Why I Recommend You To Use – Web Browser Push Notification Service!!

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Chances are if you are a smartphone or desktop user you might have got a push notification!

Today, in this article I am going to show you how web push notifications work and we are going to take a peek behind the scene and will be discussing the benefits of implementing web push notifications on your website.


What is a Push notification or Website Push Notifications or Browser Push Notifications?

Basically, Web push notifications are –

  • Customized messages or alerts sent to your desktop or pop upon your mobile phone from a web browser. 
  • Notifies you about something or wants you to take action or say trying to get your attention for something.
  • Have different styles like – Default or static where you click and lands to the desired page and Interactive or dynamic push allows a user to respond directly from the interface of the push without opening it like crucial questions or polls.
  • Allows you to push different types of Content like – updates, promotional offers, new content on your blog site, deals and discounts on particular product or services.

How do Web Browser Push Notifications work?

First of all, push notifications tools have servers.

These servers are used to do the job like connecting all your subscribed user’s smartphones, tabs, and desktop system together to send important push messages at the right time.

So, if you want to get a push message from a particular website or app, you need to sign in or subscribe or opt in for the service to allow sending you pings on your device.

You can do so by just clicking on the Allow tab which pops up on top the browser bar of a website having a message saying – “TheMaverickSpirit website would like to send you to push notification.” 

Top Benefits Of Using Web Push Notification Services For Your Blogging Platform 

I’ll lead you with seven of my top benefits, the reasons I think your website or business should invest in push notification services –

1. Real Time Communication

They are fastly delivered, interactive and responsive. You could easily engage people with your website content whether there is a –

  • New Product launch or
  • you have released a new Post or Article,
  • or maybe you want to create Polls.
  • or may be there is an Important Update that you want to give your customers like – your website will be under maintenance for a specified time.

2. Prevent Churn + Increase Engagement

If any user hasn’t seen your blog posts or maybe they are visiting any other pages of your website and not the one which you wanted them too!!

Then there are chances that they are slipping out of your reach. Well, you could send an immediate push message to them and convey your message instantly.

3. Automate Marketing Efforts

When the visitor has subscribed to the push notification service, they will receive the information even when they are not browsing your website.

It’s an awesome real-time solution to widen your reach and engage with a large community of people without the need of their email ID.

4. Personalization, Segmentation + Scheduling

You can segment your subscribers based on their activity or interests to get more advantages or ROI.

  • Segmentation can be done on the basis of Geographical location, interests, etc.

Schedule or send the message at the right time to increase chances of getting more clicks and visibility among other messages.

5. Perfect alternative to Email Marketing!

Compared to emails, push notifications have high visibility as they will pop up as soon as a user connects to the internet in his system or smart phone.

Delivered instantly and are easy to read!

Unlike email marketing, there is need to worry about whether your emails are going to land up in spam folders and went unread.

6. Cheaper and Effective Compared To Native Apps โ€“

The main reason you build a native app is that you can send the instant notification to your users! Which would cost you high as you need to pay for the development as well as on maintenance!!

On the other side, push notifications are much better compared to the native apps as –

  • People would show much interest to subscribe a service to get latest updates, instead of downloading an app.

7. High CTR

Push notifications drive more traffic to your website even without your user’s email ID, name or mobile number.

The user can easily unsubscribe to these notifications any point time, which many users prefer forehand before opting for such services.

Final Words

Hope by now you might be got to know the importance of opting for a web browser push notification services!!

I prefer PushEngage notification tool to send out my messages. Apart from desktop based service, it has different browser extensions and a WordPress plugin too.

You can even go through my detailed description on how to use PushEngage browser push notification service.

Are you using any other web push notification platform? Let me know in the comments below. ๐Ÿ™‚

24 comments on “Why I Recommend You To Use – Web Browser Push Notification Service!!

  1. This is something I need to look more into. I hate push notifications on my phone, but I think it would benefit me to have them on my site.

  2. I see push notifications are becoming a big trend now on the PC. I have thought about doing it for my own site. This gives me more to think about. Thanks!

  3. Thank you so much for explaining what keeps “popping up” in front of me. LOL. I now understand a lot more clearly what it is and its benefits. You’ve convinced me to get one too!

  4. I’ve been considering adding a push notification service to my site but I haven’t done it yet. I guess I’m still weighing the pros and cons.

  5. I really do not understand push notifications until I read this. I think it will be great and useful to have this ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I do have push notifications set up as I work from my computer. It comes in super handy to stay on top of tasks.

  7. Every website I am visiting has a push notification. I really need to get one and sounds very helpful.

  8. I’ve heard about these. I can see how they’d help but I personally always decline them all.

  9. From time to time, I use these notifications. However, if I’m truly needing to focus, I turn them off.

  10. I want to consider using Push Notification on my blog, but I need to know if my readers will accept it. I had a pop up a long time ago and I had to remove it since some weren’t happy with it, having said that, I appreciated the pros Push Notification has.

  11. You offer some interesting insight into push notification. However, as a reader and user, I hate hate HATE push notifications. I have all but my messages turned off on my phone. Whenever I am asked to accept push notifications, I say no. But I do not that a lot of people do like push notification, so to each their own!

  12. These push notifications seem like they would be beneficial but I don’t really like when they pop up on my phone. I would have to do some more research before thinking about adding them.

  13. An important information on push notification which has many benefits especially for site owners, great feature i must say.

  14. This is interesting. I didn’t know it was possible on a PC. They do annoy me on my phone but I can see why they would be useful.

  15. I have never thought of getting anything like this, but it is nice to see how benificial it would be! I need to check it out for sure

  16. I’ve never thought of getting push notifications. I’m going to definitely need to read more into it. Sounds like a possible option.

  17. I have a lot of push notifications on my phone – I love them! It helps me stay connected when I am trying to stay on top of my work.

  18. I use to hate push notifications but now you’ve convinced me to take a look at it. I never knew how important they were lol . Thanks for sharing your knowledge

  19. This is a great post on the benefits of web browser push notification services. I didn’t know this information but it does seem like a great way to get information out to new customers. Thanks for sharing the information.

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