Why I Use MailChimp For My Email Marketing Campaigns?

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Have you just started your blog? Or You have less than 2,000 subscribers in your email list? If you agreed to any of these then you would love to read why I use MailChimp for my email marketing campaigns!

As you all know, it been 3 months ever since I have started blogging on a full-time basis.

  • Now, being a newbie and not having many subscribers at this point…

..it’s not good for me to opt for any expensive email marketing services!

  • We all know that every user that comes to our website is valuable..

..where we not only want them to visit once but keep coming back i.e. a recurring user! Don’t we?


Well, this is only possible if they get regular updates of our blog on their emails!

But how? Simple, by having them on our blog subscriber’s list.

I know Aweber, Convertkit, and many others are best and popular email marketing service providers present in the market.

But being a newbie it is not affordable for me to choose them!

This is the reason why I opted for MailChimp!

A fantastic resource, designed to help you get started by building up your emails campaigns, email list, and actually monetize your activities.

Get signed up, it’s free to get going if you have less than 2,000 subscribers and your outgoing campaigns are approximately 12,000 per month! 

Why MailChimp?

MailChimp is an alternate name for email marketing!

  • One of the leading company used by many people, a great tool which allows you to send emails..

..which engage your subscribers and educating them about your services and products that you provide.

The first thing that I like about the product is –

It is Free as long as you maintain below 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.

A great amount to get started with!

  • A full featured professional product which allows you to integrate everything on your website so that..

..you can build an opt-ins, forms that people fills out to receive emails from you!

  • You can integrate the service with Facebook and your website.

Distribute the information and monitor how people respond to your newsletters.

MailChimp Free Plan

Another great thing which I like about MailChimp is –

  • It provides professional prebuilt templates ready to use..

..which saves your time and get things done.

  • Plus it has some great resources like MailChimp guides that..

..really help you get started.

  • Moreover, when you sign up you get a series of emails that..

..teaches you step by step on how to use MailChimp effectively!

What Features MailChimp Email Marketing Platform Provides in its FREE Version?

MailChimp incorporates all necessary features in its Free version. I never found myself stuck while managing the campaigns.

Have a quick look at the powerful features from the service for your small start –

  • Built-in Sign up forms.
  • Responsive interface to create regular and facebook campaigns.

You can even design plain text, A/B testing, and RSS email newsletters.

  • Track performance of your email campaigns under Report and Data insights tab.
  • Import/Export list facility.
  • List management makes managing contacts, creating groups within a subscriber email list, replicating and combining lists very flexible.
  • You can have separate stats for every email list.
  • Sort out your contact list based on date or name.

What if you want to upgrade from Free to Paid user?

You can easily upgrade your free account to any paid plans irrespective of your size list.

Become a monthly user as low as $10 for growing business to pro marketer for $199 per month.

Sign up or purchase on pay as you go credits.

MailChimp Pricing

Conclusion –

What I believe is – It’s better to become a master in handling an email marketing account and building up strategies to gain more subscribers before moving to a best or paid version…

..as with time responsibilities increases and you will hardly have time to settle up with email marketing terminologies.

Well, don’t forget to checkout a list of Cheap Email Service Providers that offers Free Trials based on subscribers list or number of emails.

Leave those in the comments! Moreover, if you have opted for any other service share it with me!

19 comments on “Why I Use MailChimp For My Email Marketing Campaigns?

  1. I use mailchimp as well and have never had problems with it. I love that I can see who opened my emails and who made clicks, etc!

  2. I do have MailChimp, which I signed up for when I started my blog but I never use it!
    I guess I thought I had to be sending out regular newsletters or something.
    I really should log into it and see how I can use it to promote my blog!

    1. To be honest here, Marsha!
      At first, I too skipped checking out my MailChimp account but with time as you gain subscribers or website followers..
      You get serious about retaining visitors to your site.

  3. Great review! As a fairly new blogger myself with a growing list these were my reasons for choosing MailChimp for my email campaigns. It definitely gets the job done for newbies. Thanks for this post.

  4. Hi! I only have I guess 12 email subscribers and they are my friends. I asked a blogger before and she told me that I can only use mailchimp for free if I already accumulated 2,000 subscribers. How many subscribers did you have before you used mailchimp?

    1. It is not so, Ana!
      For Free account the limit is 2,000 its not like should have minimum 2k subscribers..
      You are good to go even if you 0 or 12 users in your list.

  5. I’ve been blogging since 2012 but haven’t created an email list. I think maybe that’s going to be on my list of to-dos next week over Spring Break!

  6. Great article. I am a new blogger myself and therefore this article is quite useful for me. Now after reading this article, I think I should also start using mailchimp

  7. I started with MailChimp too. I really liked it for the many templates they have but I found their prices too expensive and switched to Aweber once my audience outgrew the free Mailchimp option.

    1. Aweber is well-known email marketing service but there are many fresh email service providers not to be overlooked.

  8. I’ve always known mailchimp to be an amazing choice most especially for we newbie bloggers, but I definitely learnt a thing or two from this review. 😊

  9. I use Mailchimp too. It’s so easy to use, very user friendly. I like the basic functions with the free account and I’m even looking at upgrading to be able to set up automated email sequences eventually

  10. I’ve had mailchimp for a long time even though I haven’t put much focus on a mailing list – I know, shame on me… I like it a lot for the little I’ve done.

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