3 Best WordPress WooCommerce Plugins to Boost Conversion & Sales!

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Before you explore the list of best WooCommerce WordPress plugins to boost engagement, conversion, and sales of your website.

You surely know that WordPress now powers over 30% websites on the web!

Out of which WooCommerce powers over 2 million websites and has a 22% usage distribution in the top 1 million websites that are using eCommerce technologies.

Well, there are several reasons behind the popularity of WooCommerce over other eCommerce giants like Shopify, Magneto, etc, but plugin integration capabilities are making it more powerful.


It’s a hectic task to choose best WooCommerce plugins for your website, especially when there are over 50,000 plugins available for WordPress.

Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of must-have WooCommerce WordPress plugins that will help you to –

  • optimize
  • and boost conversions and sales

..of your WooCommerce website.

Plugin NameTypeStarting Price
OptinMonsterLead Generation$9/mo
SendPulseMarketing Automation$29/mo

Let’s dive in to know their power to boost conversions and sales for your eCommerce website.

1. OptinMonster –A Powerful Lead Generation Software to Convert Abandoning Visitors into Subscribers!

What OptinMonster Does?

OptinMonster is a well-known tool for conversion, optimization, and lead generation. It helps you to convert eCommerce website visitors into subscribers, leads and customers.  

For more detailed information about OptinMonster You can read the OptinMonster review post.

How OptinMonster Helps Your Ecommerce Website?

1. Reduce Cart Abandonment

OptinMonster reduces cart abandonment and increases sales revenue by using exit-intent and displaying behaviour based offers.

2. Coupon Wheel opt-ins

OptinMonster turns campaigns into more engaging and interactive spin-a-wheel games which helps in multiplying sales and conversions.

3. Onsite Retargeting

With Onsite Retargeting, you can optimize campaigns for returning website visitors in order to boost sales and revenue.

It grabs customer attention by displaying the right message to the right customer at the right time.

4. Exit-intent triggers

According to a case study, 70% of website visitors who leaves your website never returns.

OptionMonster helps you to convert abandoning visitors into subscribers and customers with exit-intent triggers.

5. Geo-location Targeting

OptinMonster lets you create locate-specific campaigns to target and increase engagement with your audience.

How Much OptinMonster Will Cost You?

OptinMonster offer 4 pricing plans which can be upgraded, downgrade and cancel at any time.

OptinMonster pricing packages start from $9/month and went up to $49/month.

The difference in all the pricing plans are the features, number of site licenses, number of pageviews etc.

2. Beeketing – Best Marketing Automation Platform for eCommerce!

What Beeketing Does?

Beeketing is a marketing automation platform that converts website visitors into customers.

This tool prevents cart abandonment, increase average order value and boost sales for e-commerce websites and businesses.  

Beeketing offers integration with all popular e-commerce platforms which include –

  1. WooCommerce for WordPress
  2. Shopify
  3. Magneto
  4. Bigcommerce
  5. And many more.

Over 32000 WooCommerce merchants are powered by Beeketing worldwide.

How Beeketing Helps Your Ecommerce Website?

1. Boost Sales Revenue by Targeted Upsell

Beeketing offers an upsell feature that suggests your customer relevant products and alternatives to increase their average order value.

2. Product Bundling To Increase Order Value or Cross Sell

With cross-sell feature, Beeketing lets you bundle up the products that are doing well together for your customers.

3. Recent Sales Notifications For Ecommerce

Beeketing syncs with the store’s sales data and displays sales notification of recent purchase orders on your store frontend.

It has proven as a very highly effective technique to build trust among visitors and encourages them to purchase from your store.  

4. Effective Coupon Box Pop-ups

Beeketing Coupon pop-up box lets you turn visitors into subscribers, social fans, and increase sales.

It offers multiple variations like –

  1. Exit-intent pop-ups to avoid cart abandonment.
  2. Multiple trigger options for specific pages, specific group of customers.

5. Customer Support via Facebook Messenger (Without Leaving Store)

Beeketing offers integration with the Facebook Messenger so that your customer can communicate with you directly.

Instant replies and personalized support increase conversion and boost sales.

How Much Beeketing Will Cost You?

Most of the apps that Beeketing offer are free of cost.

The list and prices of paid apps are –

  1. Boost Sales – From $30/month
  2. Checkout / Boost – $20 – $29/month
  3. MailBot – From $29/month
  4. Personalised Recommendation – From $19/month

3. SendPulse –Offers Multiple Channels of Communication with Your Customers!

What SendPulse Does?

SendPulse is a multi-channel marketing automation platform that offers communication with customers via email, SMS, Viber and web push notifications.

Read the in-depth information about SendPulse outstanding features and pricing plans.

How SendPulse Helps Your Ecommerce Website?

1. Email Addresses Automatically Gets Exported During Checkout

Customer’s email address automatically gets exported to the email list in the SendPulse account when

  1. The customer creates an order
  2. The order is processed
  3. The order is completed

2. Subscription Checkbox on the Checkout & Order Page

SendPulse lets you add a checkbox during the order processing on the checkout and order page.

3. Abandoned Cart Recovery

As SendPulse exports email addresses to the list, you can always target the customers who created the order and leave the cart before the payment.

4. Targeted Campaigns, Follow ups & Promotional Offers

You can create target campaigns based on the visitors behavior, send follow up emails and promotional offers to the customers who left the cart before completing the payment.

How Much SendPulse Will Cost You?

SendPulse pricing depends on email subscribers you have.

For example – SendPulse charges $29 when billed monthly for 2500 to 3000 subscribers and $23.20 when billed annually.

SendPulse also offers to Pay as you Go based on the number of emails and VIP plans for over 1 million subscribers.

VIP plans also comes with advantages like personal manager, custom pricing and custom email templates.

Final Words!

So, this was my compiled list of best WooCommerce plugins for WordPress websites.

I hope the above list of plugins will power your e-commerce website in terms of sales, conversion and lead generation.

If you have any question regarding any of the above plugin, feel free to leave a comment below.

Also, if you think I have missed any awesome plugin that has helped you to bring in more leads and conversions! Comment them below so that I can include them as well.

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