Infolinks Review – How to Make Money from Your Blog with In-Text Advertising?

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If your blog is not making you enough money or you are getting disapproval from applying Google Adsense to your blog then this post could turn out to be a great help to you.

All I am referring is to monetize your blog through In-text advertising using Infolinks!

How to earn with Infolinks

Things you are going to get today in this article are – 

  • What is Infolinks?
  • The Power of Infolinks!
  • How Infolinks Work?
  • Main Features of Infolinks In-Text Advertising Program
  • Types of Infolinks Ads That You Can Run on Your Blog
  • Are you Eligible to Apply for Infolinks effective for your Blog Traffic?
  • Is Infolinks effective for your Blog Traffic?
  • Difference between Infolinks and AdSense
  • Advantages of Infolinks
  • Disadvantages of Infolinks

What is Infolinks?

Infolinks is a worldwide network advertising platform which provides ad solutions for publishers as well as advertisers.

Online advertisers utilize the Infolinks Self-Serve Marketplace to customize their own campaign.

Advertising with Infolinks means – you are delivering a company’s product or service to your website visitors.

The best part is that – it allows website owners and bloggers to monetize their website without giving any real estate or space on their website.

Rights are provided to the publishers to choose the infolinks ad type from the ad unit buffet like InFold, InTag and In screen.

Adding infolinks to your website is really simple. It merely takes a minute to integrate the code in your website and start monetization on your blog!

The Power of Infolinks

Infolinks has a marketplace of more than 100,000+ websites.

It is operating in 128 countries with headquarters located in Ridgewood, New Jersey, and Research and Development center in Tel Aviv, Israel.

It provides more power to its users than Google AdSense.

If you run more than one website you can monetize all of them after the approval of your first website.

How Infolinks Work?

Infolinks converts some keywords from your content into a link.

So, whenever a visitor hovers over the link, an advertisement is displayed which let you earn money.

  • It is CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per impression) based advertising network.

Unlike other ad networks,

  • it allows us to place the integration code at the end of the content. This facility allows the content to load first and then loads an advertisement.

Hence, Infolinks guarantees that it will not affect the loading speed of your website by making ad elements to load at the last stage.

Main Features of Infolinks In-Text Advertising Program

  • Real-Time Intent.
  • Keyword-based real-time bidding.
  • High engagement ad units.
  • Relevant Ads.
  • Open platform for publishers.
  • Operating in 128 countries.
  • It is the third largest publisher marketplace.

Types of Infolinks Ads That You Can Run on Your Blog

Infolinks provides multiple ad types to publishers to monetize their content. It also updates its ads or products from time to time.

Most popular ad types used to generate revenue from your website includes-

In Article – 

It is the highest viewable ads which expand in-between the text when infolinks software find any user engage with the content of any site.

It serves top brands ads once your website user engages with your blog page content.

In Text –

It is an old and highly effective type of ad where a simple link ad which appears on your web page. The mechanism scans the entire content of your web page and then show the relevant ads according to your content.

By default, it set to 12 ad links on a single page.

But here I would recommend you to add 5-7 ad links per page/post by keeping your intentions genuine and getting more clicks.

In Fold –

In-fold ad type takes advantage of search engine and display. It helps to deliver ads on a wider scale of traffic.

The ad appears right above the fold.

My suggestion on this ad for you is – If your website attracts 35% or more mobile traffic then you should not add this ad link as it may harm your SEO and search engine rankings on SERPs.

This ad unit has a layer which comes up from the bottom of your web page. It is good for the personal computer as you can close it easily.

But on mobile, it covers about 1.5 cm of the screen which causes a disturbance in reading content.

In Tag –

Coming to the next ad type, In-tag is a highly customizable ad unit which displays the most valuable keywords directly related to your content.

This ad unit is good and if you do the right settings you can earn maximum clicks!

My tip to handle In-tag ad is – Set the display ad from top to bottom and avoid setting it either on top or bottom which is infolinks’ default setting. Change the link colour as per the theme of your page.

In Frame –

 This ad unit is perfect for those blogging websites who have wide screens. These display banners show ads which appears alongside your content.

But it has a major drawback –  as it makes your website look heavy by adding two extra frames on both sides of your webpage.

I would recommend skipping using this ad type as it makes the website to download slowly. 

In Screen – 

It is a newly launched ad unit. It has just completed its beta test.

A smart interstitial that serves highly viewable and relevant ads on all the devices.

You can customize the In-screen ad unit to display ad when a user enters, exit or navigate inside the site pages.

Are you Eligible to Apply for Infolinks effective for your Blog Traffic?

Well, there is no eligibility criteria to qualify from using Infolinks. 🙂

Infolinks has made its platform available to all online publishers. There are no setup fees, minimum requirements of page views or website visitors stats for joining Infolinks.

Though there are certain policies for the effective running campaigns of advertisers and publishers under which they reserve the right to decline your application.

To know more – 

Is Infolinks effective for your Blog Traffic?

Infolinks is good in earnings for western countries or if the traffic on your website comes from USA, Europe, and Canada.

You will get up to $5 or more for every 1000 views.

But if your traffic belongs to India and Pakistan it offers only $0.2 to $0.8 per 1000 views.

Difference between Infolinks and AdSense

1. Traffic Requirement –

Both have no minimum traffic requirement. But AdSense emphasis on the quality of content or blog.

Whereas, Infolinks takes up to 3 days to approve or reject your blog whereas AdSense takes about 7 and more days to reply.

2. Revenue Share Percentage –

Infolinks share 70% of the total revenue earned to the publishers whereas Google AdSense share 68% of total earnings.

3. Ad Quality –

Infolinks ad relevancy is quite poor due to its low-quality keyword scanning algorithm. It has standard ads quality. It offers ad units like In text, in fold, in frame, in search, and in tag and focuses on textual ads which seem organic and mixes with the content.

On the other side, Google AdSense provide very high-quality ads across its publishing network.

AdSense has ad units like text ads, image-rich ads, matched content ads, video ads, and banner ads. Hence it is difficult to beat AdSense.

4. Publisher list – 

Infolinks is mainly associated with US and Canadian traffic. But Google AdSense has clientele throughout the world.

Advantages of Infolinks – 

  • Easy to get approval within 72 hours.
  • It doesn’t need any advertisement space.
  • Doesn’t affect your website loading speed.
  • Payment can be received via PayPal after reaching the threshold of $50 every 45 days.

Disadvantages of Infolinks –

  • Fewer payments for Asian traffic.
  • Makes your website looks bad by using all 12 ad units at a time.

Conclusion –

I hope my review on infolinks has helped you to know how infolinks work and generate revenues from your blog.

Are you already using infolinks? Is infolinks good for your blogging website or not? Share your point of view in the comments below.

If you came to the conclusion that infolinks isn’t the right advertising option for your website!

Then, go through the post mentioned below which could help you to pick out the best Infolinks alternative to make money from your blog.

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