Monthly Updates

March Monthly Update Report [2019] Traffic Boost by 32% + WPForms Giveaway!


Hey Mavericks! This is our 4th post of the Monthly Update Series. It’s only 3rd month of 2019 and we’ve already surpassed 66% of last year’s traffic. This is due to the constant updates going on our – website elements, content strategy, trying hands on new tools and services for promotion and outreaching, and content curation. Obviously, some things work, some don’t. But overall it’s benefiting us in terms of […]

February Monthly Update Report [2019] Organic Traffic Boost by 81% & Blogging Events!


Hey Mavericks! Welcome to the TheMaverickSpirit February 2019 Monthly Updates. Well, 2019 is getting better and better for us in every aspect. Our website traffic is boosting, affiliate earning went up, we attended 2 blog events and a lots of other things happened that we didn’t even saw was coming.!! But before reading February monthly updates, check out our – December Monthly Updates [2018] January Monthly Updates [2019]. For those, […]

January Monthly Update Report [2019] Traffic Boost by 21% & Blogger Outreach!


Hey Mavericks! Welcome to the TheMaverickSpirit January 2019 Monthly Updates. We earlier published our first Monthly Update Post For December 2018 and this is our 2nd update of the series. You also might want to check out what Monthly Update Post is all about and bookmark the post for future updates. [Coz, we’ll be linking all the posts there!!] We’ve started 2019 with a blast as there are so many […]

December Monthly Update Report [2018] Anniversary, New Services, and Earnings!


Welcome to TheMaverickSpirit December 2018 monthly update or roundup report! As promised earlier, in our Monthly Updates Post, we’re here with our Monthly update for the month of December. This is our very first Monthly Roundup Report in 2 years. Despite an income report, this report talks all about, the important ongoing TMS like- Blog post updates, Services and Tools we’ve used, Affiliate services that are doing very good for […]

TheMaverickSpirit Monthly Updates


We started TheMaverickSpirit back in December 12, 2016. You can read the entire story about – Why & How we started TMS, and the whole journey Right Here.. Every Success Moments We Achieved & Celebrated Till Date! With time, we learned a lot and did all the hard work to make TMS a successful blogging and a Web design & development platform. […]