Trackbacks and Pingbacks – The Ultimate Guide [2021]

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If you reading this out! I am sure you all must have heard about Trackbacks and Pingbacks in WordPress.

And you might have concerns about what are they and should you really need to give importance to it from an SEO perspective.

Well, this post will let you know everything about WordPress trackbacks and pingbacks. At last, you will have a clear vision of what you must do with them!


I have linked out all the series of Trackback and Pingbacks posts that are published earlier on site.

Have a read to know what you will get in each of them –

What are Pingbacks and Trackbacks in WordPress?

This post explains the definition of both of the terms in relation to WordPress.

Along with the slight difference between trackbacks and pingbacks.

How Pingbacks and Trackbacks can Increase your Blog Traffic?

Now that you know what each term means! Its time to know how they relate to SEO.

And this post is exactly going to tell – Importance of pingbacks and trackbacks in SEO and how they can help you boost blog traffic.

How to Disable Self-Pingbacks & Trackbacks in WordPress [With or Without Plugins]

After reading the above two post you might be clear about the fact that – Why you need to disable trackbacks and pingbacks on your website.

Now the next step is how to disable them with the help of WordPress plugins or without plugins.

Final Note – Why You Should Disable Trackbacks & Pingbacks?

After going through all the three articles mentioned above. You know that there are many disadvantages to allow pingbacks on your site.

You get a lot of fake, spammy, and malicious comments on your site which takes a lot of time to go through each of them to remove it.

So my suggestion, in the end, would be to just disable them from your website.

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