January Monthly Update Report [2019] Traffic Boost by 21% & Blogger Outreach!

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Hey Mavericks! Welcome to the TheMaverickSpirit January 2019 Monthly Updates.

We earlier published our first Monthly Update Post For December 2018 and this is our 2nd update of the series.

You also might want to check out what Monthly Update Post is all about and bookmark the post for future updates. [Coz, we’ll be linking all the posts there!!]


We’ve started 2019 with a blast as there are so many things going on. From fulfilling our resolution to chasing new heights and making new connections..

If you got excited to know what is it all about! Keep on reading –  

January 2019 Updates

1. Content Curation – Published & Updated Blog Posts

We published 5 new blog posts this month which include 2 service reviews.

Here is the list of Recently Published Content –

  1. Collect Chat Review – How to Add Chatbot Assistance to Engage Website Visitors?
  2. December Monthly Update Report [2018] Anniversary, New Services, and Earnings!
  3. WPForms Review – Best Contact Form Builder Plugin for WordPress
  4. Form Pages by WPForms – Best Google Forms Alternative for WordPress
  5. Survey & Polls Addon By WPForms – Best Survey Form Plugin For WordPress!

List of Updated Content with New Features & Links –

  1. URL Shorteners – Best Link Shortener Tools – New services added.

2. Beginning of the Blogger Outreach Program

As we mentioned in our last monthly report, we’ve initiated our blogger outreach program.

Our objective is to boost website traffic by link-building and developing strong relationships with other bloggers and influencers.

3. Switched From Monarch to Social Snap Social Sharing WordPress Plugin

Recently we’ve installed a new Social Sharing WordPress plugin on our website by replacing Monarch with Social Snap WordPress Plugin.

We were using Monarch last, but SocialSnap grab our eye with its advanced features like advanced and detailed analytics, Social auto poster, fast performance, and much much more.


Check out the –  Social Snap Review to know more about this social sharing tool.

4. Organic Traffic was Boosted By 21% and New Users by 26% v/s December

January had been awesome when it comes to our website traffic.

When compared to December 2018 we’ve recorded –

  • a hike of 21% in our organic traffic
  • and a hike of 26% in new users when compared to December 2018.

On the other hand, when compared to November 2018 –

  • a hike of 51% in organic traffic
  • and a hike of 38% in new users

Our website traffic is exponentially increasing which is a very good sign and indicating us that we are going in the right direction.

[We will be releasing a post soon which will cover – All the factors responsible for the traffic boost and also the things that we were doing wrong!! ]

5. Completed One of Our Web Development Projects

We’ve also completed one of our client’s website projects in January – Jeff Jared Law.


Jeff Jared Law is a Law firm based in Kirkland, Washington, U.S.  

What’s in the Store for February?  

The new year has just begun and we already have some great plans for February.  

Take a look at our February Plans Highlight –

1. Giveaway of one of the popular tools!

[Update] The WPForms Giveaway is ended and winners have been declared.

2. Attending 2 Big Blog Events This Month

[Update] We have released the takeaway from the blog events attended.

Read the Takeaways here

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