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As said earlier in our January monthly update post that we will be attending two big blog events in February.

Well, we just completed one of the event from two and it was BlogX conducted in EROS Hotel, Nehru Place, New Delhi on 8th Feb 2019.


What is BlogX?

BlogX is a leading blog conference in India which is arranged yearly. Here, bloggers and content managers connect to learn while networking with industry leaders in the blogger community.

This was our very first blog event ever since we started blogging.

We experienced and learned a lot of things in this event. Like things to plan before attending the event, while attending it and what to do after it ends!

Today, we will share it all with you so that you don’t miss anything. 🙂

BlogX Blogging Event Schedule

I am breaking down the event schedule and will be discussing each of them briefly.

Let’s get started –

1. BlogX Registration –

Once we reached the event destination i.e. Eros Hotel. The first thing we encountered was the registration desk!

We shown our event bookings to the BlogX team and then they handed over our ID cards of the event.

Registration Desk at BlogX Event in Eros Hotel.

After this we went to another counter where we received lunch coupons, free credits of Adda52 to play games online, and Goodies worth INR 6,000.

2. Breakfast –

There were tea/coffee arrangements made along with some snacks before the event begins.

Breakfast Preparation by EROS Hotel Staff on sideways of Event Hall.

3. Welcome Address & Lamp Lightning –

The event started with the welcome speech and greetings from the vice-president of Techmagnate, Manmeet Pal Singh.

4. Selfie Contest –

There was a selfie contest where we need to take our picture infront of the BlogX or Lottoland selfie wall and post it to our social networks.

All we need to do was – tag the brand names and get maximum likes, reactions, or comments.


The winner had a chance to meet Chris Gayle in person and get VLCC gift vouchers which was distributed at the end of the event.

[We didn’t win though!! 😛 ]  

5. First Industry Speak –

The first speaker of the event was Ram Jalan. He was the Chief Marketing Officer of Omaxe Group.

He shredded light on –

  • How to build a brand reputation by doing good?
  • And also said that one should not always talk about commercials.
Ram Jalan, speaking at BlogX Event

The speech was motivating as he said –

  • Doing something for awareness will bring more attention rather than following what others do!!
  • People write for machines or algorithms rather than producing content for humans to engage.

Takeaway If you want to stand out of the market you need to create engaging and helpful content for your readers. Talking something about viral topics and sharing suggestions will increase your awareness in the market more.

6. Open Chat Session on Podcast –

The podcast chat was held between two people – Bijay Gautam and Sea Ansley.

They both shared the importance of using podcast. Why podcast is good for bloggers and influencers.

Bijay Gautam and Sea Ansley Chatting About Podcast.

They shared some platforms to launch podcast, tools to use and install on smartphones to create podcast.

Takeaway! Podcast popularity is likely to increase in the near future! As people are preferring to hear their niche podcast while traveling rather than reading out stuff on the go.

One can gain more and more exposure by sharing their thoughts and leveraging their reach to more audience by inspiring them with their ideas.

7. Tea Break & Networking –

No talks where long and boring. Every panel was interesting to hear too and grabs your attention in one way or the other.

Well, between the session you get small tea breaks of 30 mins where we had some tea/coffee and snacks.

While enjoying our tea we got a chance to network with other bloggers and shared our blogging experiences whether it success, issues or problems with each other.

Ankita Arya with Ruchika Yadav (on the left) & Mayank Majeji with Gopal Singh Negi (on the right)

These breaks were really good and we connected to many bloggers! Some were starting fresh and others were blogging from a long time.  

Takeaway! While connecting to other bloggers we learned that people were holding a small business card with their brand, contact and social network details filled in!

This step was really good. As there are chances that we can skip one or the other blogger’s name from our mind at the end of the day.

8. Panel Discussion on Video Blogging –

This panel discussion was interesting! Why is it so?

Well, the people involved in this panel were some of the famous video bloggers that we are sure you all might have heard before.

They were – Abhishek Bhatnagar of GadetstoUse, Pujneet Singh of BhookaSaand, Priyanka Chandola also known as DesiGirlTraveller, and Rohan Khanna from RadioKaRohan & Producer Radio FM.

They all discussed how video blogging is making its influence among the people, trends that are popular right now and shared tips to on How to master in making Videos?

Abhishek, Pujneet,Priyanka and Rohan talking about Video Blogging.

Pujneet shared how he came up with his brand name and people remember him with BhookaSaand more over his real name.

He also gave tips that one who wants to start video blogging should not opt for expensive gadgets and rather use their go to go smartphones at first. As he stated that he received his silver YouTube button by making, editing and sharing videos using his iPhone 6s only!!

Priyanka who is a well known YouTube travel blogger shared her experience on how she started her channel and after a while got the shortage of money and thought to join a company later!

But at last, she knew that traveling and exploring places is what she loved and could get herself fully devoted to it by learning more about marketing and editing videos on YouTube.

Abhishek said once you gain popularity and visibility among people! Several brands will approach you and direct you to do things in their way irrespective of how that will affect your image or reputation in front of your audience.

He suggested to make ground rules and stick to them rather than doing thing what brands tell you to do.

He also stated to create engaging content in order to increase user retention.

Takeaway! Create engaging content, create unbiased review post for the brands you cover on your video as people from different countries will be watching you and if they found that your review is biassed you could lose your popularity in no time!!

Never make quick decisions like leaving your current job and working full time as a video blogger on the basis of gaining certain followers or engagement on your YouTube channel..

Think thoroughly before taking decisions as the member of the panel also shared some stories which have highly affected many bloggers careers on doing so!

9. SEO Talk –

This was a pretty quick session covered by Rohan Ayyar, Marketing Manager of SEMRush.

As you can already see how long the video blogging session went! It was almost 1:00 pm and all were tired and hungry that Rohan has to sum up his session real soon!

He started his presentation with an engaging contest based on votes. He ran some slides with organic searches and asked the audience to give their votes in favor of the images.

The one who raised his hand first was alloted with some goodie bag.

Rohan Ayyar discussing the power of SEMRush Tool to Beat Google & Competitors.

He basically covered all the details that a blogger should take care of –

  • While picking up a topic to cover on our website.
  • Topic research and mind mapping.
  • Competitors website analysis
  • To know our battlefields and to know our enemies well.

He said that – how one blogger or marketer could take care of all the above points with the help of SEMRush online visibility and marketing analytic tool.

Takeaway! Google tells the half-truths! By saying that that will rank your website higher if you answer the user’s query. The point is you should focus on the user’s query more broadly and should prepare a keyword map before drafting a content.

10. Lunch Break –

Remember the lunch coupons which was given to us after the registration process?

Well, they have to use here!

We handed over the coupons to the guy and enjoyed the food and dessert with fellow bloggers.

Takeaway! Make use of every opportunity you get to connect with other bloggers and share each other’s blogging journey’s ups and down.

After all, at the end of the day, the connections made in the event are the one that will give you more visibility in front of new audience.

11. Panel Discussion on Influencer and Affiliate Marketing –

This panel was added randomly by the event managers.

Here four bloggers and influencers talked about the difference between influence and affiliate marketing.

12. Industry Speak on Online Gaming –  

Mohit Agarwal the CEO and Co-Founder of Adda52 shared some insights on how people are earning from gaming websites online.

He also made us aware that – How the gaming industry is booming in India gradually.

We were also given some credits to play online on Adda52 during the registration.

13. Blogathon/Contest –

A blogathon contest was conducted between 3 teams of 5 people. Where to have to prepare a commercial stating the benefits to book tickets from AirAsia.

The winner got the return tickets of AirAsia.  

14. Tea/ Coffee Break / Networking –

We again had a small chit chat session with people while sipping our tea and coffee.

15. Panel Discussion on Interacting Content –  

Some of the bloggers from different niches spoke about how interacting the blog content should be!

How a starting few lines of blog content whether it is a blog post, podcast or video content can grab the user attention and can engage him for long time.

16. Awards Distribution & Closing Ceremony –

At last, awards were distributed for the selfie contest, content creator and rising star titles.

A group selfie with all the attendees, speakers and event coordinators was taken.

You also get the chance to click pictures with your favorite speaker or influencer.

Ankita Arya with Priyanka Chandola (DesiGirlTraveller)
Mayank Majeji with Pujneet Singh (Bhooka Saand)

Takeaway! The form activates for the registration of two awards – Content creator & Rising star on the event day.

Make sure you log in to the BlogX event website to check the activated link to fill out the entry in order to participate.

We kind of missed this time!

We enjoyed our first ever blog event experience and mark all the things that should be taken care of!

Blog Event Tips and Takeaway From Our Side!

The first experience of everything is amazing. But there comes a time when you think if you should have known certain things in advance.

Therefore, we would like to share the following tips to you so that you can have a better outcome from such blogging events –

1. Book ticket as a VIP Attendee! Why? Coz, you get a chance to –

  • Sit infront of the speaking panel,
  • Get more pictures clicked by the event photographer,  
  • Opportunity to ask questions from the panel,
  • Extra perks on having lunch with the speaker panel on VIP area.

2. Prepare your business cards or brand cards. Why?

  • Coz, whenever you get chance to network and connect with bloggers. You can hand over those cards to them so that there are chances they can reach out to you easily .
  • Include your name, website details, social accounts, email address, and mobile number (optional).

3. Get your pictures clicked with people during the event. Why?

  • People will remember you.
  • Ask them to connect on social platforms and tag yourself on those pictures. This step will give you more exposure and business opportunity.

4. Share useful thoughts on social platforms by tagging speakers and influencers.

  • Doing so, you will get caught in the eye of the speaker or people with business opportunities. And more likely they would like to connect with you in the event itself.

5. Prepare some questions to ask speakers in the lunch or tea/coffee break –

  • Not everybody get chance to clear their queries!!
  • So the best way to seek your answers is to prepare a list of questions or your doubts during each sessions whether it is a single person delivering speech or a panel discussion.
  • You can capture the answers to your questions with the fellow person in form of video, podcast or Q&A blog post type.

6. Network, Network, Network!!!

  • Enjoy the entire event by knowing others stories, success, learnings, and struggles.
  • You can learn many things by networking with other people.

Final Note!

Hope this post would have given you an idea of how things work in an event and what you should prepare to –

  • Give your best to the event,
  • and take the best from the event.

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