in the WordPress industry.

Many of them are getting used to it! There are tons of benefit associated with using Gutenberg.


Imran was there to introduce –

  • How Gutenberg can help you build rich and engaging content?
  • He also shared his experience on creating a first custom block.
  • And how one can write a simple plugin to create a self custom block.

Why Do you Need to Attend WordCamps?

Attending WordCamp is a good way to connect with WordPress community.


All you need is to get out of your comfort zone, explore how people are working and contributing to the WordPress community, how you can contribute to making a better WordPress ecosystem.

In private blog meetups, like the one I attended, BlogX in New Delhi! You can discover people doing diverse things on different platforms.

But, in WordCamps you get a filtered crowd who revolves around WordPress! You can get answers to all your queries about WordPress here.

Have you attended a WordCamp before? Or Are you planning to attend one now?

Share your thoughts on – How WordCamps have benefited you with others. 🙂

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