Grammarly Review: Is Grammarly Worth buying in 2022?

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You must have heard a lot about Grammarly already, right? And if you are here then you must be wondering how Grammarly can help you and should you purchase the premium plan?

Well, you are on the right page as I am going to share everything about the most popular grammar and proofreading tool of all time.


It’s time to stop making silly English errors in front of your boss and blog readers by using the Grammarly web app or chrome extension. 

Grammarly is not only a correcting spelling and grammar tool! But there is a lot more that it has to offer.

Stick around till the end of the article to know what it can and cannot do.

What is Grammarly? 

Grammarly is a cloud-based, AI-enriched writing assistant that fixes –

  • grammar,
  • punctuations,
  • the wordiness of the sentence,
  • the tone of the article,
  • and the flow of the sentence.

The tool supports American, British, Canadian, and Australian English. It also allows you to set the tone of the article, too formal, casual, friendly, and many more.

Grammarly also checks the plagiarism of the content, recommends suitable alternative words, and saves you from making any writing errors. 


You can use it as a web app, browser extension, desktop app, or Grammarly keyboard on smartphones.

Who Should Use Grammarly?

Anyone who would like to write error-free content on reports, blogs, emails, essays, social media, can use Grammarly.

The free version can fix punctuations and grammar errors quite effectively. 

But let’s see who can make the most use out of it:

  • Writers, bloggers, authors, email marketing managers can benefit a lot from Grammarly.
  • College students can use it to write effective reports and assignments.
  • Publisher websites can use the tool to check plagiarism or wordiness.
  • School and University students who wanted to prepare error free essays.
  • Job seekers would be able to write an error-free resume.
  • It can also help non-native English speakers to understand basic grammar rules.

Pretty much anyone who writes/speaks in English can use the tool to write flawless content.

The AI algorithms can track mistakes that otherwise might get unnoticed. 

Is Grammarly Worth it? 

The free version has basic features such as grammar and punctuation correction. But to unlock advanced text processing and plagiarism reports, you need to have the paid version.

The question is, Is premium Grammarly really worth it? Let’s see.

  • Wondering if the Grammarly tool can replace a professional editor? The answer is NO. It can only find technical flaws in your writing. 
  • But if you ask if the tool can actually improve your writing? The answer is YES. It can definitely give you a more professional and effective outcome. 

There’s one common question about the tool- Why should one use it if MS Word and Google docs already have an in-built spell checker?

Sure, these spell checkers are good. But their features are very limited and not very helpful when it comes to fixing the tone or sentence flow.

So I’d say, Grammarly is certainly better than in-build spell checkers on writing software.

Now let’s answer two more common questions:

1. Is Grammarly Accurate?

Well, it’s a tricky question. The answer is both Yes and No. 

Grammarly is 100% accurate with respect to Grammar, spelling, punctuation. But after all, it’s a tool. It processes what input you provide. 

If the sentences are confusing then the tool will give you the best possible solution. It also depends on which native English you are using and what tone you have set.


Grammarly gets confused sometimes and might give you the wrong suggestion! You are not supposed to blindly use it. In order to use Grammarly, you must also have a basic understanding of English.

2. Is Grammarly easy to use?

100%. It’s super easy to use. You can paste the content on the web app and immediately fix the errors.

It shows the overall score, the reading time, and advanced suggestions right next to your content. 

Grammarly CompatibilityHow To Use Grammarly? 

Grammarly offers a Web App, a Browser Extension, a Desktop App, an Add-on for MS office, and a Keyboard for Smartphones/tablets.

1. Browser Extension

Grammarly has an extension for every popular browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

It works on all sites. All you have to do is turn on the extension and it underlines the errors/suggestions on any writable website such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Google docs, and more.

2. Web App and Desktop App

You can use the Grammarly web app on any browser and it has a smooth interface. However, the tool offers an option of a Desktop app for Windows. For Mac, you get the Microsoft Word add-on. 

3. Microsoft Word Add-on

Grammarly also offers an add-on to integrate into MS Word. You can install it and restart the word application, a tab would appear for you to log in and use Grammarly on the word.

4. Grammarly Keyboard

And they also offer a Grammarly keyboard for smartphones which you can set as the default keyboard. Again, it works on all writable apps on your phone. Super handy. 

Key Features of Grammarly 

1. Real-time Grammar Check

The moment you type something wrong, Grammarly is going to show it right there with a bold red underline.

You don’t have to click any button to check for correctness. Just enable the extension and it tracks real-time spelling and punctuation mistakes within a fraction of seconds.

2. Advanced Suggestions

Grammarly, being an AI-based tool, has a massive collection of vocabulary enhancement. It suggests better alternatives to the words, phrases, or sentences to match the tone and flow.

For example, Very Afraid -> Terrified. 

It can also process a lengthy sentence and offers a smaller and better sentence. You can immediately fix it and see the wonderful result. 

When it comes to advanced suggestions, Grammarly does a brilliant job.

In addition, if you want to add a non-English word, you can add it to the Grammarly dictionary so it won’t show errors for that particular word. 

3. Tone Detection –

Based on the flow of the sentence and used words, Grammarly can predict the tone. 

It can tell whether you sound formal, informal, encouraging, optimistic, angry, concerned, sad, and more.

Inside the tool, you have an option to set a specific tone for your writing. 

This feature is helpful for fiction writing authors. You can set the tone as casual and write the fictional scene. The tool would recommend suitable phrases that might be helpful for the scene.

4. Plagiarism Checker –

Grammarly has a free plagiarism checker that shows the amount of plagiarism in the content along with readability issues, word choices, and additional writing issues.

The tool has a database of billions of websites and academic papers to detect plagiarism. 


To see the percentage of plagiarism and the main resource of the content, you need to have a paid version. You can either fix the plagiarism or give the credit to the origin website provided to you by the tool.

You can also download the plagiarism report to have it as proof. 

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

Currently, Grammarly premium is for $12/month.

If you own a business in which you are sure to need premium Grammarly, then there is a business plan with $12.50/month/member.

I recommend getting a plan in collaboration with your work colleagues or friends. It saves you a couple of bucks. 

Quick Tip: If you are using Free Grammarly for a long time, pay attention to their newsletters. With the email of your monthly stats, they sometimes offer a 40% discount on premium plans. 

Differences Between Grammarly Free & Premium Versions

Okay, so let’s figure out whether you need a paid version or you can work with the free one. There is a huge difference between free and premium Grammarly.

Who can Benefit from the Free Version?

For starters, the free version only has Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and Conciseness detection. 

However, you can certainly benefit from the free version for daily use such as emails, social media posts, or regular writing.

If you are already good with grammar, then it’s a cherry on top. But even if you don’t, the free version is good enough to save you from grammatical errors. 

Although, you don’t get to use tone adjustments, word choices, fluency, or plagiarism features in the free version. For this, you need a paid version. 

Who can Benefit from the Premium Version?

The paid version is more suitable for businesses or people whose daily job is writing something. For example, if you are a blogger, a news writer, or an author, the premium version makes more sense for you.

Basically, most of your work relies on Native English writing and editing, so you must go with the paid version.

For a team of 3+, the business plan is perfect. I personally liked the premium version because it gives you the confidence of perfectly proofread content which, for sure, has negligible errors. 

But if you feel it’s costly for you, then, by all means, use the free version. That’s enough too. 

Grammarly Pros – What I Love About Grammarly?

These are the things I personally love about Grammarly:

  • The fact that you don’t have to wait until the end of the article to find errors. It shows you real-time corrections which are pretty beneficial. 
  • Tools with cross-platform, cloud-based features have plus points. You can use them from anywhere. 
  • With one click, you can check the plagiarism and download reports. The UI of the web app is super comfortable to use.
  • My absolute favorite feature of Grammarly is you get to choose American, British, Canadian, Australian English and set the appropriate tone to reflect in your content. 

Grammarly Cons – What I Don’t Like About Grammarly

Other than the fact that Grammarly does not offer a free trial, these are things that I don’t find much interesting about the tool:

  • The most annoying thing is the lag it creates. If you are using the extension and writing a lengthy article, Grammarly creates lags in your writing. In addition, if you keep the suggestions unattended, it hangs your editor. 
  • I’d say, 3 out of 10 times the suggestions are not really great. Too much of it can ruin your writing style. So I don’t rely on it much.
  • The real-time checker is pretty cool. But sometimes it’s so real-time that before you finish the sentence, the tool starts showing errors and later realizes you haven’t made any mistake. 
  • You can only use Grammarly for English. For someone with a multilingual job, this is not practically useful. 

Grammarly Vs. Online Writing Tools OR Grammarly Alternatives

Grammarly is one of the big players amongst text enhancement tools. But there are many other alternatives that can catch your attention.

For example, Hemingway editor, ProWritingAid, WhiteSmoke, Ginger, and some more. 

Then what’s so different about Grammarly? Let’s see.

To begin with, free versions of many tools do not offer extensions to all browsers.

  • Tools like WhiteSmoke do not offer a free plan at all, so you have to go with paid plans right away. Even chrome extension is not free. 
  • Besides, even premium plans of other tools restrict some features unless you are paying for a higher-level plan. 

The accuracy of grammar is another concern, which I liked only in Grammarly and ProWritingAid. These two tools have everything a writer needs.

  • The only problem with ProWritingAid is, the paid plans are not available on a monthly basis. You have to pay yearly fees, which could be inconvenient. 

So after comparing a few grammar tools alongside Grammarly, I only recommend Grammarly for all writing, and maybe ProWritingAid for novel writers. 

Final Verdict – Is Grammarly Right for You? Or is it just another overhyped, expensive premium tool?

After reading all about Grammarly, you must already have made some sort of opinion about the tool. 

I would say, Grammarly can certainly be your writing buddy. The one who helps you in thick and thin but you don’t completely rely on them. You get the idea.

  • If you have been using the free version, you must already be aware of the features. 
  • Paid plans could seem a bit pricey. But as I said, get the paid plan in sharing with your colleagues or friends. Once you use the paid plan, you will know why the tool is so popular. 

Ignoring a few of the drawbacks, the tool is a great help in proofreading any type of content. Not to mention the cross-platform feature. You pay for the plan and get to use it everywhere. 

To sum up, Grammarly is perfect for you if you understand the tool and make decent use of it.

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