11+ Free and Premium Graphic Design Elements To Start Digital Marketing Campaign

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Everyone knows the importance of design and graphics in a digital marketing campaign.

Your promo materials matter and matter a lot because that is the first thing prospects hear about your business.

What do you need to get an outstanding design for digital marketing? How to do your best and impress the audience?

All in all, today’s graphic design market is full of different tools and UX/UI components. What should you start with?

Start with visuals! It is an old and proven way to introduce your business. In fact, it is easier for the human brain to recognize visual elements.

People will remember it longer than text or other content types.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a social media ad design or need a design for email marketing.

Whatever you are going to create, you should begin with visual elements.

To help you, in this post, I selected 12 modern resources for graphic design and marketing needs.

The list contains both free and premium products, so don’t miss the boat!

Web Fonts Resources To Create Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Although web fonts are quite small and simple! But they can actually influence your reputation to your site audience.

Any usual website won’t impress it’s audience if it uses the wrong fonts.

Why? Well, without the properly chosen typography, people won’t be able to deal with your site content.

Well, today I’ve prepared a couple of proven web fonts resources for you. Still, before we get started, read these web fonts tips quickly –

  1. Use only eye-friendly, clean, and readable fonts.
  2. Keep the number of used typography examples at a minimum.
  3. Limit the line length so that it has the needed number of characters.
  4. Choose typefaces that work well in different sizes.
  5. Never minimize the spacing between lines!

1. Mega Fonts Bundle

Honestly, the name of this product already speaks by itself!

Here is an exclusive web fonts package that comes with numerous eye-catching designs inside.

Basically, Mega Fonts Bundle is a multipurpose product, and you can use it for many needs. It would be a nice addition to any social media ad as well as for any presentation.


With the help of the bundle, you can design such things as:

  • headings,
  • signature,
  • logos,
  • wedding or any other invitations,
  • t-shirt, cups, caps, and other prints,
  • letterhead,
  • signage,
  • label,
  • posters,
  • badges, and much more!

All in all, are you looking for a stylish web fonts resource that won’t kill your budget?

In this case, Mega Fonts Bundle is the right item for you! Among the main features of Mega Fonts Bundle, you can see:

  • 35 readable fonts,
  • flexible settings,
  • responsive design,
  • 1000+ glyphs,
  • and bonus graphics with a high resolution.

2. Smoking Typeface + Illustration Font

In 2019, vintage typography makes a huge comeback!

Would you like to be in vogue? Therefore, Smoking Typeface is just what the doctor ordered!


In a word, here is a charming retro western font with a clean design. Inside the pack, you will find separated font files for base font and a textured volume effect.

With it, it is easy to recolor your texts!

Here is what you get inside the pack of Smoking Typeface:

  • 3 font files in OTF, TTF and WOFF formats
  • all the vector characters are in .EPS 10 format
  • and high-quality poster.

Popup Elements Resources To Create Your Marketing Campaign

Like fonts, popups make the next tiny but important web design component.

With their help, you can create attractive email campaigns to enlarge the audience of your project.

Still, keep in mind that popups influence the success of your company. They can not only bring new people to your website but to scare them away as well!

To create a winning popup, you should:

  • use clean and compelling call-to-action,
  • make sure your popups fit the website and branding,
  • show them only at the right time,
  • provide an exit button,
  • and use fewer form fields.

3. JetPopup – Progressive CrocoBlock Plugin

At the outset, JetPopup is one of the trendy JetElements plugins made for Emelentor Page Builder.

This tool is quite popular so you might have heard about JetPopup!


Here are the widgets you get inside the pack:

  • Subscribe,
  • Discount,
  • Yes/No,
  • Countdown,
  • Contact Us,
  • Info Card,
  • GDPR,
  • and Cookie Policy.

And all of these you can use for email notifications! No coding or any other special skills required.

When working with the addon, you can create marvelous popups with drag-&-drop.

Plus, there are such pre-packed animations, as:

  • Fade,
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out,
  • Move Up,
  • Bounce In and Bounce Out,
  • Slide Up and Slide Down,
  • Slide Left and Slide Right,
  • Horizontal Flip,
  • Vertical Flip,
  • and Rotate.

Icons Resources To Create Your Marketing Campaign

Long story short, to get success, you should remember these 3 attributes of an effective icon design:

  • form,
  • aesthetic unity,
  • and recognizability.

No matter what it is all about, people should clearly understand the meaning of every icon you use.

4. Jumbo – Flat Icons Pack Template

Jumbo is an exclusive icon set which comes with a classy flat design.

These icons are quality enough to be used for many purposes, including web performance, prints, mobile apps, etc.


Each of the items inside the Jumbo pack is highly customizable. Also, they can be used on all types of platforms including iOS and Android.

Here is what you get with this marketing graphics set:

  • highly detailed vector icons in 5 formats;
  • separate Adobe Illustrator files for all categories;
  • separate .EPS files for all categories;
  • separate Adobe Photoshop files for all categories;
  • isolated PNG files in 5 sizes;
  • isolated SVG files.

5. UI-Basics Iconset Template

At the outset, this icon set would be a perfect tool to use for:

  • website mockups,
  • different mobile applications,
  • marketing graphic design,
  • promo materials,
  • presentations,
  • infographics, and much more.

The icons come with a neat, minimalist design. With their help, you can keep the design clean even if you add lots of information.

As always, all the elements are 100% versatile and can be changed without special skills.

6. FlatIcon – Free Vector Icons Resource

Nowadays, FlatIcon is one of the most popular icon resources, and there is nothing unusual!

It is a free vector icon resource that offers you 1,767,500 digital items.


These components grouped in 37,000 packages and come in the next formats:

  • .png,
  • .svg,
  • .eps,
  • .psd,
  • and BASE 64.

No matter which ideas you want to introduce, there will be some ace icons exactly for your business niche!

Social Media Banners Resources To Create Marketing Campaign

Needless to say, you understand that today social media is a huge part of our every-day routine.

It becomes more and more popular, so you can even double your audience thanks to SM promos.

To get a winning banner for social media, you will need to:

  • use a catchy tagline,
  • get quality images,
  • and add the logo and your corporate colors to the banner’s design.

7. 10 Fashion Instagram Template – PSD Designs For Social Media

Here is how you can get 10 ready-made Instagram solutions for $10!


These social media templates come with fully customizable layouts and well-organized PS files.

Change texts and images without trouble and start posting right now!

8. Gravity – Trendy Instagram Banners Pack

Would you like to use something more creative?

If it’s a Yes! Then, take a closer look at this trendy Instagram banners package. Gravity is a multipurpose item that suits business and personal needs.


Here is what you will see inside:

  • 20 square templates for Instagram,
  • 2 color schemes,
  • fully editable files,
  • free fonts, and images.

9. Brand – Social Media Kit

When it comes to Brand, this social media kit is perfect for Facebook and Instagram promotions.


It was designed with social media in mind and has extra changeable settings.

You can choose from the 15 pre-designed templates or create your unique styles.

10. Web Banners & Animated Banners Resources To Create Your Marketing Campaign

Finally, it’s time to pay attention to animated banners.

To get success, you will need to:

  • make all texts instantly readable,
  • choose the needed colors to evoke emotions,
  • and maintain UI components hierarchy.

11. Premium 420 Animated HTML5 Banners Bundle

On average, this package contains 420 professionally crafted files that can be edited with Adobe Photoshop or Google Web Designer software.


These are the bright animated HTML5 banners that come in 7 popular sizes.

12. 30 PSD Web Banners AdWords Bundle

Would you like to get a ready-to-use design solution for AdWords banners?

Check out 30 PSD Web Banners AdWords Bundle tho!


The pack contains 3 kits of thoroughly created banners that follow modern Google requirements. Every set has 10 .psd files inside.

Final Thought

For today, these were all 11+ free and paid graphic design elements resources I want to share with you.

All of them are modern enough to let you build a strong online promo. They are 100% flexible and so easy to use!

No special skills or any other experience needed, so what are you waiting for?

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