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If you are looking forward to submitting your awesome deals with our site audience! Then, you have come to the right place.

TheMaverickSpirit invites you to submit your best WordPress deals to get featured on Deals page and other Marketing holidays events like –

Kindly fill in the form given below and state the amazing deal you got.

Just send us the complete details which include –

  • The Discount Offer,
  • Original Price of the product or service,
  • Coupon Code,
  • Expiry date,
  • A Short Introduction about your product or service,
  • Any Additional Details that you like to mention.

Share your best deals and make great sales!

Can’t wait to see all the amazing Deals that Y’All Got! 🙂

Things to Consider Before Submitting Your WordPress Deals

1. Affiliate Program & No Affiliate Program –

All the deals from the service and product websites would be featured FREE, only if, we are the part of your affiliate program.

But, for those services who don’t have a live affiliate program would be charged a fee of –

  • $$ to get their deals listed on marketing events.
  • $$$ to get featured on our TMS Deal page.

2. Secure A Position In Our Featured Deal Section On Marketing Holiday Deal Page – 

Apart from the common deals, we have a featured section for 3 deals which will for sure stand out among the others.

This three-position would charge you $$$.

Submit Us Your WordPress Deals [2019-20]

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