5 Best WordPress Exit-Intent Popup Plugins That Helps to Generate Leads

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Are you facing Shopping Cart Abandonment issues with your eCommerce website? Or you are losing your site visitors without having them explore your services and products?

If you nodded your head in agreement! Then Exit-Intent WordPress Popup Plugins come in handy for you.

Exit-intent popups or exit popups are an overlay on the webpage, which gets triggered when a user tries to leave the website.

How to build email list using OptinMonster lead generation wordpress plugin

These pop-ups usually convey an exciting offer to entice a user to return to the website or shopping cart. A proven way to grab the attention of the potential visitor before they hit the close button of the website.

If you do it right, these pop-ups can convert your site visitors into leads and sales.

What is Exit-Intent Popup and How Does it Work?

Exit-intent popups are the graphical messages holding exciting information for the user. These pop-ups are built with the sole purpose of keeping the user hooked on the website and convincing them about the services. 

The technology behind exit-intent popup works on the basis of mouse cursor movements.

  • The moment when a cursor leaves the active area of the webpage and moves towards the close button, the popup gets triggered.
  • A simple javascript code activates and runs the trigger. 

On the PC, tracking cursor moments is possible, but it is a bit tricky on the mobile phone. In that case, the technology tracks the on-screen touch moments, which are not certain or accurate. 

Hence, the exit-intent can be set to trigger on mobile phones with actions like on-load, on-click, or on-scroll. Or, a trigger can be activated after a user spends a few seconds on the mobile website. 

Some of the Exit-Popup Examples are –

  • Free Downloads of eBooks or certain services. 
  • Offering freebies.
  • Showing countdown or limited time offers.
  • Sending or connecting visitors to support team
  • Yes/No types of engagements. 
  • Enter your email and grab X% OFF – with attractive graphics. 
  • Humorous gif to convey new services.
  • Additional discounts or Limited time offers.
  • Asking to subscribe for the newsletter.

Exit-intent popups can save an e-commerce site from cart abandonment. You can halt a user who has put items in the cart but is about to leave the site without purchase by showing discount popups. 

You can design and develop tons of different ways of exit-popups or full screen-overlay popups using WordPress plugins. 

How Exit-Popups Can Help to Grow Your Email List?

Exit-intent popups are beneficial for the website engagements. But are these popups actually effective to grow the mailing list? 

Popups could be annoying, but they don’t have to be. Popups can do wonders if you do them right with creativity. 

According to the study, the average conversion rate of popups can bring you a decent amount of new subscribers every month. 

So, how can Exit-Intent Popup build your mailing list?

1. Visible to everyone –

These popups are visible to every single visitor on your website. So, a new visitor landing on your webpage can see the exit-intent popup before leaving and might end up signing up for the newsletter.

Say a site has 100 visitors a day. So, even if only 1 or 2 (out of 100) subscribe to the mailing list via pop-ups, that gives you 30-60 new subscribers every month.

Imagine how many subscribers you’ll have if more visitors check out the exit-intent popup. 

2. Popups cannot be ignored –

Unlike emails or notifications, popups appear on the screen and users will definitely spend a few seconds to see what the popup is about.


As these techniques grab the attention of more users, they are least likely to get ignored thereby generating new leads to the business. 

3. Clarity of message –

Popups are designed to show an important message in minimalistic words or design.

The templates you use to show the popups holds the clear message of the service.

There are no additional distractions, hence popups convey a better message. 

4. Value for click offer

Popups that gather more interest in the user are the ones with offers or free services.

Users will definitely pause for a bit to download a free ebook by putting an email address.

It’s a win-win as a user gets valuable service for the click and you get a new potential lead. 

Top WordPress Exit-Intent Popup Plugins 

Two important keys behind successful popups are its design and the message it conveys. 

Here are some of the Best WordPress exit-intent popup plugins which will help you design and integrate the popups on your WordPress website in a much easier way.

1. OptinMonster

OptionMonster is a powerful WordPress popup plugin that allows you to create different styles of popups or forms for both desktop and mobile phones. 

The best part is – Exit-intent popups build using OptinMonster can work on any platform. Like – WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, etc.


Using this plugin, you can create multiple popup campaigns such as exit detected, time of site, time on page, with a specified duration of the popup display. 

Most of the time, websites struggle with gathering leads from mobile devices. With OptinMonster, you can create a mobile popup that shows itself after a user spends a few seconds on the website. 

OptinMonster integrates with powerful email marketing service providers. With the help of which you can nurture the collected subscribers into customers.

Besides, the plugin lets you set the popup sensitivity to make it more effective (or less annoying to be precise.) 

Out of four pricing plans of OptinMonster, the exit-intent technology is available in Pro and growth plan for $29/month and $49/month respectively. 

2. HubSpot

HubSpot wordpress plugin for exit-intent popups helps you customize the popups for your website. 


It’s important to create relevant popups for the site based on user interest and a webpage on the site. If you cleverly place the popups, more users will end up signing up. 

HubSpot plugin is a great way to create time trigger, scroll depth triggers, and page targeting triggers.

For WooCommerce websites, HubSpot could be useful to create different discount popups for specific pages and also for reducing cart abandonment.

HubSpot’s exit-intent plugin automatically syncs with Hubspot’s CRM. You’ll be able to track site visitors and viewers. 

The plugin gives you a better view of every contact record with information on a popup/ad viewed by the user. You can plan the exit-intent popup campaigns accordingly. 

HubSpot’s exit-intent popup plugin is free to use. 

3. OptiMonk

OptiMonk WordPress plugin converts the visitors into subscribers via multiple triggering features. The plugin offers a PC website and mobile website exit-intent popup.


You can set an on-click trigger when a user taps/clicks on the specific part of the webpage, or scroll-based triggers for both desktop and mobile browsers. 

Not only for WooCommerce sites, but any service-based business site would also gain a considerable amount of engagements via exit-intent and other triggers offered by OptiMonk. 

OptiMonk helps you show the right message on the right webpage to the right user. 

Pricing plans of the OptiMonk plugin starts from $29/month with 14 days free trial. Or if you go with the annual plan, you get 2 months free. 

4. MailMunch

MailMunch is yet another plugin that allows you to create attractive exit-intent popups or forms via readymade templates. 


The offer-form templates are useful for eCommerce websites to gather the attention of a customer. You can design different offer pop-ups with a call to action to the desired page of shopping. 

Newsletter signup popups are beneficial for almost all sorts of wordpress sites to generate leads. 

The popups you create with the plugins can be customized to work on mobile devices as well. One plugin gives you topbar, sidebar, full-screen overlay with exit-intent. 

If you only need forms and popups, MailMunch’s free plan would be sufficient for you. 

For additional features involving analytics and custom domains, pricing plans start with just $6.99/month.

5. Elementor Popup Builder

You can create any type of popup using the Elementor popup builder plugin. Side popups, bottom popups, exit-intents, and top bar popups can be designed and customized as per your needs. 


The pro version of the plugin has 100+ creative templates to design unlimited popups to boost the interaction on the site. 

The plugin lets you set the conditions and triggers behind each pop-up. Advanced setting to set triggers gives you enough customizations to design relevant exit-intents. 

Elementor’s basic paid plan for $49/year for one site has an inbuilt WooCommerce builder, a large library of templates, a popup builder, and more. 

Final Thoughts On Best Exit-Intent WordPress Popup Plugins

As a beginner, you might think that popups will drive users away because they could be irritating. 

But an expert would say that the popup tricks to generate leads are not dead yet. If you look at the big picture, say a year, then exit-intent popups will bring a decent amount of new subscribers. 

Although, you must make these popups interesting enough to grab the attention of a leaving user. 

If you want to give it a shot to see the results, you can try free plugins or a free trial of the paid plugin. 

Once you see the results, you’ll definitely want to make exit-intent popups more responsive. 

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