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Add ALT Text & Title to Images in WordPress: SEO Friendly Blog Images


When it comes to Image Optimization, I’m sure you’ve heard about alt tag and title text for at least one single time! Adding alt attribute and title attribute to WordPress images is considered as one of the best practices for OnPage SEO which –  Optimize your website’s Image SEO, Helps you get better search engine rankings, Improves topic relevance, and  Improves accessibility for users with poor vision or screen reader […]

Image Optimization – Best SEO Tips 2021


It is important for everyone to optimize images or photos of their website for SEO so they can get ranked on Google. I feel everybody should perform image optimization for the web, despite the fact whether you are a blogger or building website for the first time or you are a web designer who is creating hundreds of websites. The fact of the matter is image optimization is a serious […]