How Pingback & Trackback Can Increase Your Blog Traffic?

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Having covered the basic of Pingbacks and Trackbacks in my previous article. Today I am going to cover an important aspect of it in SEO and how it can help you increase your blog traffic.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t read the previous article?

Have a quick look at – What is Pingback and Trackback in WordPress?

Pingback & Trackback – Importance in SEO & How it can Increase Your Blog Traffic? 

If you have already referred my previous article, by now you might know that –

  • Even if you trackback or pingback other’s post you are ultimately leaving a link that points to your blog post..

..Consequently, if someone is reading the blog article could click through the link and make a visit to your blog.

So, do you think to get a reciprocal link is not good? It’s an obvious no!!

  • You get visibility of your blog on other networks probably which helps building up your brands!!
  • Many digital marketers and SEOs are aware of the importance of link back to their website.. WordPress Pingbacks are the best way to get traffic and money for your site so yes it plays a small role in SEO.

Point to consider here is –

Even if others are using “NoFollow Tag” you can improve your search engine rankings by getting their PageRank juice!!

Should You Enable Pingbacks? 

I know you might be thinking whether to allow pingbacks & trackbacks in WordPress or not?

Well, it totally depends on how much time you give to monitoring comments!!

  • Although pingback provides an ease to get links and help to build up your linked profile it could..

..consequently, trash your website if you aren’t careful in handling it.

  • You can’t even ignore the trackback and pingback spam, a big problem that is rapidly increasing..

..before approving make sure you have checked the link from where it is initiated.

My Advice Would Be – 

  • As long as you can monitor things well.. are safe to use them for your website!!

  • But if you feel things are getting out of control.. should disable automatic pings instantly!

 Conclusion – 

Although being useful, many people prefer to disable them due to spammers abuse. Even I have disabled them for my website!!

This was my thought, do share your experience on handling Pingbacks and Trackbacks with me.

7 comments on “How Pingback & Trackback Can Increase Your Blog Traffic?

  1. Very impressive point of view and presentation of the issue!
    I have disabled in my blog. I look forward your new article.

    1. Apart from WordPress, CMS like Movable Type, Serendipity, and Telligent Community supports automatic pingbacks. Also, you can enable pingbacks for Joomla & Drupal with extensions or addons.

  2. Thank you Ankita.
    May I have your opinion about the SEO importance (if any) of the “Self-Pingbacks”: I mean the ones that wordpress builds automatically whenever you publish a post that links another post of your own blog?
    I don’t like them very much so, if they are also useless, I will disable it.

  3. I get tons of pingbacks and was wondering if it was a good idea to approve them. I notice that most of them are to complete spam sites looking to gain credibility in my space. Thanks for writing this article. I will continue reviewing them one by one.

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